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First Name/s
Memorial Inscription





16 Nov 1934

10 Jun 1940

L Jones & E Salvaire

Age 43 years

Age 26 years

Anglican Section D
SANDERS Edward Wilson (Ike) 21 Jun 1976
Edward W Sanders
Age 86 years Anglican Section D





Nov 1959

Aug 1941

Joseph & Jane Sanders
In loving memory of Joseph Sanders, died August 1941 aged 84 years. Jane Sanders died November 1959 aged 87 years. Anglican Section D
SANDLAND John 21 Jul 1898
John Sandland
Age 60 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
SANDS Albert Victor 6 Jun 1928
Albert Victor
In loving memory of Albert Victor Sands who passed away 6th June 1928, aged 36 years. 'One of the best that God could send, A faithful husband, father and friend, God took him home, it was his will, But in our hearts, he liveth still.' Erected by his loving wife and children. Anglican Section B



12 Nov 1899

Andrew Main and Dorothy Sangster

In loving memory of Andrew Main, ship surveyor late of Aberdeen, Scotland who died 15th August 1901 aged 70 years. Also of his infant grand-child Dorothy, daughter of Rev A Sangster who died 12th November 1899. Erected by his widow.

See also Andrew Main

Presbyterian Section A



Charles Samuel

Mary Jane

3 Apr 1884

22 Apr 1881

Charles & Mary J Saul

Age 1 year 9 months

Age 1 day

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section




Walter Daniel

26 Oct 1945

8 Nov 1925

Walter & Emma Saunders
In loving memory of Walter Daniel, beloved husband of Emma Sanders. Died 8th Nov 1925 aged 53 years. "Peace, perfect peace." Also Emma Saunders, died 26th Oct 1945. Erected by her loving sister, Martha. Anglican Section B
SCANLAN Maurice 24 Jan 1910
Maurice Scanlan

In memory of Mary Harley died June 24th 1909 aged 37 years, also Maurice Scanlan died January 24th 1910 aged 40 years. RIP

See also Mary Harley

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
SCHMIDT Hennie 25 Oct 1922
Hennie Schmidt
In loving memory of Hennie, eldest son of H and M Schmidt, died 25th October 1922 aged 51 years. 'At rest.' Anglican Section E
Beryl May
John G
29 Feb
19 Jan 1987
Schmitt John G and Beryl May
In loving memory of John G Schmitt 19-6-1944 - 19-1-1987. Dearly loved husband of Beryl. Loved father of Katherine and Andrew. 'Waiting his Lord's return.'
Beryl May Schmitt 23rd May 1953 - 29 Feb 2016. Aged 62 years.

From FindAGrave - Beryl May Schmitt
Seventh Day Adventist Section A, No 30
SHILLING Evelyn Deborah 12 Sep 1929
Evelyn Shilling
Age 9 months Anglican Section F
SCHWARZE William Charles 23 Jan 1914
William Schwarze
Age 6 days Anglican Section D
SCOTT Walter Basil 20 May 1922
Walter Scott
Walter Basil Scott died 20-5-22, aged 68 years. Erected by his loving daughter. Anglican Section B




Percy Edward

23 Jan 1898

5 May 1899

Emma & Percy Scrivener

Age 4 months

Age 8 months

Anglican Section A
SERMON Clara Mary 8 Nov 1904
Clara M Sermon

Sacred to the memory of Clara Mary Sermon, beloved wife of Thomas Sermon who departed this life 8th November 1904, aged 36 years. We miss thee from our home, dear mother, We miss thee from thy place. Our home is dark without thee, We miss the sunshine of thy face.

Ref: WA BMD: Father James Daniel, mother unknown. Born Pt Augusta, South Aust. Clara M Carroll married Thomas Sermon, Perth 1888.

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
SERMON Clarice Margaret 10 Feb 1894
Clarice M Sermon

Age 1 year

Ref: WA BMD; Father James, mother unknown.

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
SERMON Mary 24 Jul 1905
Mary Sermon
Sacred to the memory of Mary Sermon, dearly beloved wife of William Sermon, who died at Horse Hill, Grass Valley. Aged 69 years. Gone, but not forgotten. Rest dearest mother, thy toil is o'er. Thy loving hands shall toil no more. No more thy gentle eyes shall weep. Rest darling mother, gently sleep. Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
SERMON Thomas 5 Aug 1929
Thomas Sermon
In loving memory of our dear father, Thomas Sermon who died 5th Aug 1929, Aged 27 years. RIP Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
SERMON Thomas William 10 Feb 1899
Thomas W Sermon

Age 5 months 5 days

Ref: WA BMD; Father James, mother unknown.

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
SERMON William 16 Dec 1920
William Sermon

In loving memory of William Sermon who departed this life 16th Dec 1920. Aged 94 years and 4 months. "Father is gone but not forgotten. Nor the good advice he gave. Sweetest thoughts shall ever linger. Round our darling father's grave." "Sacred heart of Jesus, Have mercy on him." RIP Erected by his loving sons and daughters.

Photo of grave of both William and Mary

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
SHAND William 6 Jan 1923
William Shand
In loving memory of William, loved husband of Selina Shand, who passed away 6th January 1923, aged 43 years. "For ever with the Lord." Anglican Section B



Alfred Charles

Eliza Hanchet

13 Oct 1932

18 May 1952

Alfred & Eliza Shaw
In loving memory of Alfred Charles Shaw, who died October 13th 1932, aged 80 years. Eliza Hanchet Shaw, died 18th May 1952 aged 92 years. Anglican Section A
SHAW Ella 3 Nov 1999

Ella Shaw, 25-8-1903 (to) 3-11.1999.

See also Joseph Northey

Methodist Section B
SHAW Margaret Murray 6 Sep 1900
Margaret Murray Shaw
Age 67 years Presbyterian Section A
SHEAN Isabel B 4 Jan 1933
Isabel A Shean
In loving memory of Isabel B Shean who died 4th Jan 1933 aged 74 years. 'At rest.' Salvation Army Section A
SHEEN George Newland 6 May 1912
George N Sheen
George Newland Sheen, born 2-8-1885, died 6-5-1912. Beloved husband of Vera, father of Fred and George. Anglican Section C
SHEEN Norman 21 Oct 1910
Norman Sheen
Age 5 months Anglican Section D
SHEEN Raymond John 16 Mar 1917
Raymond J Sheen
Age 3 years 8 months Anglican Section C
SHEHAN Susannah 13 Mar 1867
Susannah Shehan
Age 1 year 6 months Anglican Section A






Peter Prain

Peter William

Tine (Baby)

16 May 1970

2 Feb 1962

1 Apr 1932

4 Mar 1917

Shepherd; Peter Prain, Christina, Peter William & Baby Tine
In loving memory of Peter William who died 1st Apr 1932 aged 14 years. Also baby Tine died 4th March 1917, beloved children of C and P Shepherd. 'Lest we forget.' Also our loved husband and father Peter Prain Shepherd died 2nd February 1962 aged 75 years. Also his loving wife Christina died 16th May 1970 aged 86 years. Presbyterian Section B
SHERRARD Reginald Maurice 1 May 1915
Reginal M Sherrard
Age 1 year Anglican Section D
SILVER Robert 11 Jul 1936
Robert Silver
Age 9 months Methodist Section C
SIMCOCK William Tom Frederick 10 Jul 1910
William T Simcock

Age 30 years

Additional Photo

Anglican Section A



Dorothy Violet


3 Apr 1905

7 Sep 1882

Edward & Dorothy Simmons

Age 29 years

Age 34 years

Anglican Section A
SIMMONS Elizabeth Louisa 22 Apr 1912
Elizabeth L Simmons
Age 3 months Anglican Section A



Mary Jane

Thomas John

22 Jun 1947

24 Mar 1932

Thomas J and Mary J Simmons
In loving memory of our dear father Thomas John Simmons who died 24th March 1932 aged 59 years. Also our dear mother Mary Jane Simmons who died 22nd June 1947 aged 71 years. Methodist Section B
SINCLAIR James 18 Jan 1898
James Sinclair
--- Anglican Section B
SINCLAIR Ruby Kathleen 6 Nov 1929
Ruby K Sinclair

In loving memory of Ruby Kathleen Sinclair, born 28th July 1916, died Nov 6th 1929. 'At rest.'

See also Conrad Jahn, Conrad Jahn and Mary Ann Jahn

Anglican Section A
SKEWES John Foster 13 May 1938
John F Skewes
In loving memory of John Foster Skewes who died 13th May 1938 aged 62 years. 'Thy will be done.' Methodist Section C
SKINNER William 25 Feb 1877
William Skinner

In affectionate remembrance of William Skinner who died 25th February 1877 aged 62 years. Also Douglas Dempster born 22nd Nov 1905, died 17 May 1906. "Safe from the world's temptations."

See also Douglas Dempster

Anglican Section A

Henry Aeneas

28 Jan 1890
Henry Aeneas Slater


Ref: WA BMD; Father Henry Aneas (Angus?), mother Mary Ann Chitty, (also see Maitland George Slater).

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
SLATER Maitland George 28 Oct 1891
Maitland G Slater

In loving remembrance of Maitland George, second dearly beloved infant, son of Henry and Mary Slater, died 28th Oct 1891, aged 1 year and 9 months. "Darling little budge, gone to be with God. Precious little body, underneath the sod."

Newspaper death notice

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
SMITH Ada Mary 27 Aug 1945
Ada M Smith

Sacred to the memory of Ada Mary, loving wife of L.E. Smith passed away August 27th 1945 aged 73 years 6 months. "At rest."

See also Lionel Edward Smith

Additonal photo

Anglican Section A
SMITH Agnes 2 Nov 1935
Agnes Smith
Age 67 years Presbyterian Section A






Alfred James



John Thomas


5 Jan 1875

28 Dec 1874


5 Jan 1875


Smith Family

Sacred to the memory of Eliza Smith who died 28th December 1874 aged 39 years. Also her husband John Thomas Smith who died 5th January 1875 aged 44 years and Alfred James, son of the above who died 5th January 1875 aged 16 years and Eliza, their infant daughter. Also Richard Barndon, one of the early settlers of this district.

Newspaper Death Notice

Anglican Section A





4 Jan 1996

5 Dec 1982

Alfred & Pearl Smith
In loving memory of P.E.I. Smith, Pearl, loving wife of Alf, loving mother of Shirley, Preston & Lynton. Born 19.5.1907, died 5.12.1982. A.J.L. Smith, Alfred, loving husband of Pearl, loving father of Shirley, Preston & Lynton. Born 13.8.1903, died 4.1.1996. Anglican Section A



Andrew Charles


13 Sep 1939

16 Nov 1936

Andrew & Charlotte Smith
In loving memory of Charlotte Smith who died 16th Nov 1936 aged 75 years. Also Andrew Charles Smith who died 13th Sept 1939 aged 78 years. Anglican Section A
SMITH Annie F 9 Dec 1967
Annie F Smith
Sacred to the memory of Annie F Smith, loving mother of Florence & Connie. Died 9th Decr 1947 aged 69 years. Methodist Section D



Annie Johanna

Lionel John

6 Oct 1976

25 Sep 1962

Lionel & Annie Smith
In loving memory of our beloved husband and father Lionel John Smith died 25th Sept 1962 aged 68 years. RIP. Also his loved wife Annie Johanna died 6th Oct 1976 aged 83 years. "Reunited." Anglican Section A






Edmund Charles

Kate Elizabeth

William H

4 Apr 1874

15 Dec 1878

11 Feb 1919

13 May 1893

Smith: William, Kate, Arthur, Edmund

In affectionate remembrance of William H. Smith who died 13th May 1893 aged 63 years. Also Arthur Smith who died 4th April 1874 aged 3 years 7 months and Edmund Charles Smith who died 15th December 1878 aged 10 months. "It is hard to part with one we love, But God knows what is best, Help he has promised from above, And sweet eternal rest." Also Kate Elizabeth, wife of the above who passed away February 11th 1919 - aged 73 years. "So dearly loved, so deeply mourned"

Newspaper Death Notice William

Anglican Section A



Avon G F


5 Oct 1991

25 Apr 1985

Avon & Barbara Smith

In loving memory of Barbara H. Smith, beloved wife of Avon, loved mother of Judy. 2-12-1907 - 25-4-1985. Also Avon G. F. Smith, devoted husband of Barbara, loved father of Judy. 11-2-1908 - 5-10-1991. RIP Fond memories of Avon from your loving wife Eva. Peacefully sleeping. Anglican Section A
SMITH Caroline 9 Jun 1913
Caroline Smith
In memory of Caroline Smith, wife of Spencer Smith, died June 9th 1913. Anglican Section D
SMITH Daisy 12 Jul 1933
Daisy Smith

In loving memory of Daisy, beloved daughter of L.E. & A.M. Smith who died 12th July 1933 aged 40 years.

See also Lionel Edward Smith and Ada Mary Smith

Additonal photo

Anglican Section A



David Frederick


29 Sep 1958

11 Aug 1926

David & Eleanor Smith

In affectionate memory of Eleanor, died 11th Aug 1926 aged 63 years. "Loved by all." "Sadly missed." Also David Frederick Smith, died 29th September 1958 aged 94 years.

Additional photo

Anglican Section B
SMITH Dixie 21 Aug 1918
Dixie Smith
In loving memory of our darling Dixie, died 21st August 1918 aged 6 days. Infant son of F and L Smith. Presbyterian Section A
SMITH Dora Flora 19 Jun 1896
Dora Smith

Age 1 year

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
SMITH Dulcie Agnes 11 Jul 1920
Dulcie Smith
Sacred to the memory of Dulcie Agnes, born 16-12-1919, died 11-7-1920. Daughter of Walter and Ada Smith. Anglican Section C
SMITH Edwin Irwin John 5 Jan 1893
Edwin Smith
Age 1 year 3 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section



Emma Amelia

John Thomas

8 Feb 1931

6 Jan 1915

John & Emma Smith
In loving memory of John Thomas, dearly beloved husband of Emma Amelia Smith, died 6th January 1915 aged 61 years. Also Emma Amelia Smith, died 8th February 1931 aged 79 years. Anglican Section A





Henry George

Herbert Lionel

Lennard Lewis

Percy Richard





Smith Children

In loving memory of Henry George, Percy Richard, Lennard Lewis, Herbert Lionel, infant children of G.H. and S.E. Smith.

Note: These were the children of George Henry Smith and Sarah Elizabeth Morrell; born between 1777-1881; Henry George died in 1877 aged 1 day; Percy Richard died in 1878 aged 5 weeks, Lennard Lewis died in 1879 aged 23 days, Herbert Lionel died in 1881 aged 8 months. Ref: WA BMD

Anglican Section A
SMITH Herbert Nelson 17 Nov 1907
Herbert Smith
Age 8 years Anglican Section A
SMITH John 27 Feb 1917
John Smith
Age 55 years Anglican Section C
SMITH Lionel Edward 31 Oct 1955
Lionel Smith

In loving memory of Lionel Edward Smith who passed away October 31st 1955 aged 85 years. "At rest."

See also Ada Mary Smith

Additonal photo

Anglican Section A
SMITH Lionel John 25 Jan 1924
Lionel J Smith
Lionel John Smith, born 25-1-1924, died 25-1-1924. Anglican Section A
SMITH Margaret Josephine 7 Nov 1902
Margaret Smith
In loving remembrance of Margaret Josephine Smith, beloved youngest daughter of William and Teresia Smith who died 7th November 1902 aged 13 months. Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section




Richard William

18 Oct 1918

30 Sep 1931

Maria & Richard Smith
In loving memory of Maria, beloved wife of R.W. Smith who departed this life 18th October 1918 aged 57 years. "Gentle in mind, patient in pain, Our dear one left us, heaven to gain; With actions so noble, generous and kind, Few in this world our loved ones equal to find." Richard William Smith, husband of the above, died 30th September 1931 aged 79 years. "Father in they gracious keeping, leave we now they servant sleeping." Anglican Section A
SMITH Mary 23 Sep 1946
Mary Smith
Age 54 years Methodist Section D
SMITH Pearl 21 Jan 1905
Pearl Smith

In loving memory of Pearl who was taken home to rest January 21st 1905 aged 22 years. "They shall be mine saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I shall make up my jewels."

See also Sarah Eliza Smith

Anglican Section A
SMITH Sarah Eliza 17 May 1916
Sarah Eliza Smith

In loving memory of Sarah Eliza, beloved wife of G.H. Smith who departed this life 17th May 1916 aged 64 years. "She hath done what she could."

See also Pearl Smith

Anglican Section A
SMITH Stanley Richard 24 Feb 1986
Stanley Smith

In memory of Stanley Richard Smith 25-12-1900 - 24-2-1986.

Additonal photo

Anglican Section A
SMITH Stillborn male 20 Aug 1878
Smith (Male)
---- Anglican Section A
SMITH Teresia 18 Apr 1949
Teresia Smith
In loving memory of Teresia Smith who died 18th April 1949 aged 84 years. RIP Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
SMITH Thomas 22 Jan 1894
Thomas Smith
Age 65 years Anglican Section A
SMITH Victor Charles 2 Jan 1932
Victor Smith

In loving memory of our dear husband and father Victor Charles Smith who was accidentally killed on 2nd Jan 1932 aged 36 years. "At rest."

Additonal photo

Anglican Section A
SOLOMON Elizabeth 20 May 1923
Elizabeth Solomon
Age 51 years Anglican Section B



Martha Patti


16 Oct 1933

2 May 1929

Saul & Martha Solomon
In memory of Saul Solomon, born 15th Jan 1836, died 2nd May 1929, and his wife Martha Patti, born 18th May 1846, died 16th October 1933. Anglican Section B



Charles Frederick

Lilian Margaret

12 Aug 1925

5 Apr 1938

Charles & Lilian Speed
In loving memory of Charles Frederick Speed, beloved husband of Lilian Margaret Speed, died 12th Aug 1925, aged 59 years. Also Lilian Margaret Speed, died 5th April 1938, aged 62 years. Anglican Section E
SPENCE Susan 14 Nov 1936
Susan Spence
Age 70 years Presbyterian Section A
SPENCER Albert Edward Mark 29 May 1895
Albert Spencer
Sacred to the memory of Albert Edward Mark Spencer, who died 29th May 1895, aged 25 years. "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." Anglican Section A
SPENCER Albert Mary 12 Nov 1897
Albert Spencer

Age 15 days

This is Albert Mark Spencer, son of Thomas Edwin Spencer and Ellen [O]Connell. Ref: WA BMD

Methodist Section A
SPENCER Andrew Francis 29 May 1928
Andrew F Spencer
Age 2 months Methodist Section B



Clara Edith

George Clarence

7 Jan 1955

6 Nov 1952

George & Clara Spencer
In loving memory of George Clarence Spencer, died 6th Novr 1952 aged 86 years. Also Clara Edith Spencer, died 7th Jany 1955 aged 78 years. Anglican Section E
SPENCER Harold 6 Sep 1928
Harold Spencer
Age 36 years Anglican Section B
SPENCER Madge 9 Aug 1921
Madge Spencer
In loving memory of Madge, daughter of C. and C. Spencer, 9-8-21, aged 23 years. Anglican Section E
SPICE Male 9 Feb 1920
Spce (Male)


Note: The Stillborn Male and the Unnamed Male are two different plots in different sections of the cemetery.

Anglican Section C
SPICE Unnamed Male 9 Feb 1920
Spce Unnamed Male


Note: The Stillborn Male and the Unnamed Male are two different plots in different sections of the cemetery.

Anglican Section E
SPILLER Leila Dorothy 6 Sep 1925
Leila Spiller

Age 4 years

Additional photo

Anglican Section B
SPRY Henry Edmund 25 Apr 1924
Henry Spry
In loving memory of Henry Edmund Spry (Solicitor), beloved husband of Mary Jane, fond father of Arthur, William & Frances. Died 25th April 1924, aged 65 years. Anglican Section B
STANLEY Edward 22 Jan 1875
Edward Stanley
Age 5 months Methodist Section A
STANLEY Doris 15 Jan 1896
Doris Stanley
Age 2 days Methodist Section A
STAPLETON Martha Emily 28 Jun 1899
Martha E Stapleton
Age 26 years Methodist Section A
STARR Raymond Leslie 4 May 1938
Raymond L Starr
Raymond Leslie Starr, infant son of Doris & Cleve, 4th May 1938. Methodist Section C
STEET George Lorenzo 23 Feb 1911
George Steet
In loving memory of George Lorenzo Steet died 23rd February 1911 aged 41 years. "Thy will be done." Anglican Section A
STEPHENS Dorothy Margetta 22 Oct 1905
Dorothy Stephens
Age 29 years Anglican Section A



Alan Victor

Jessie Hilda

8 Nov 1981

14 Jul 1990

Albert V and Jessie H Stewart
In loving memory of Alan Victor Stewart beloved husband of Jessie Hilda passed away 8th November 1981 aged 79 years and his beloved wife Jessie Hilda (nee Spencer) 9-4-1899 (to) 14-7-1990. Loved parents of Kathleen, Dorothy, Mary, John, Constance and Faith. Methodist Section C
STEWART Annie E J 27 Jan 1930
Annie Stewart

Also Annie E. J. Stewart fell asleep 27-1-1930, aged 72 years. "Come unto me."

See William James Stewart (below) and also see E and H Clark

Methodist Section A






Isla (see below)


William James

12 Jan 1900


6 Jan 1910

15 Feb 1924

Stewart Family
In loving memory of Millicent, dearly beloved daughter of W. J. and A. E. J. Stewart, Northam who fell asleep on 6th January 1910 aged 25 years. Also dear little Fred, who died 12th January 1900, aged 7 months. "God knoweth best." In loving memory of William James, beloved husband of Annie E. J. Stewart and loving father of Keable, Walter, Millicent, Eva, Clarice, Raymond, Will, Edna, Isla and Fred, who fell asleep on 15th Feb 1924 aged 69 years. "Peace, perfect peace." Methodist Section A
STEWART Isla 1897
Isla Stewart

In loving memory of dear little Isla.

Ref: WA BMD; Isla Winifred Stewart, 1897, aged 3 months.

(See above; also see E and H Clark)

Methodist Section A



John Hugh (Mick)


9 Jul 1994

28 Nov 1962

John H 'Mick' and Robina Stewart
In loving memory of John Hugh Stewart "Mick" died 9-7-1994, loved husband of Robina. Robina Stewart, loved wife of "Mick" died 28-11-1962 aged 62 years. R.I.P. together. Salvation Army Section A



Mary Elizabeth

Robert John

25 Nov 1972

24 Sep 1935

Robert J and Mary E Stewart
In loving memory of Robert John Stewart died 24th Sept 1935 aged 61 years. 'Large was his bounty and his soul sincere.' Also his loving wife Mary Elizabeth died 25th Nov 1972 aged 96 years. Methodist Section C






23 Oct 1935

Eliza & Dorothy Storen
In memory of Eliza Storen, died 23rd Oct 1935. Also her baby daughter Dorothy. Anglican Section E





5 Apr 1974

29 Oct 1993

Jim and Gladys Strahan
In loving memory of Jim Strahan, husband of Gladys, father of Edwin & Wilma. 7-7-1898 (to) 5-4-1974. Also Gladys loved wife and mother. 11-3-1909 (to) 29-10-1993. Salvation Army Section A
STRAHAN Jim ----
Jim Strahan
---- Salvation Army Section A
STREMPEL Maude 9 Mar 1908
Maude Strempel
"Peace, perfect peace." In memory of Maude, wife of T.A. Strempel, who died on the 9th March 1908 in her fortieth year. A faithful wife and loving mother. "Rock of ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in thee." Anglican Section A
STREMPEL Theodore Alfred 17 Oct 1928
Theodore Strempel
In loving memory of Theodore Alfred Strempel, died 17th October 1928 aged 64 years. Erected by his loving children Howard and Laura. Anglican Section E
STUBBS Arthur 25 Apr 1923
Arthur Stubbs
In loving remembrance of Arthur STUBBS, died 25th April 1923 aged 50 years. 'God will bring him where the blessed are.' Presbyterian Section A
SUTCLIFFE May 19 Aug 1913
May Sutcliffe
In loving memory of my dear wife May Sutcliffe who passed away August 19th 1913, aged 22 years. 'So deeply loved, So deeply mourned.' Anglican Section D



Eliza Swee

James Swee

13 May 1946

1 Aug 1944

James S and Eliza S Liong
In loving memory of James Swee Liong who died 1st Aug 1944 aged 75 years. 'At rest.' Also Eliza Swee Liong who died 13th May 1946 aged 76 years. Methodist Section D
SWITCH Edward 11 Jul 1900
Edward Switch
Age 57 years Methodist Section A