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First Name
Memorial Inscription
PAGE Ann 17 Feb 1946
Ann Page
At the time this photo was taken the plaque was missing. This is Plot No 27 between Patterson (Plot No 26) and Herridge (Plot No 28) and therefore believed to be the plot for Ann Page who died 17 Feb 1946 aged 80 years. Presbyterian Section B
PAGE Harry 30 May 1916
Harry Page
Age 29 years Anglican Section C
PARKER Mary 18 Jun 1908
Mary Parker
Age 75 years Anglican Section A
PARNHAM Alfred 11 May 1893
Alfred Parnham
Age 3 years 3 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section




Elizabeth Ann


Ellen Mary

14 Jun 1907

3 Oct 1957

17 Jul 1962

Parnham Family

In loving memory of Elizabeth Ann Parnham who died 14th June 1907 aged 8 years. Also our dear mother Ellen Parnham, died 3rd October 1957 aged 86 years. RIP

Also Ellen Mary Parnham, died 17th July 1962, aged 57 years. RIP

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A





19 May 1912

25 May 1941

George & Catherine Parnham

Sacred to the memory of George Parnham, who died 19th May 1912, aged 47 years. "A patient sufferer at rest". RIP. Erected by his loved ones.

Also Catherine Parnham, died 25th May 1941, aged 77 years. "Our mother." RIP

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
PARNHAM George Albert 11 Jul 1981
George A Parnham

In loving memory of George Albert Parnham, loved son of Thomas and Hilda (dec'd). Passed away 11-7-1981 aged 61 years. Remembered by his brothers and sisters.

Bywaters Family Tree

General Section



Sarah Jane

William Fuller

12 Mar 1932

21 Mar 1934

William F and Sarah J Parsons
In loving memory of William Fuller Parsons aged 94 years. Also Sarah Jane Parsons aged 84 years. Erected by their loving family. Methodist Section B
PARTINGTON Isabella 14 Oct 1944
Isabella Partington
Age 69 years Methodist Section D



Coral Emma Victoria

Robert Cochrane

15 Jul 1956

10 Sep 1943

Coral and Robert Patterson
Robert Cochrane Patterson died 10th Sept 1943 aged 50 years. Coral Emma Victoria Patterson died 15th July 1956 aged 65 years. Forever remembered by their loving children Eddie, Inez, Start & Archie. Presbyterian Section A



John Robert


29 Dec 1944

28 Oct 1956

John R and Mary Patterson
In loving memory of John Robert, loving husband of Mary Patterson, died Dec 29th 1944 aged 63 years. 'His work nobly done.' Also Mary wife of above died Oct 28th 1956. Presbyterian Section B








Fay Tunney

28 Jun 1936

28 Jul 1971


3 Jul 1987

Pattinson and Tierney
In loving memory of Vance, beloved husband of Kathleen Pattinson, passed away 28th June 1936 aged 48 years.
In loving memory of Kathleen, beloved wife of Vance, passed away 28th July 1971 aged 85 years.
Tierney. Fay Tunney nee Pattinson. Died Adelaide, SA 3.7.87. Loving wife of Bert. 1917-1987. RIP
Bert, husband of Fay. 6.10.1999.
Methodist Section C
PATTISON James 8 Sep 1929
James Pattison
Age 68 years Presbyterian Section A




Sydney James

15 Jun 1926


Margaret Payne

In loving memory of Margaret Payne, died 15th June 1926. A devoted mother.

In memory of Sydney James Payne, 11 Feb 1859 - 10 Nov 1925.

Anglican Section B
PAYNE Sarah Ann Amelia 25 May 1882
Sarah AA Payne
Aged 5 weeks Anglican Section A
PEAKE Clarena 4 Sep 1891
Clarena Peake
Age 11 weeks Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
PEAKE Jane 28 May 1887
Jane Peake
Age 9 months 4 days Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
PEARMINE Alfred Arthur 7 Nov 1921
Alfred A Pearmine
In loving memory of Alfred Arthur, beloved son of J J & R A Pearmine, accidentally drowned 7th Nov 1921, aged 3 years. 'Gone to him who gave.' Anglican Section B
PEARSON Eric 28 Oct 1911
Eric Pearson
Age 69 years Anglican Section A
PELLOW Frederick 1 Jun 1944
Frederick Pellow
Age 70 years Methodist Section D
PEMBER William Charles 27 Feb 1926
William C Pember
Age 64 years Anglican Section B
W P Perinla
---- Anglican Section A
PERRIN Male Stillborn 13 July 1886
Perrin (Male)
Stillborn Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section




Malcolm George

Mary Ann


8 Aug 1915

1 Jun 1955

13 May 1936

Perry x 3
In loving memory of Walter Perry beloved husband of Mary Ann passed away 13th May 1936 aged 70 years. 'A devoted husband and father, ever loved and remembered.
Also his beloved son Malcolm George Perry, killed in action Gallipolo, 8th Aug 1915 aged 26 years. 'A life nobly given.'
Also Mary Ann Perry, died 1st June 1955 aged 86 years.
Methodist Section C
PERRY Robert Hamilton 2 Sep 1921
Robert H Perry
Age 47 years Anglican Section B
PETERS Phyllis Audrey 29 May 1925
Phyllis A Peters

In loving memory of Phyllis Audrey, loving daughter of C & K Peters, died 29th May 1925, aged 9 years.

Additional photo

See also Marion, Marion H, William J, William Thomas McCreery

Anglican Section F
PHILLIPS Harriet Esther 12 Jul 1908
Harriet E Phillips
Age 69 years Anglican Section A
PHILLIPS Keath 25 Jul 1914
K Phillips
Age 5 years Presbyterian Section A
PHILLIPS Private P F 10 Mar 1926
PF Phillips
6567 Private P F Phillips, 16 Battalion, 10th March 1926, age 40. Anglican Section C
PICKELLS Walter 1 Aug 1913
Walter Pickells
In loving memory of Walter Pickells, died 1st Aug 1913 aged 60 years. 'At rest.' Erected by his sons and daughters. Anglican Section D
PILKINGTON Eliza 30 Mar 1891
Eliza Pilkington
Age 25 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section





18 Jun 1922

23 Jun 1913

George & Margaret Pilkington
In loving memory of George, beloved husband of Mary Ann Pilkington, died 18th June 1922, aged 56 years. Also Margaret, beloved wife of John Pilkington, died 23rd June 1913, aged 76 years. "Sacred heart of Jesus, Have mercy on their souls." RIP Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
PILKINGTON Mary 14 Jun 1883
Mary Pilkington
Age 1 year 9 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
PILKINGTON Patrick 1 Feb 1895
Patrick Pilkington
Age 22 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section



Alfred Edward


17 Jul 1967

8 Feb 1988

Alfred E and Vera Pittaway
In loving memory of Alfred Edward, beloved husband of Vera, devoted father of Keith, Lyn, Gaye, Ken, Wayne & Bunita. Passed away 17th July 1967 aged 61 years. Vera Pittaway 21-10-1911 (to) 8-2-1988 aged 76. Beloved mother and grandmother, re-united with Dad. 'Rest in peace.' Salvation Army Section A
PITTAWAY Josephine 29 Aug 1917
Josephine Pittaway
Pittaway. In memory of Josephine, wife of Ernest, mother of Clara, Alf, Hetty, Josie, George & Bill. Died 29-8-1917, 38 years. Methodist Section A













11 Dec 1951

17 Jan 1876

25 Jun 1866

19 Jun 1889

15 Aug 1868

15 Apr 1867

Pitts Family
In loving memory of James Pitts died 25th June 1866 aged 4 years. Thomas Pitts died 15th April 1867 aged 1 years. John Pitts died 15th August 1868 aged 5 years. Alice Pitts died 17th Jany 1876 aged 15 years. James died 19th June 1889 aged 54 years. Alfred 11th Decr 1951 aged 77 years.
James Pitts married Ann Cosgrove 13th Mar 1860 at York. See Watson Family History Website
Anglican Section A
Arthur Frederick
30 Nov 1944
30 Oct 1941
Playle Arthur and Fanny
In loving memory of Fanny, beloved wife of Arthur F Playle who died 30th October 1941 aged 79 years. 'The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.'
Also Arthur Frederick Playle who died 30th November 1944 aged 84 years.
Seventh Day Adventist Section A, Nos 1-2



John Charles


23 Jan 1908

13 Sep 1913

John C & Lucy Playle
"At rest." Sacred to the memory of John Charles Playle, born in England in 1821, died 23rd January 1908 aged 86 years and 5 months. Also Lucy, wife of the above, who departed this life 13th Sept 1913 aged 82 years and 6 months. "God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble." Psalm 46, Verse 1. Anglican Section A
PLUNKETT Frederick Joseph 1 Mar 1899
Frederick J Plunkett
Age 8 months Methodist Section A



Alice Miriam


13 Jan 1923

21 Jun 1944

Alice & Jane Polain
In loving memory of Jane Polain who died 21st June 1944 aged 56 years. 'Sweet memories of a wife and mother.' Also Alice Miriam Polain who died 13th Jan 1923, aged 4 years. Anglican Section B
POLAIN Betty Eileen 23 Aug 2004
Betty E Polain
In loving memory of Betty Eileen Polain, 23.9.2004, aged 76. Loved wife of Bevan, loving mother of Dan and wife Leonie, treasured Gram of Lee, Katie and Amie. 'Forever in our hearts.' Anglican Section B
POLAIN George James 1 Dec 1924
George J Polain
Age 1 year 8 months Anglican Section B
POLGLAZE Sarah 20 Oct 1897
Sarah Polglaze

Age 38 years

Born Sarah Baldwin in Fremantle. Father John, mother Mary McDonnell. Married Alexander Davis Polglaze 1884 in Fremantle, Ref WA BMD

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
POLLACK Anthony Edward 11 Dec 1898
Anthony E Pollack
Age 26 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section



David H

Judith M

7 Aug 1983

28 May 2004

David & Judith Potts
In loving memory of David H. Potts, beloved husband of Judy. 30-7-32 - 7-8-83. Judith M. Potts 4-9-1935 - 28-5-2004. RIP. Much loved wife of David and dear mother of Vincent & Peter. Anglican Section A
POULSON Christen 5 Feb 1903
Christen Poulson
In affectionate remembrance of my dear husband Christen Poulson accidentally killed 5th Feb 1903 aged 53 years. "O, could we have been there in that moment of death, To have caught the last sign of his parting breath, His last faint whisper we might have heard, And breathed in his ear one parting word." Deeply regretted. Anglican Section A
POWELL Elizabeth 22 Jan 1918
Elizabeth Powell
In loving memory of Elizabeth, beloved wife of J. F. Powell who died 22nd January 1918 aged 53 years. "Rock of ages cleft for me, Let me hide myself in thee." Deeply mourned by her loving husband and children. RIP Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
POWELL Rose Charlotte 30 Sep 1917
Rose C Powell
Age 35 years Anglican Section C
PRATT Katherine Ann 1 Sep 1912
Katherine A Pratt
In loving memory of Katherine Ann beloved wife of Wm Pratt who departed this life 1st September 1912 aged 37 years. 'A light has from our household gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our hearts, That never can be filled.' Methodist Section A
PSICHITSAS George Leonidas 14 Apr 1898
George Psichitsas

Age 13 months

Ref: WA BMD. Born Adelaide. Father John, mother Louisa Barnes.

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
PURLING Mary Susan 7 Aug 1927
Mary S Purling
In loving memory of Mary Susan, the beloved wife of J. H Purling, who died 7th Aug 1927, aged 30 years. "Rest in peace." Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A



Robert James


25 May 1943

17 Nov 1962

Robert J and E Purling
In loving memory of Robert James Purling died 25th May 1943 aged 81 years.
Elizabeth Purling died 16th November 1962 aged 97 years. 'At rest.'
Methodist Section D




James William



17 Feb 1927

22 May 1955

13 May 1909

 James Willliam Purslowe
In loving memory of my dear husband James William Purslowe who departed this life 17th February 1927 aged 55 years. 'Sadly we miss him, and try not to grieve; A little while longer, and we too must leave; To meet those who have just gone before, Where partings are unknown and life is evermore. Also his loving wife Roseanne died 22nd May 1955, aged 82 years. Also our darling baby Thelma died 13th May 1909 aged 8 months. Methodist Section A