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First Name
Memorial Inscription
LALLY Sophia Maud 12 Sep 1890
Sophie M Lally
Age 6 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section




George William

5 Mar 1948

21 Apr 1959

George and Emma Lamb
In loving memory of Emma Lamb who died 5th March 1948 aged 66 years. Also George William Lamb died 21st April 1959 aged 76 years. Methodist Section D
LAMBERT Gordon 8 Dec 2010
In loving memory of Gordon, 12.11.1933 - 8.12.2010. Loving father of David, Mark & Debbie. Loving Grandfather and Great Grandfather. 'Dabunt Aspera Rosas'

Born Preston, Lancashire, England. Husband of Lillian (Stevens). Died Northam Hospital aged 77 years.

Photo and extra info courtesy Debbie Hughes.
General Section
LANE Emma 24 Feb 1909
Emma Lane
In loving memory of Emma, the dearly beloved wife of Wilfred Lane, died 24th February 1909 aged 27 years and 8 months. 'Lead kindly light.' Methodist Section A



John William


4 Dec 1879

23 Dec 1899

John W & Thomas Larkin

Age 22 years

Age 70 years

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
LARKMAN Peter 29 Jan 1973
Peter Larkman
In memory of Peter Larkman 12.10.55 (to) 29.1.73. Salvation Army Section A
LATCHFORD Francis 28 Nov 1895
Francis Latchford
Age 3 days Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
LATCHFORD Frank 20 Nov 1893
Frank Latchford

Age 37 years

Article in Newspaper re death of Mr Letchford

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section




John Harold

3 May 1884

9 Jan 1899

George & John H Latchford

Age 1 year 7 months

Age 6 months

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
LATHAM John 1 Apr 1882
John Latham
Age 81 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
LAURENCE John 19 Aug 1894
John Laurence
Age 65 years Anglican Section A




Clement William

19 May 1891

19 May 1891

Clement W & Basil Lawler

Age 3 hours

Age 3 hours

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section





30 Oct 1915

12 Apr 1910

Henry & Elizabeth Lawrence

In loving memory of Elizabeth Lawrence, born at County Tyrone, Ireland Nov 8th 1838, died at Northam October 30th 1915. "Gone is the face we loved so dear, Silent the voice we longed to hear, To far away from sight or speech, But not too far for our thought to reach."

In loving memory of Henry Lawrence, born at Berkshire, England 25th December 1828, died at Rockvale 12th April 1910, aged 81 years. "A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, That never can be filled." Erected by his family.

Anglican Section D




William Henry

16 Jun 1891

2 Dec 1928

Eliza Lawrence

William H Lawrence

In loving memory of William Henry Lawrence, who died 29th December 1928, aged 66 years. "Not gone from memory, not gone from love, But gone to our father's home above; The cup was bitter, the pain severe, To part from him we loved so dear."

"We part to meet again." In loving memory of Eliza Lawrence, the beloved wife of W.H. Lawrence, who died 16th June 1891, aged 31 years. "At rest."

Anglican Section A
LAWRENCE Frances Maud 2 Dec 1995
Marshall and Garwood
See also Marshall and Garwood
In loving memory of Mrs Brigadier Frances Maud Lawrence, wife of Frederick (dec), loved mother of Harold and Phillip. Born 29.5.1917, Died 2.12.1995. Salvation Army Section A
LAWRENCE Leslie Edward 30 Jun 1934
Leslie E Lawrence
Leslie Edward Lawrence, 14-9-1904 to 30-6-1934, husband of Phoebe Eunice, Dad of Desmond, Raymond, Colin, Valerie & Marjorie. Anglican Section B



Leila Jeanetta

Lillian Rosetta

9 Dec 1897

1 Dec 1897

Lillian R & Leile J Lawson

Age 6 months

Age 6 months

Methodist Section A
LAWSON Un-named (male) 16 Feb 1916
Lawson Unnamed
Stillborn Presbyterian Section A
LAWRENCE Margaret Ellen 26 Dec 1887
Margaret Ellen Lawrence
In loving memory of Margaret Ellen Lawrence died 26th December 1887 aged 9 years. 'Safe in the arms of Jesus.' Anglican Section A
LAWSON Mary Ann 10 Jun 1918
Mary Ann Lawson
In loving memory of Mary Ann Lawson, who passed away 10th June 1918 aged 54 years. "Though lost to sight, To memory ever dear." Anglican Section C
LEE Henry 28 Mar 1892
Henry Lee
Sacred to the memory of Henry Lee, who died on the 28th March 1892, aged 59 years. Methodist Section A
LEE Rosetta Smith 16 Aug 1897
Rosetta S Lee
Age 23 years Anglican Section A


Clifton Hartley




Clifton H Leeder, Jamie & Brett Hunter

Our dear little Clifton Hartley, loving son of SI and PK Leeder, aged 3 years 8 months. 'Safe in the arms of Jesus.'

Also Jamie Hunter (and) Brett Hunter, 24-5-1965 (and) 26-5-1965, twin sons of Vivian and Lexley. 'In God's care.'

Anglican Section D


Emily 11 Sep 2002
Emily Leader

In memory of Emily, loving wife of Codge, mother of Betty, Merlyne & Roy, stepmother of Shirley, 14.2.1911 - 11.9.2002. 'Re-united in peace'.

Emily was the daughter of David Watson and Sarah Emily Maddock.

Watson Family History Website

Anglican Section K


Vivian Carlyle (Codge) 19 Nov 1956
Vivian Carlyle Leader & Emily Leeder

In loving memory of our loving husband and father Vivian Carlyle Leeder, passed away 19th Novr 1956 aged 50 years. 'God giveth his beloved sleep.'

Anglican Section K
LEEDER Ernest Reuben 24 Aug 1905
Ernest R Leeder
In loving memory of Ernest Reuben Leeder who died 24th Aug 1905, aged 31 years & 10 months. "Thy will be done." Anglican Section A



Hannah Emily

William George

18 Nov 1920

27 Aug 1906

William & Hannah Leeder

In loving memory of William George Leeder, dearly beloved husband of Hannah Leeder who died 27th August 1906 aged 61 years. "Rest in peace loved one."

Also Hannah Emily, beloved wife of the above, died 18th Nov 1920 aged 77 years. "Forever with the Lord."

Anglican Section A
LEEDER Henry John 21 Nov 1928
Henry J Leeder
In loving memory of Henry John Leeder who passed away on November 21st 1928 in his 82nd year. Anglican Section F
LEEDER Susannah Harriet 1 Jan 1897
Susannah Harriet Leeder
In loving remembrance of Susannah Harriet, the dearly beloved wife of Henry John Leeder who departed this life on 1st January 1897 aged 42 years. 'For ever with the Lord.' 'Tis hard to break the tender cord, When love has bound the heart, Tis hard, so hard, to speak the words, We, for a time, must part.' 'Dearest loved one, we have laid thee, In the peaceful grave's embrace, But thy memory will be cherished, Till we see thy heavenly face.' Anglican Section A
LEEDER William Frederick John 22 Jan 1867
William F J Leeder
Age 6 weeks Anglican Section A
LEES Robert Alexander J 24 Jul 1913
Robert AJ Lees
--- Anglican Section D



Ellen Mary

William Henry

26 Sep 1916

29 Dec 1920

William H & Ellen M Leeson

In loving memory of Ellen Mary Leeson who died 26th September 1916 aged 69 years.

William Henry Leeson husband of the above who died 29th December 1920 aged 83 years. RIP

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
LEESON Bernard Richard 17 May 1904
Bernard R Leeson

In loving remembrance of our little darling Bernard Richard, son of Richard and Ellen Leeson who died 17th May 1901 aged 12 months. "Another bud to bloom in heaven."

Bernard was the son of Richard Henry Leeson and Ellen Mary White.

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
LEESON Peter William 20 Mar 1895
Peter W Leeson

"His sure foundation." In loving memory of dear Peter. Peter William Leeson who departed this life 20th March 1895 aged 25 years. "Being made perfect in a short space, he fulfilled a long time."

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
LENNON Patrick 20 Jan 1855
Patrick Lennon

Sacred to the memory of Patrick Lennon, who died 20th January 1855, aged 34 years. Erected by his loving brother, John Lennon.

Newspaper Funeral Article

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
LEONARD Elizabeth Lawson 2 Jul 1895
Elizabeth L Leonard
Age 47 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
LEONARD Victor Harnell 26 Mar 1894
Victor H Leonard
Age 4 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
LETCH Amelia 11 Aug 1918
Amelia Letch
Age 77 years Anglican Section C
Laurel J
Laurel J Linaker
In loving memory Laurel J Linaker. Born 1925. Died 1989. RIP.

Laurel was the daughter of Henry and Louisa Giblett. Married Albert E Linaker.

See also Henry Giblett and Louisa C J Giblett
Seventh Day Adventist Section A, No 5
LIDDELL Joan 20 Apr 1929
Joan Liddell
In loving memory of Joan, beloved daughter of W. and C. Liddell, died 20th April 1929, aged 7 years 10 months. "In thy kingdom of they grace, Find a little child a place." Anglican Section D
LINDBERG Charles A H 9 Aug 1919
Charles Allindberg
'At rest.' In loving memory of Charles Allindberg 'late of 10th horse' who departed this life 9th August 1919. 'One of the best'. Erected by his dear wife and son, Maud and little Charlie. Also A and A Candler. "To memory ever dear." Anglican Section C
LINSTEAD Mervyn John 2 Oct 1926
Mervyn J Linstead
Age 32 years Anglican Section B



Eliza Swee

James Swee

13 May 1946

1 Aug 1944

James S and Eliza S Liong
In loving memory of James Swee Liong who died 1st Aug 1944 aged 75 years. 'At rest.' Also Eliza Swee Liong who died 13th May 1946 aged 76 years. Methodist Section D
LITTON William Alfred 20 Aug 1895
William A Litton
Age 7 weeks Methodist Section A
LIVISIANOS Evangelos P 16 Jan 1926
Evangelos Livisianos
In memory of Evangelos P Livisianos, born in Kastelorizo, the year 1885, (died) 16-1-1926, aged 41 years. Anglican Section B
James Henry
15 Dec 1898 Lloyd James Henry
Sacred to the memory of James Henry Lloyd. Born 29th September 1824. Died 15th December 1898. 'His memory lives in the hearts of those who knew his worth.'
Roman Catholic Section B



Albert Edward

Jane Elizabeth

24 Dec 1936

6 Oct 1946

Albert E & Jane E Lobb

In loving memory of our beloved son Albert Edward Lobb died 24th December 1936 aged 22 years. Dearly loved and sadly missed. Also Jane Elizabeth Lobb, died 6th Oct 1946 aged 61 years. 'At rest.'

Methodist Section B



Arthur David

Elsie Grace

13 Dec 1931

5 Sep 1958

Arthur D Lobb & Elsie G Jones
In loving memory of Arthur David Lobb died 13th Dec 1931 aged 42 years. Elsie Grace Jones died 5th Sep 1958 aged 64 years. Methodist Section BB



Dorothy Mabel

Stanley Harold

21 Apr 2008

28 May 2007

Stanley H & Dorothy M Lobb
In memory of Stanley Harold Lobb, 6-10-1916 (to) 28-5-2007 and Dorothy Mabel Lobb 22-12-1927 (to) 21-4-2008, loving parents of Elizabeth, Valerie & Jennifer. RIP Methodist Section B



Alfred Brooks

Sarah Jane

3 Aug 1908

16 Jun 1921

Alfred Brooks Lockyer
In loving memory of Alfred Brooks Lockyer who died at his home, Chatham Farm Goomalling on the 3rd of August 1908 aged 58 years. 'No more to see his kindly face, Except in heaven above, For he has closed his earthly race, A race of work and love.' Erected by his loving wife and family. In loving memory of Sarah Jane Lockyer, beloved wife of Alfred (dec'd), dearly loved mother of Maude. Born 19th Oct 1851, died 16th June 1921 aged 69 years. Anglican Section A
LOCKYER Arnold Brooks 3 Oct 1946
Arnold Brooks Lockyer
In loving memory of Arnold Brooks Lockyer, loved husband of Edith, fond father of Eva, Patricia & Gerard. Born 28th Dec 1875, died 3rd Oct 1946. Anglican Section A



Elliott Agett

Eugene Valentine Aggett

2 Jun 1925

12 Jun 1918

Elliot A & Eugene VA Lockyer

In loving memory of Elliott Agett Lockyer, dearly beloved husband of Annie M Lockyer who passed away 2nd Jun 1925 aged 69 years. 'To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.'

In loving memory of Eugene Valentine Agett Lockyer, dearly beloved son of Elliott Agett and Sarah Lockyer. Died of wounds received in action at Morlancourt, France, 12th Jun 1918, aged 22 years.'The tumult and the shouting dies, The captains and the kings depart; Still stands thine ancient sacrifice, An humble and a contrite heart.'

Anglican Section F




Julian Agett

26 Feb 1903

25 Nov 1907

Emma & Julian A Lockyer

"At rest." In loving memory of my dear mother Emma Lockyer who died 26th February 1903. "So dearly loved, so deeply mourned."

Also Julian Agett, infant son of Elliott and Annie Lockyer, who died 25th November 1907. "Thy will be done."

Emma Bassett married Thomas Lockyer 1845 in York. Elliott Agett Lockyer married Anne Maria Jepson in Fremantle in 1904. Ref: WA BMD

Methodist Section A
LOCKYER George 3 Jul 1871
George Lockyer
Age 15 hours Anglican Section A
LOCKYER Horace Bassett 2 Jan 1901
Horace B Lockyer

Sacred to the memory of Horace Bassett Lockyer who died 2nd January 1901, aged 52 years.

Born Northam 1848, Reg No 1346; Father Thomas Lockyer, mother Emma Bassett. Ref: WA BMD

Methodist Section A





28 Sep 1912

21 Mar 1920

Joseph & Lydia Lockyer

Sacred to the memory of Joseph Lockyer who passed away on September the 28th 1912, aged 99 years and 5 months. Also Lydia, wife of the above, died March 21st 1920, aged 90 years. 'At rest.'

Additonal photo

Anglican Section F
LOCKYER Keith Oswald 10 Mar 1914
Keith O Lockyer
In loving memory of our beloved son & brother Keith Oswald Lockyer, passed away 10th March 1914, aged 6 years 10 months. 'Another bud in heaven.' Anglican Section F
LOCKYER Sarah 30 Mar 1900
Sarah Lockyer

"At rest." In loving memory of Sarah, the dearly beloved wife of E A Lockyer, who died 30th March 1900 aged 37 years. "Oh that the grave could forget thee, And lay low some less precious, some less loved head."

Sarah Warren from Sligo in Ireland, father Richard, mother Margaret Warren. Elliott Agett Lockyer married Sarah Henderson in 1885 in Fremantle. Ref: WA BMD

Methodist Section A
LOCKYER Thomas A B 7 Apr 1901
Thomas A B Lockyer
In loving remembrance of Thomas A B, beloved son of A B and S J Lockyer, died April 7th 1901 aged 22 years. 'A light from our household has gone, A voice we loved has stilled, A place is vacant in our hearts, Which never can be filled.' Gone but not forgotten. Anglican Section A
LORD Anne 27 Mar 1869
Anne Lord
Age 10 years Anglican Section A
LORD Elizabeth Sabina 29 May 1884
Elizabeth S Lord
Age 1 month 3 days Anglican Section A




Sarah Ann

14 Dec 1926

24 May 1952

Joseph & Sarah A Lord
In loving memory of Joseph Lord, dearly beloved husband of Sarah Ann Lord who passed away 14th Dec 1926, aged 65 years. 'He left his home in health and strength, No thought of death was near, He had not time to say farewell, To those he loved so dear.' Also Sarah Ann Lord, wife of the above, died 24th May 1952, aged 89 years. Anglican Section F
LORD William 4 Jan 1897
William Lord
Age 67 years Methodist Section







Arthur George

Grace Ellen

Kathleen A


Morris William


25 Apr 1921

16 Jun 1933

21 Dec 2004




Loton: Arhur, Grace, Jean, Morris, William, Kathleen

In memory of Arthur George Loton, died 25th April 1921, aged 44 years. Also Grace Ellen Loton, died 16th June 1933, aged 50 years.

Kathleen A Loton, 21 Nov 1907-21 Dec 2004, devoted daughter, beloved wife, cherished mother. 'Rest in peace.'

In memoriam, Morris 1905-1976, Jean, 1907-1962, William 1913-1992, beloved daughter and sons of Arthur & Grace Loton of Springhill. Remembered with love by the family. 'Oh, the great days, in the distance enchanted.'

Morris William Loton of Springhill, loyal & beloved son, brother, husband & father. 1905-1976. Rest in peace.

Anglican Section E
LOUTHEAN Graeme Inglis 4 Dec 1941
Graeme I Louthean
In loving memory of Graeme Inglis, dearly loved son of George & Edith 29-9-41 (to) 4-12-41. Methodist Section C
LOW Ann 4 Aug 1944
Ann Low
In loving memory of Ann Low who died 4th August 1944 aged 84 years. Presbyterian Section B
LOW Henry McDonald 8 Jul 1951
Henry McDonald Low
Age 62 years Presbyterian Section B
LOWE Ellenor 10 Apr 1875
Ellenor Lowe
Age 35 years Methodist Section A
LOWTHER Joseph Francis 10 Jan 1900
Joseph F Lowther
Age 17 days Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
LUCARINX or LUCARINA Giuseppe 18 Feb 1897
Giuseppe Lucarina

Age 30 years


Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
LUCAS Amy Frances 12 Oct 1888
Amy F Lucas
Age 2 years 2 months Anglican Section A





13 Jun 1925

26 Mar 1944

Andrew & Norah Lucas
In loving memory of my great grandfather Andrew Lucas, accidentally killed June 13th 1925, aged 65 years. Also his beloved wife Norah, who passed away March 26th 1944, aged 78 years. 'Ever remembered.' Erected by their great grandson Jim Spencer. Anglican Section B
LUCAS Henry 4 Nov 1888
Henry Lucas
Age 3 weeks Anglican Section A



Doris Elizabeth


8 Apr 1980

7 May 1930

Guy & Doris Lukin

Doris Elizabeth Lukin, loved wife of Guy, 16-5-1892 to 8-4-1980.

Guy C. Lukin, D.C.M. beloved husband of Doris, loved father of M.C. and R.D. Lukin. Born 27.8.1888, Died 7.5.1930.

Anglican Section G




Annie Mary



1 Feb 1909


24 July 1919

Lussich: Annie, Anthony, Jerome

In loving memory of Annie Mary, the beloved wife of J. Lussich who died 1st Feb 1909 aged 30 years. Also Anthony, infant son of the above. "Rest in peace." Also Jerome Lussick who passed away 24th July 1919, aged 45 years. RIP

Annie Smith married Jerrome Lussick. Anthony Lussich died 1903 aged 4 months. Ref: WA BMD

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
LYNES Henry Thomas George 1 Sep 1919
Henry Thomas George Lynes
Age 37 years Presbyterian Section A
LYON Beatrice Jessie 25 Dec 1892
Beatrice Jessie Lyon
Age 4 months Presbyterian Section A




Susannah Unity Viva

19 Mar 1895

4 Jul 1891

Donald Lyon

Susannah Unity Viva Lyon

Age 2 months

Age 13 months

Presbyterian Section A
LYON Edmund Carter 28 Feb 1877
Edmund Carter Lyon
Age 46 hours Presbyterian Section A
LYON Eric Keath 8 Dec 1913
Eric K Lyon
Age 1 year Presbyterian Section A



Francis Douglas

John Everett

19 Mar 1895

20 Sep 1891

Francis Douglas Lyon

John Everett Lyon

Age 2 months

Age 2 months 8 days

Presbyterian Section A
LYON George 20 March 1877
George Lyon
Age 3 weeks Anglican Section A
LYON Gladys Minnie 30 Dec 1898
Gladys Minnie Lyon
Age 7 months Presbyterian Section A
LYON Hugh Pearson Dunlop 18 Feb 1935
Hugh PD Lyon
Hugh Pearson Dunlop died 18-2-1935. Anglican Section F
LYON John Lamb 30 Jul 1959
John Lamb Lyon
In loving memory of John Lamb Lyon, beloved husband of Emily, devoted father of Mary Jane, John and Christine. Died 30th Jul 1959 aged 51 years. Presbyterian Section B
LYON Lucy Gardiner 20 Mar 1897
Lucy Gardiner Lyon
Age 16 days Presbyterian Section A
LYON Maxwell J Pearson 6 Jan 1927
Mazwell JP Lyon
Maxwell J Pearson Lyon, aged 13 months, 6-1-1927. Anglican Section F




Annie Sophia

8 Jul 1938

13 Aug 1963

Pearson & Annie Sophia Lyon
In loving memory of Pearson Lyon who passed away 8th July 1938 aged 69 years. 'To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.' Also Annie Sophia Lyon died 13th August 1963 aged 83 years. Presbyterian Section B
LYON Phoebe 1 Jan 1959
Phoebe Lyon
In loving memory of Phoebe Lyon, passed away 1st January 1959 aged 93 years. Presbyterian Section B





30 Nov 1928

12 Jun 1924

William & Susannah Lyon
In loving memory of William Lyon who fell asleep 12th June 1924 aged 94 years. ;He giveth his beloved sleep.' Also Susannah,w wife of the above who fell asleep 30th Nov 1928 aged 84 years. 'Till the day breaks and the shadows flee away.' Presbyterian Section B





11 Nov 1919

25 Nov 1910

Walter & Elizabeth Lyon
'At rest.' In loving memory of Elizabeth, dearly beloved wife of Walter Lyon died 25th Nov 1910 aged 39 years. Also Walter, beloved husband of the above, died 11th Nov 1919 aged 46 years. 'Peace, perfect peace.' Presbyterian Section A




Maud Mary

8 Sep 1934

18 Nov 1959

William & Maud Mary Lyon
In loving memory of William Lyon who died 8th Sep 1934 aged 64 years. Also Maud Mary Lyon died 18th Nov 1959 aged 88 years. Presbyterian Section B
LYON William George 19 Sep 1899
William George Lyon
Age 1 month Presbyterian Section A
LYONS Malcolm 27 May 1897
Malcolm Lyons
Age 19 years Presbyterian Section A
LYSTER John 8 Aug 1919
John Lyster
In loving memory of John Lyster died 8th Aug 1919 aged 30 years. Erected by his friends. Presbyterian Section A