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First Name
Memorial Inscription
OBERIN Andrew Henry 13 May 1908
Andrew Oberin
In memory of Andrew Henry Oberin, died 13th May 1908 aged 26 years. "At rest." Erected by his brother and sister. Anglican Section A
O'BRIEN James 16 Dec 1895
James O'Brien
Age 29 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
O'CONNOR Gerald Avon 11 Dec 1899
Gerald O'Connor
Age 5 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section





30 Aug 1922

3 Nov 1924

Harry & Jean Ogilvie

In memory of Jean, dearly loved daughter of H J & M C Ogilvy. Born 7th January 1912, died 30th August 1922.

In memory of Harry, dearly loved husband of Mollie Ogilvy. Born 7th March 1867, died 3rd November 1924.


Anglican Section E




Margaret Ann

17 Apr 1916

6 May 1926

Joseph & Margaret O'Hara

In loving memory of Joseph, the beloved husband of Margaret O'Hara, who passed away 17th April 1916, aged 63 years. "Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest." Also Margaret Ann, beloved wife of the above, who passed away 6th May 1926, aged 72 years. RIP

Margaret Ann O'Hara nee Margaret McCorry, daughter of Richard McCorry. 

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
OLIPHANT James (Jimmy) 26 May 1934
James (Jimmy) Oliphant
In loving memory of our darling Jimmy, passed away 26th May 1934 aged 2 years 9 months. Presbyterian Section B









Alex John

Alice Gale

Annie Gale

Audrey Kathleen

Dora Jane

Edward John

Lewis Edwin (Pte)


29 Nov 1928

21 May 1898

21 Jun 1918

30 Apr 1915

13 Nov 1989

13 Feb 1935

10 Dec 1917

5 May 1924

Oliver Grave

Millie Oliver

Dora J Oliver

Alex J Oliver

In loving memory of Annie Gale, beloved wife of E J Oliver, died 21st June 1918, aged 46 years. Also her children Pte Lewis Edwin, killed in action 10th Dec 1917, aged 19 years, interred Steenwerck, France. Audrey Kathleen, died 30th April 1915, aged 4 years. Alice Gale, died 21st May 1898, aged 1 year. "Thy will be done."

Also Edward John Oliver, husband of above, died 13th Feb 1935, aged 67 years.

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In loving memory of Millie, daughter of EJ and late AG Oliver, died 5th May 1924, aged 12 years. "They shall be mine, Saith the Lord of hosts, In that day when I shall make up my jewels."

In loving memory of Dora Jane Oliver, daughter of EJ and AG Oliver, passed away on the 13th Nov 1989, aged 96. "Abide with me."

In loving memory of Alex John, beloved son of EJ and the late AG Oliver, died 29th Nov 1928, aged 19 years. "Be ye also ready, For in an hour that ye think not, the son of man cometh."

Oliver Family Plot photo

Methodist Section A










Oliver: Annie, Maud, Hepzibah

In loving memory of Annie, Maud & Hepzibah, daughters of M. and E. Oliver.

Ref: WA BMD; Hepzibah died in 1877 aged 3 days

Anglican Section A



Dulcie Lillas

Owen Charles

10 Sep 1993

15 Jun 1944

Owen C and Dulcie L Oliver
In loving memory of Owen Charles Oliver who died 15th June 1944 aged 40 years and his loving wife Dulcie Lillas Oliver who died 10th September 1993 aged 86 years. 'At rest together.' Methodist Section D





20 Apr 1902

6 May 1890

Matthew & Elenor Oliver
Sacred to the memory of Matthew Oliver, who died 6th May 1890, aged 64 years. Also Elenor, wife of the above, who died 20th April 1902, aged 64 years. "Gone but not forgotten by their sons and daughters." Methodist Section A




Thomas Meade

28 Apr 1964

20 Sep 1945

Thomas & Francis Oliver

In loving memory of Thomas Meade Oliver, beloved husband of Francis, died 20th Sept 1945 aged 80 years. "Resting where no shadows fall."

Also Francis, wife of Thomas Meade Oliver, died 28th April 1964 aged 86 years.

Anglican Section A



Frank Bridgeman

Myrtle Eva

30 Apr 1946

17 Jan 1965

Frank B and Myrtle E Oliver
In loving memory of Frank Bridgeman Oliver died 30th April 1946 aged 46 years. Also Myrtle Eva Oliver died 17th January 1965 aged 66 years. Methodist Section D
OLIVER Matthew 6 Aug 1894
Matthew Oliver
Age 66 years Methodist Section A
OLIVER Raymond Ernest 12 Apr 1930
Raymond E Oliver
Age 4 years 6 months Methodist Section B
OLIVER Victoria Maude 18 Apr 1998
Victoria M Oliver
In loving memory of Victoria Maude Oliver, daughter of EJ and AG Oliver, 24-5-1895 – 18-4-1998. "At rest." Methodist Section A
O'NEIL Winifred 2 Jan 1926
Winifred O'Neil
Died 2-1-1926, aged 63 years. RIP Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
O'NEILL Hannorah 29 Jul 1923
Hannorah O'Neill

In loving memory of Hannorah O'Neill, died 29th July 1923, aged 45 years. RIP

A Hannora O'Neil was born in Northam in 1878, parents Michael O'Neil and Mary Dewire. Ref: WA BMD.

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
O'NEILL James 7 Nov 1908
James O'Neill
In loving remembrance of James O'Neill, husband of Catherine O'Neill, died at Northam November 7th 1908, aged 60 years. RIP Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
Karen Ann
31 Aug 1982
O'Neill Karen Ann
In loving memory of Karen Ann O'Neill, beloved daughter of Clarence and Lydia and much loved sister of Stephen, Mark, Clarence, Ruth, Daniel and Lydia. Accidentally taken August 31st 1982. 'Awaiting the call of the life giver.'
Seventh Day Adventist Section A, No 26





23 Jul 1906

27 Sep 1914

Michael & Mary O'Neill
"We part to meet again." In loving memory of: Mary O'Neill, died 23rd July 1906, aged 65 years. Also Michael, beloved husband of the above, died 27th September 1914, aged 83 years. RIP Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A



Mary Ann

Oss (Oswald)

27 Jul 1949
Oss Colless & Mary Ann Onn

In loving memory of Mary Ann Onn, died 21st July 1938, aged 75 years. Oss Colless, died 27th July 1949 aged 39 years.

See also Oss Colless

Methodist Section C
OSBOURN Harold 7 Jun 1898
Harold Osbourn
Age 15 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
OXLEY Catherine 29 Mar 1913
Catherine Oxley
Age 24 years Anglican Section D