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Surname First Name/s Death Photo Memorial Inscription Section/Plot
JACKSON Arthur H 15 May 1941
Arthur H Jackson
In loving memory of my dear husband Arthur H Jackson who died May 15th 1941 aged 69 years. Loved Dad of Charlie and Dorothy. 'At rest.' Methodist Section C
JACKSON Martin L 1924
Martin L Jackson
Aged 63 years Anglican Section B






Mary Ann

27 May 1922

5 Aug 1916

15 Sep 1929

Jahn: Conrad, Mary Ann, Conrad

'At rest.' In loving memory of Conrad, beloved husband of M. A. Jahn, died 27th May 1922 aged 64 years. Loved by all.

Also Conrad, beloved son of the above, killed in action, Pozieres, 5th Aug 1916, aged 21 years. 'His duty done.'

Also Mary Ann Jahn, died 15th Sept 1929, aged 67 years. A loving mother.

See also Ruby Kathleen Sinclair

Anglican Section B
JAMES Caleb 14 Dec 1917
Caleb James
In loving memory of Caleb, the beloved husband of Isabella James, died 14th December 1917, aged 47 years. "At rest." Methodist Section A
JAMES John 18 Mar 1900
John James
Age 13 hours Presbyterian Section A
JAMES Samuel James 6 Sep 1898
Samuel James James
Age 1 day Presbyterian Section A
JAMIESON Charles Alexander 30 Aug 1942
Charles A Jamieson
Age 84 years Methodist Section D
JANSEN George 28 Jun 1923
George Jansen
In memory of George Jansen, died 28th June 1923, aged 34 years. Erected by his friends. Anglican Section B
JEANES Hazel 15th Oct 1924
Hazel Jeanes
In loving remembrance of Hazel Jeanes who passed away Oct 15th? 1924. Methodist Section
JEFFERSON Guy 13 Aug 1919
Guy Jefferson
--- Anglican Section C




John Alfred


18 Feb 1928

John Alfred & Amelia Jeffreys
In loving memory of John Alfred Jeffreys, late Chaplain AIF. Died Feb 18th 1928. Also his beloved wife Amelia Jeffreys 1891-1985. Methodist Section B
JENKINS Charles 1 Mar 1895
Charles Jenkins
Age 65 years Anglican Section A
JENKINS Grace Iris 24 Aug 1929
Grace Iris Jenkins
Age 40 hours Methodist Section B





11 Feb 1920

11 Sep 1911

Benjamin & Amelia Jessup
In loving memory of Benjamin Jessup, died September 11th, 1911 aged 93 years. Also his beloved wife Amelia, died February 11th 1920, aged 76 years. Erected by their loving family. Anglican Section A
JESSUP Alfred 16 Aug 1914
Alfred Jessup
In affectionate remembrance of Alfred, dearly loved husband of Florence Jessup who died 16th August 1914 aged 42 years. Erected by his sorrowful wife and children. "No pen can write, no tongue can tell, What he went through when he was ill, To God alone his pain was known, He thought it best and took him home." Anglican Section A



Florence Charlotte

Frederick Charles

16 Jul 1950

26 Apr 1946

Frederick C & Florence F Jesup

In loving memory of Florence Charlotte Jessup, beloved mother of Bert, Joan and Keith. Died July 16th 1950 aged 66 years.

In loving memory of Frederick Charles Jessup, beloved husband of Florence and fond father of Bert, Joan and Keith. Died 26th April 1946 aged 62 years.

Anglican Section A
JESSUP Walter 6 Sep 1943
Walter Jessup
In loving memory of Walter Jessup, died 6th September 1943 aged 67 years. "Rest in peace." Anglican Section A
JESSUP William 15 Jun 1943
William Jessup
In loving memory of William Jessup, died 15th June 1943 aged 77 years. "Rest in peace." Anglican Section A
JOHANSEN John 23 May 1908
John Johansen
Age 46 years Anglican Section A




Sidney Gordon Victor

24 Jun 1897

27 Apr 1898

Aubrey & Sidney VG Johnson

Age 3 years 3 months 5 days

Age 10 months 4 days

Anglican Section A
JOHNSON Ellen 5 Oct 1893
Ellen Johnson
Age 23 years Anglican Section A
JOHNSON Fanny 20 Apr 1930
Fanny Johnson

Age 62 years

(Information from burial records)

Anglican Section C


J H 14 May 1893
J H Johnson
Sacred to the memory of J.H. Johnson who departed this life 14th May 1893, aged 79 years. "Dear is the bond of christian love, That will not let us part; In body though we're far removed, We still are one in heart." Anglican Section A
JOHNSON Mary Ann 2 Aug 1924
Mary Ann Johnson
Sacred to the memory of Mary Ann Johnson who departed this life 2nd August 1924, aged 91 years. "Some day we hope to meet her, Some day - we know not when - We'll clasp her hand, In a better land and never part again." Anglican Section A
JOHNSTON Sarah Annie 1 Feb 1953
Sarah A Johnston
In loving memory of Sarah Annie Johnston died 1st Feb 1953 aged 81 years. Salvation Army Section A
JOICE John 15 Nov 1930
John Joice
In loving memory of John Joice who died 15th Nov 1930 aged 64 years. Anglican Section G
JOLLEY Quentin Donald 15 May 1949
Quentin D Jolley
Age 14 hours Methodist Section D




David Ernest



29 Apr 1936

17 Aug 1955

12 Dec 1924

Jones: David, Rose, Vera

In loving memory of David Ernest Jones, died 29th April 1936, aged 69 years. Rose Jones, died 17th August 1955, aged 76 years. Vera Jones, died 12th Dec 1924, aged 10 years.

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Anglican Section D
JONES Elsie Grace 5 Sep 1958
Arthur D Lobb & Elsie G Jones

In loving memory of Arthur David Lobb died 13th Dec 1931 aged 42 years. Elsie Grace Jones died 5th Sep 1958 aged 64 years.

See also Arthur David Lobb

Methodist Section BB





10 Jun 1940

16 Nov 1934

Llewellyn Jones & Elsie Salvaire

Age 26 years

Age 43 years

Anglican Section D
JONES Florista 29 Mar 1886
Florista Jones
Age 8 months 14 days Anglican Section A
JUST Thomas 17 Apr 1863
Thomas Just
Age 31 years Anglican Section A