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First Name
Memorial Inscription
TAGGART Agnes Easton 10 Jan 1931
Agnes Easton Taggart
In loving memory of Agnes Easton Taggart died 10th Jany 1931 aged 47 years. Presbyterian Section A
TAGGART William Robert 21 Dec 1923
William Robert Taggart
In loving memory of William Robert Taggart killed by lightening 21st Dec 1923 aged 13 years. 'Weep not mother, father and John for me, For I am waiting in glory for thee.' Presbyterian Section A
TAME Arthur Herbert 12 Sep 1999
Arthur Tame
Arthur Herbert Tame, loving husband of Beryl, father of Fred MLA, Marion, Grace & Doug. 25-10.11 (to) 12.9.99. Arthur Tame, 87 years. Methodist Section B
TAME Frederick 20 May 1933
Frederick Tame
Age 78 years Methodist Section B
TAUNTON William Ellis 11 Mar 1877
William Taunton

Age 7 years

Newspaper Death Notice

Anglican Section A





3 May 1894

17 Sep 1887

Charles & Emma Taylor

Sacred to the memory of Emma the beloved wife of Charles Taylor who departed this life 17th Sept 1887 aged 62 years. 'I leave the word without a tear, Except for those I hold so dear, To heal their sorrows Lord descend, And to the friendless prove a friend.' Also Charles, beloved husband of the above who died at Northam 3rd May 1894 aged 69 years. 'In my father's house are many mansions.'

See also Charles & Hannah Haysom

Methodist Section
TAYLOR Charlotte Anne 3 Aug 1927
Charlotte Taylor
--- Anglican Section B
TAYLOR David William 12 Mar 1931
David W Taylor
Age 53 years Methodist Section B





27 Jun 1922

28 Jan 1964

Robert & Ellen Taylor
Taylor: In loving memory of Ellen, passed away June 27th 1922 aged 37 years. Robert, passed away January 28th 1964 aged 82 years. Beloved parents of Pat, Syd and Bill. Anglican Section E
TAYLOR Female 21 Jan 1894
Taylor (Female)
Stillborn Anglican Section A




John Edward Charles

16 Jun 1890

21 Dec 1897

George & John Taylor

Age 44 years

Age 7 months

Anglican Section A
TAYLOR Thomas 25 Jul 1933
Thomas Taylor
Age 52 years Methodist Section B
TEUSNER William 16 Apr 1921
William Teusner
In loving memory of William, son of W and M Teusner, died 16th April 1921, aged 11 months. Anglican Section B
THACKER Jane 2 Nov 1908
Jane Thacker
Age 75 years Anglican Section A
THACKRAH Edward Joseph 22 Jan 1885
Edward Thackrah
Age 5 years Anglican Section A



Joseph Henry

Mary Jane

30 Dec 1909

14 Aug 1912

Joseph & Mary Thackrah
In loving memory of Joseph Henry Thackrah, died 30th Dec 1909 aged 80 years & 5 months. A sufferer at rest. Also Mary Jane Thackrah, wife of the above died 14th Aug 1912 aged 70 years & 4 months. "It's hard to break the tender cord, When love has bound the heart, Tis hard so hard to say the words, We for a time must part." Erected by their sons and daughters. Anglican Section A
THACKRAH Miriam Jane 1 Feb 1867
Miriam Thackrah
Age 6 years 3 months Anglican Section A



Robert Henry

Susan Maria

5 Oct 1927

9 Apr 1935

Robert & Susan Thackrah
In loving memory of Robert Henry Thackrah who departed this life October 5th 1927, aged 69 years. Also Susan Maria, his beloved wife, who rejoined him Arpil 9th 1935, aged 79 years. 'Peace, perfect peace.' Anglican Section E
THOMAS Ada 9 Dec 1894
Ada Thomas
Age 1 month Anglican Section A
THOMAS Daniel 6 Jan 1915
Daniel Thomas
In loving memory of Daniel Thomas who died 6th January 1915, aged 57 years. "For ever with the Lord." Methodist Section A




Emma Amelia

29 May 1951

2 Apr 1951

Charles and Emma Amelia Thorley
In loving memory of our dear mother Emma Amelia Thorley died 2nd Apr 1951 aged 87 years ... our death father Charles Thorley died 29th May 1951 aged 88 years. At rest. Presbyterian Section A
THORLEY Percy Kenneth 4 Apr 1923
Percy Kenneth Thorley
In loving memory of our dear son and brother Percy Kenneth Thorley accidentally killed 4th April 1923. Presbyterian Section A
THORPE Ada 11 Jun 1927
Ada Thorpe
In loving memory of Ada Thorpe, beloved wife of James, loved mother of Ivan, Winnie & Allan, died 11-6-1927, aged 47 years. R I P. Anglican Section E
THORPE James 6 Jan 1928
James Thorpe
In loving memory of James Thorpe, beloved husband of Ada, loved father of Ivan, Winnie & Allan, died 6-1-1928, aged 56 years. R I P. Anglican Section E







2 Aug 1913

10 Aug 1901

3 May 1915

Threlfall: Kezia, Geoffrey, Alice

In loving memory of Kezia, dearly beloved wife of Geoffrey Threlfall, who fell asleep 3rd May 1915, aged 38 years. "Be ye also ready."

Also children of above: Geoffrey, died 10th Aug 1901, aged 14 months; Alice died 2nd Aug 1913, aged 1 day.

Methodist Section A





19 May 1906

30 Aug 1910

George & Annie Throssell

Additional Photo

In loving memory of Annie, wife of George Throssell, who went home on the 19th May 1906 aged 64 years. Also of George Throssell, husband of the above, born Fermoy, Ireland 23 May 1840, died Northam 30 August 1910.

Other Photos: 1, 2 See also Mary Dreyer and Cora & George Withers

Anglican Section A



George Lionel

Isabel R

5 Aug 1930

25 Dec 1921

George & Isabel Throssell
In loving memory of Isabel R Throssell who ceased from her labours on Xmas morning 1921. Also George Lionel Throssell, died 5th August 1930, aged 66 years. "Auf wiedersehen." Anglican Section F
TIMPERLEY May 7 Jan 1924
May Timperley
In loving memory of May, second daughter of the late W.H. and R. Timperley (of South Perth). Died 7th Jan 1924, aged 61 years. "At rest." Anglican Section B



Clarence Roy

Lila Victoria

19 Sep 1904

15 Feb 1903

Lila & Clarence Tink

Age 3 months

Age 8 months

Anglican Section A




William James

26 Nov 1910

27 May 1902

William & Trixie Tink

Age 4 months

Age 1 year 9 months

Anglican Section A
TOMLINSON Edwin William 11 Dec 1897
Edwin Tomlinson
Age 3 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
TONKIN Beryl 13 Jan 2002
Beryl Tonkin
Beryl Tonkin, 12 July 1922 (to) 13 January 2002. In loving memory from your sons Geoff, Vern, Allen & Tony and families. R.I.P. Salvation Army Section A
TOWLER Charles Henry 19 Dec 1936
Charles H Towler
Age 77 years Methodist Section C
TOWLER Robert 11 Dec 1893
Robert Towler
Age 1 year 7 months Anglican Section A
TOWNSEND William Higgins 6 Nov 1894
William Townsend

Age 63 years

Newspaper Death Notice

Anglican Section A



Josephine Mary

Russell Graham

30 Jul 2008

13 Nov 1948

Russell G and Joseph M Tree
In loving memory of Russell Graham beloved son of Ron & Jo Tree who died 13th Nov 1948 aged 1 year 8 months. 'The world may forget you; As time goes passing by; The stars will remember; So will I.'
Josephine Mary Tree 18-3-1925 (to) 30-7-2008. Much loved mother, Granma and Grandmama. Will always be in our hearts.
Methodist Section D
TREGURTHA Bertram Henry 9 Sep 1921
Bertram Tregurtha

In loving memory of my darling Bert. Age 39 years.

Additional photo

Anglican Section E
TREMAIN Richard Frederick 23 Jun 1923
Richard Tremain
In loving memory of Richard Frederick Tremain, born England 9-8-1891, died 23-6-1923. Husband of Florence, father of Lawrence, Rona & Keith. Anglican Section B
TREMLETT Eva Maud 1 Nov 1917
Eva Tremlett
Age 19 months Anglican Section C



Ernest Oliver

Peter Charles

23 Jul 1957


Ernest & Peter Tresise

In loving memory of Ernest Oliver Tresise, died 23rd July 1957, aged 79 years. Also his son Peter Charles 1913-1986. Beloved husband of Pat. Father of Pauline, Peter, Andrew & Jennie.

See also Pauline & Ida Tresise

Anglican Section E





10 Nov 1941

2 Feb 1929

Ida & Pauline Tresise

In loving memory of Pauline, dearly loved and only daughter of E O and Ida Tresise, who passed away suddenly on 2nd February 1929 aged 20 years and 6 months. Also Ida Tresise who died 10th November 1941, aged 59 years. 'Amor omnia vincit.'

See also Ernest O and Peter C Tresise.

Anglican Section E
TREVELYAN Ethel May 10 Dec 1888
Ethel Trevelyan
Age 7 months Methodist Section A
TRUBEE James 9 Dec 1898
James Trubee
Age 46 years Anglican Section A
TRUBEE Mary 3 Nov 1880
Mary Trubee
Age 72 years Anglican Section A
TUCKER Joseph John 29 Apr 1923
Joseph Tucker
In loving memory of Joseph John Tucker, died 29th April 1923 aged 76 years. "Peace, perfect peace." Anglican Section B
TURNBULL Robert 28 Aug 1908
Robert Turnbull
In loving memory of Robert second son of Thomas Turnbull [Clunes] born Feb 9th 1855 died Aug 28th 1908. Methodist Section A
TURNER Ada 7 Feb 1915
Ada Turner
In loving memory of Ada Turner, died 7th Feb 1915 aged 71 years. 'Her life was all unselfishness, Her end was perfect peace.' Anglican Section D
TURNER Gordon Newport 3 Aug 1895
Gordon Turner
Age 9 months Methodist Section A
TURVEY Hannah 15 Nov 1897
Hannah Turvey
Age 24 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section





11 Aug 1923

22 Jan 1930

Alfred & Cecilia Twine
In loving memory of Alfred Twine who died 11th August 1923 aged 79 years. Also Cecilia Twine who died 22nd January 1930, aged 73 years. Anglican Section F
UPHILL Herbert George 25 Jul 1906
Herbert G Uphill
In loving memory of Herbert George Uphill died 25th July 1906 aged 2 years 9 months. Methodist Section A
VICKERS John Shannon 29 Dec 1947
John Shannon Vickers
Age 57 years Presbyterian Section B