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1 Aug 1926

20 Dec 1904

Thomas Radley

Catherine Radley

In loving remembrance of our dearly beloved son Thomas John Radley who departed this life at Onslow Dec 20 1904, aged 13 years. "Deeply regretted by his sorrowing family." "A precious one from us is gone, The voice we loved is stilled, A vacant place is in our home, That never can be stilled." R.I.P.

In loving remembrance of Catherine, dearly beloved wife of Thomas Radley who departed this life 1st August 1926 aged 65 years. "A loving wife and fond mother." R.I.P.

Note: Catherine Radley, nee Kilgallon. See also Michael & Margaret Kilgallon.

Roman Catholic Section D
RADY Percy 25 Apr 1939 In loving memory of Percy Rady passed away 25.4.39. Erected by his loving wife Lilian. 'Just resting.'
Note: WA BMD Death Reg No 737 gives death year as 1936.
Methodist Section C
RAFELT John Berthold 30 Aug 1915 John B Rafelt In loving memory of John Berthold Rafelt, beloved son of Amalia Caviglia, who died 30th August 1915, aged 26 years. "In the midst of life we are in death. God's will be done." Methodist Section A
RALPH Eddie 16 Dec 1920 Eddie Ralph In loving memory of our darling Eddie, son of C and M Ralph, who passed away 16th Dec 1920 aged 16 months. 'Sadly missed.' Anglican Section C






William Henry

29 Jul 1992

28 Apr 1924

6 Oct 1952

Ramsay: William H, Caroline, William
In loving memory of William Henry Ramsay, died 6th October 1952 aged 76 years. Also his loved son William George, died 28th April 1924 aged 5 years. Also Caroline, beloved wife of William, loved mother of Rita and William (dec), died 29th July 1992 aged 96 years. Anglican Section B
RANDFORD Sarah Anne 20 Dec 1891 Sarah A Randford

Age 69 years

Newspaper Death Notice

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
RANKIN John 7 Jul 1921 John Rankin Age 69 years Anglican Section C
RAYMENT Arthur William 26 Dec 1914 Arthur W Rayment Age 71 years Anglican Section D
RAYNOR Ann Elizabeth 4 Nov 1878 Ann E Rayor Age 6 weeks Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
REEVES James Henry 23 Sep 1933 James H Reeves Age 4 years Methodist Section B
REILLEY Emily 12 Jun 1879 Emily Reilley Age 1 day Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
REILLY John Thomas 2 Jan 1896 John Thomas Reilly

"Remember them that are in bands, As if you were bound with them." Heb XIII 3. Pray for the soul of John Thomas Reilly, who died on Thursday 2nd January 1896, aged 25 years. "I know my redeemer liveth and on the last day, I shall rise from the earth." Job 19.C. 26.V. "Jesus said to Martha - I am the resurrection and the life: He that believeth in me although he be dead, shall live." St John, IX. C. 25 V.

Newspaper Death Notice

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
REILLY Joseph Thomas 13 Oct 1915 Joseph T Reilly

In loving memory of Joseph Thomas Reilly, beloved husband of Annie Reilly, born 23rd Dec 1836, died 13th Oct 1915. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, And now abideth Faith, Hope and Charity, These three: But the greates of these is Charity."

Founder of the Northam Advertiser, and Catholic Record. And author of "50 Years Reminiscence of West Australia.

Erected by his loving wife.

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
John William
29 Oct 1897
John W Reilly Age 19 years
Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
REILLY Mary Lucille 13 Nov 1902 Mary L Reilly Sacred to the memory of Mary Lucille, beloved wife of J. T. Reilly, who fell asleep in Jesus, Fortified by all the rites of the Holy Church on the 13th of November 1902, aged 67 years. "My sweetest Jesus, be not thou my judge, but my Saviour. Be thou faithful until death, and I will give thee the crown of life." Apoc. 2 C. 10. V Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
REWELL Harriete Phillis 25 Apr 1941 Harriete P Rewell In loving memory of Harriete Phillis Rewell who died April 25th 1941 aged 79 years. 'So dearly loved, so deeply mourned.' Methodist Section C
REWELL Frederick 30 Aug 1937 Frederick Rewell In loving memory of Frederick Rewell who died 30th August 1937 aged 74 years. 'So dearly loved, so deeply mourned.' Methodist Section C
REYNOLDS Masie 6 Dec 1920 Masie Reynolds In loving memory of Masie, daughter of P and M Reynolds, died 6th December 1920 aged 1 year 10 months. 'A little bud in heaven.' Anglican Section C
RICCIO Nicola 26 Nov 1967 Nicola Riccio Nicola Riccio. Nato 2-2-1930. Morto 26-11-1967. Dopo una vita dedicata esclusivamente al lavoro, e all'affetto della famiglia quando ti sorrideva l'ideale di vedere trasmessi i tuoi sentamenti fosti rapito ai tuoi cari che con inconsolabile dolore vivranno sempre nel tuo esempio e ricordo. Addolorata moglie Giuseppina, i figli Gino, Donatella e Vincenzo. Roman Catholic Section P
RICHARDS Norman 12 Aug 1919 Norman Richards In loving memory of Norman Richards, who departed this life on 12th Aug 1919 aged 3 years and 2 months. Dearly beloved son of F and C Richards. 'He was only a little white snowdrop, So pure from the time of his berth, But God thought it best to take him, Before he was soiled by the earth.' Anglican Section C
RICHARDS William 17 Dec 1871 William Richards Age 32 years Anglican Section A
RICHARDSON Hellen 12 Oct 1921 Hellen Richardson ---- Presbyterian Section A
4 May 1959
Richardson Mary
In loving memory of Mary Richardson. Died 4th May 1959. Aged 79 years.
Seventh Day Adventist Section A, No 6
RIDLEY Alfred Ernest 5 Feb 1887 Alfred E Ridley Age 1 year 5 months Anglican Section A
RIDLEY Sarah Elizabeth 10 Jul 1878 Sarah E Ridley Age 3 years Anglican Section A
RIDLEY Susan 6 Jul 1876 Susan Ridley Age 4 years Anglican Section A
RIGG Richard Edward 29 Mar 1937 Richard E Rigg Age 75 years Methodist Section C
ROBERTS Jesse 7 Apr 1942 Jesse Roberts In loving memory of Jesse Roberts who died 7th April 1942 aged 65 years. 'At rest.' Methodist Section D
ROBINS Robert Scott 22 Apr 1899 Robert Scott Robins Sacred to the memory of Robert Scott beloved son of Reuben & Margaret Ann Robins who died 22nd April 1899 aged 13 months. 'Suffer little children to come unto me.' Presbyterian Section A
ROBINSON Albert 13 Oct 1914 Albert Robinson Age 9 months Presbyterian Section A



Judith Emma

Robert Edward

16 Sep 1933

20 Sep 1934

Robert and Judith Robinson In loving memory of Judith Emma Robinson who died 16th Sept 1933 aged 71 years. 'Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.' Also Robert Edward Robinson who died 20th Sept 1934 aged 74 years. Methodist Section B
ROBINSON Violet Quin 21 Nov 1891 Violet Q Robertson Age 1 year 7 months Anglican Section A
ROBERTSON James 1 Nov 1913 James Robertson Age 28 years Anglican Section D
ROBUSTELLI C Giacomo P 6 Feb 1906 C G Robustelli In dolce memoria di nostro caro figlio C Giacomo P Robustelli, nato il 2 Dicembre 1899, sali al cielo il 6 Febbraio 1906. In gloria eterna. A& A R. Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
ROCKLIFF Emily Maude 27 Apr 1920 Emily Rockliff In loving memory of Emily Maude, beloved wife of WH Rockliff whom God called to him on 27th April 1920. Anglican Section E
ROSE Herbert William 28 Sep 1925 Herbert W Rose Age 64 years Anglican Section B
28 Mar 1896
Olinto Rovai
Age 17 years
Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
ROWAN Archibald Hamilton 26 Jul 1946 Archibald H Rowan In loving memory of Archibald Hamilton Rowan, born 12th February 1882, passed away 26th July 1946. Beloved husband of Jessie, loved father of Percy and Eleanor. Presbyterian Section B
ROWLES Henry James 21 Feb 1907 Henry J Rowles

Age 21 years

Additional photo

Anglican Section A
ROWLES John Henry 19 Jan 1900 John H Rowles Age 2 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A






William S

29 Dec 1947

23 Aug 1910

24 May 1900

Rudd: Alice, Hettiem, William

"At rest." In loving memory of William S. Rudd, died 24th May 1900, aged 39 years. Also Hettie, loved daughter of the above, died 23rd August 1910, aged 23 years. Also Alice Rudd, who died 19th Dec 1947, aged 84 years. Anglican Section A





2 Dec 1950

2 Mar 1919

Daniel & Ernestina Rule
In loving memory of Ernestina Rule, died 2nd March 1919 aged 39 years. R I P. Daniel Rule, died 2nd December 1950 aged 84 years. R I P. Anglican Section C



Francis Dennis


27 Sep 1950

16 Nov 1923

Francis D and Julia Runnalls
In loving memory of Julia, beloved wife of F D Runnalls, died 16th November 1923 aged 58 years. Also Francis Dennis Runnalls died 27th Sept 1950 aged 88 years. Presbyterian Section A
RUNNALLS Robert Thompson 22 Jul 1928
Robert T Runnalls
Age 13 months Presbyterian Section A





17 Jul 1904

29 Oct 1902

Amelia and Elizabeth Russell
In loving memory of Amelia the beloved wife of Robert Russell who died 17th July 1904 aged 30 years. Also Elizabeth infant daughter of the above died 29th Oct 1902. 'Farewell, dear but not forever; There will be a glorious dawn; Thou shalt have a joyful waking; When the blessed Lord doth come.' Presbyterian Section A
Robert George
6 Jan 1965
Rutley Robert George
In loving memory of our dear son and brother Robert George Rutley. Result of accident. Died 6th Jan 1965. Aged 20 years. 'Resting until Jesus comes.'
Seventh Day Adventist Section A, No 17
RYAN John 26 Sep 1868
John Ryan
Age 53 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
5 Mar 1911
Margaret Ryan
Sacred to the memory of Margaret Ryan, dearly beloved wife of Michael Ryan (of Rossmore) who died 5th March 1911 aged 78 years. "On whose soul sweet Jesus have mercy. Oh sweet Jesus grant her mercy, By thy cross, thy wound, thy death. Grant her oh sweet Lord and master, Grant her peace, and light, and rest." Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
Mary Monica
4 Mar 1907
Margaret Ryan In memory of our darling Dollie. Mary Monica Ryan who departed this life 4th March 1907, aged 9 years and 8 months. Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section