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First Name
Memorial Inscription
HADDRILL Elsie Louisa 29 Dec 1915
Elsie Louisa Haddrill
In loving memory of Elsie Louisa Haddrill, who died 29th December 1915 aged 1 year and 5 months. "Safe in the arms of Jesus." Anglican Section D





18 Jul 1922

23 Apr 1930

William & Jane Haddrill
In loving memory of Jane Haddrill who died 18th Jul 1922, aged 72 years 7 months. 'Her life was all unselfishness, Her end was perfect peace.' Also William Haddrill, died 23rd April 1930, aged 82 years. Anglican Section F



Olive Petrel

William John

20 Apr 1912

18 May 1950

William J & Olive P Haddrill

In loving memory of Olive Petrel Haddrill, who died 20th April 1912, aged 1 year and 10 months. "Safe in the arms of Jesus."

In loving memory of William John Haddrill, dearly loved husband of Maud, died 18th May 1950.

Anglican Section D
HADDRILL Royle Thomas 3 Dec 1951
Royle T Haddrill
In loving memory of Royle Thomas Haddrill, beloved husband of Helen, who died 3rd Decr 1951, aged 60 years. 'For ever with the Lord.' Anglican Section C
HADLOW Evelyn Dorothea 24 Oct 1900
Evelyn D Hadlow
Age 9 days

Methodist Section A

See WA BMD Death Reg No 1457

HAIGH Arthur Frederick 11 Jun 1917
Arthur F Haigh
Age 5 years Anglican Section C
HAINES John 22 Aug 1886
John Haines
Age 3 wks 6 days Presbyterian Section A
HALL Isabella 13 Jun 1921
Isabella Hall
In loving memory of Isabella Hall (Grannie), died 13th June 1921, aged 87 years. Anglican Section F





2 Jul 1954

14 Feb 1914

William & H Hallam
In memory of William Hallam, died 14th February 1914, aged 40 years. 'A patient sufferer at rest.' W Hallam died 14th Feby 1914. Also H Hallam, died 2nd Jul 1954. 'At rest.' Anglican Section D
HAMERSLEY Andrew Etwall 12 Jun 1924
Andrew E Hamersley
In loving memory of our dear brother Andrew Etwall Hamersley, died 12th June 1924, aged 46 years. Anglican Section F
HAMERSLEY Edward 14 Jan 1921
Edward Hamersley
Edward Hamersley died 14th Jan 1921 aged 84 years. Anglican Section E
HAMERSLEY Kathleen Augusta 21 Feb 1919
Kathleen A Hamersley
In loving memory of Kathleen Augusta Hamersley, beloved wife of Percy Hugh Hamersley, who passed away February 21st 1919. Anglican Section A
HAMMOND George Fenwick 24 Apr 1906
George F Hammond
Resurgam. In loving memory of George Fenwick Hammond of Cuttening, born May 5th 1874, died April 24th 1906. Anglican Section A
HANCOCK Alice Jane 1 Jul 1906
Alice J Hancock
In loving memory of Alice Jane Hancock who was called home on 1st July 1906 aged 43 years. "Peace, perfect peace." Anglican Section A






John Frederick

John Frederick



22 Aug 1902


24 Jun 1864

John F & Mary Hancock

John F & Elsie Hancock

In fond remembrance of Mary, the loved wife of John F Hancock, who died 24th June 1864, aged 37 years. Also John Frederick Hancock, born 21st April 1841, died 22nd August 1902.

In loving memory of their son, John Frederick, beloved husband of Elsie, loved father of Helen, 1884-1963.

And our loved wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother Elsie 1898-1987. "Forever in our hearts."

Hancock Family

Anglican Section A
HANCOCK Herbert 30 Dec 1884
Herbert Hancock
Age 3 years 11 months Anglican Section A
HANCOCK Herbert William 1 Mar 1936
Herbert W Hancock

In loving memory of Herbert William Hancock (father), born June 24th 1862, died March 1st 1936. "Simply to thy cross I cling."

Anglican Section A
HANNAGAN Ena Mary 26 Oct 1916
Ena M Hannagan
Age 2 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
HANNAGAN John 22 Sep 1922
John Hannagan
Age 52 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
HANNAGAN Roma Annie 21 Jul 1925
Roma A Hannagan
Age 14 days Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
HANRAHAN Gerald Joseph 29 Dec 1916
Gerald J Hanrahan
Age 3 weeks Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
HANSEN Christian 5 May 1937
Christian Hansen

To the memory of Christian Hansen, born December 6th 1862, died at his home Hillside Farm, Southern Brook, Western Australia. May 5th 1937. "May perpetual light shine upon him, And may his eternity be spent with his redeemer, For Jesus Christ's sake, Amen."

See also Denis & Eveline McCarthy

Anglican Section A
HANSEN Lucy 18 Oct 1929
Lucy Hansen
Age 61 years Anglican Section B
HANSEN Mary Frances 25 Jul 1929
Mary Frances Hansen


Additional photo

Anglican Section E
HARDER Margaret R 6 Jun 1906
Margaret R Harder
In loving memory of Margaret R (nee Brock), beloved wife of J. Harder, late of Wirrabara S.A. died 6th June 1906 aged 60 years. 'At rest.' Methodist Section A





Albert Edward Everett

Albert Victor Edward

10 Aug 1954

22 Nov 1918

8 Jan 1911

Hardy: Albert V, Adah, Albert E
In loving memory of Albert Victor Edward, the dearly beloved and only child of Harry and Ada Hardy, who departed this life Jan 8th 1911 aged 10 years 10 months. "Why should our tears in sorrow flow, When God called his own, And bids him leave a world of woe, For an eternal home." Also Albert Edward Everett, father of the above, accidentally killed on the Associated Goldmine Boulder Block, 22nd November 1918, aged 54 years. Also Adah Hardy, died 10th August 1954 aged 84 years. Anglican Section A
HARGREAVES Joseph David 30 Sep 1931
Joseph D Hargraves
Age 56 years Methodist Section B
HARLEY Mary 24 Jun 1909
Mary Harley

In memory of Mary Harley died June 24th 1909 aged 37 years, also Maurice Scanlan died January 24th 1910 aged 40 years. RIP

See also Maurice Scanlan

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
HARMAN Denis 30 Jul 1938
Dennis Harman, born and died 1938. Methodist Section
HARNETT Mary 13 Jul 1917
Mary Harnett

In loving memory of Mary, dearly beloved wife of Timothy Harnett, who departed this life 13th July 1917, aged 35 years. 'Til the day breaks and the shadows flee away. RIP'

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
HARNETT Mary Ellen
13 Jul 1917
Mary Ellen Harnett

Age 35 years

Mary E Monaghan married Timothy Harnett in Northam 1910; Mary E was the daughter of James Monaghan and Mary Ann Enright. She was born in Northam 1882. Ref: WA BMD.

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
HARNETT Pearl Vera 29 May 1924
Pearl Vera Harnett
Age 18 months Roman Catholic Section A
HARNETT Tim 1 Dec 1922
Tim Harnett
In loving memory of Tim, beloved husband of Vera Harnett, Loving father of Winnie, Pearl, Jane & Bill. Died 1st Dec 1922, Aged 38 years. RIP. Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
HARNETT Timothy 1 Dec 1922
Timothy Harnett
Age 38 years Roman Catholic Section A
HARNEY Frances Elizabeth 16 Jan 1904
Frances Elizabeth Harney
Age 45 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
HARRIS Harold Leslie 1 May 1892
Harold Leslie Harris
Age 1 year 5 months Anglican Section A
HARRIS Robert 25 May 1898
Robert Harris
Age 40 years Methodist Section
HARRISON Harold Walter 10 May 1901
Harold W Harrison
In loving memory of Harold Walter, beloved son of Thomas and Hester Harrison (of Northam Hospital) who was promoted to glory May 10th 1901 aged 2 years and 9 months. 'Thy will be done.' Methodist Section A
HARRY Ada 4 Jan 1926
Ada Harry
"At rest." Erected to the memory of Ada, dearly beloved wife of J. Harry who died 4th January 1926, aged 59 years. "A patient sufferer at rest." Anglican Section A
HART Herbert 6 ul 1908
Herbert Hart
Age 22 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
HART John 9 Dec 1907
John Hart
George Throssell MLC. In memory of John Hart, died 9th Dec 1907 aged 58. A tribute to a faithful servant. RIP Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
HART Thomas 27 Jan 1908
Thomas Hart
Age 72 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
HARTREE Thomas Frank 17 Feb 1898
Thomas Frank Hartree

In loving memory of Thomas Frank Hartree who was accidentally killed on the Great Southern Railway 17th February 1898 aged 25 years. "In the midst of life we are in death." He has gone like a flower cut down in full bloom, From the sunshine of life to the shade of the tomb, Death cannot sever the chains of our love, Or steal the fond hope "We shall meet him above." Erected by his loving wife.

See Watson Family History Website

Anglican Section A
HASTINGS Frederick 4 Nov 1923
Frederick Hastings
Age 60 years Anglican Section B
HASTINGS Helena Mena 5 Nov 1887
Helena Mena Hastings
Age 15 months 25 days Presbyterian Section A





29 May 1912

25 Dec 1932

John & Mary Hastings
Sacred to the memory of Mary Hastings (nee Foley) who died 25th Dec 1932, aged 73 years. RIP Also John Hastings beloved husband of the above who died 29th May 1912 aged 55 years. RIP Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
HASTINGS Mary 5 Jun 1899
Mary Hastings
Age 76 years Presbyterian Section A
HASTINGS Vera Elizabeth 7 Jun 1948
Vera Elizabeth Hastings
In loving memory of Vera Elizabeth Hastings, died 7th June 1948 aged 53 years. Erected by her husband & sons. Methodist Section D
HAWKER Rosemary Phyllis 16 Aug 1941
Rosemary P Hawker
In loving memory of Rosemary Phyllis beloved daughter of G.E. and H.E. Hawker who died 16th August 1941, aged 5 years. Methodist Section D
HAWKINS Richard Arthur ---
Richard Arthur Hawkins
In loving memory of 'Dick'; Richard Arthur, beloved son of Ethel and Civeall Hawkins, brother of Peter, Maxine and Jean, aged 20 years. Anglican Section B
HAWKINS Richard Arthur 16 Feb 1927
Richard A Hawkins d1927
Age 30 years Anglican Section B
HAWTIN Constance Marian Bella 19 Dec 1899
Constance MB Hawtin


Ref: WA Pioneers Index; father Albert Edward Hawtin, mother Alice Annie Wild. Aged 5 months.

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
HAYES Dennis 16 Jun 1915
Dennis Hayes
Age 50 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A





20 Aug 1919

9 Apr 1887

Charles &Hannah Harysom

In loving memory of our dear mother Hannah Haysom who died 9th April 1887 aged 34 years. Also our dear father Charles Haysom who died 20th August 1919 aged 70 years.'At rest.'

Note: Headstone gives year of death as 1919 but WA BMD lists 1918; Reg No 184. See also newspaper notices in both 'Western Mail' and 'The West Australian' listing 20th Aug 1918 as date of death.
See also Charles & Emma Taylor

Methodist Section A





Charles Henry

Florence Henreetta

17 Jan 1907

16 Mar 1930

Charles & Amy Hayter

See also Florence Henreetta Draffin

In loving memory of Amy, wife of Charles Hayter, died 17th January 1907 aged 45 years. Also Florence Henreetta, wife of David Draffin, and daughter of the above, died November 11th 1909 aged 20 years, 4 months. 'Side by side two souls lay sleeping, Side by side two souls we love, We shall meet our golden treasure, In our father's home above.' Also Charles Henry Hayter died 16th March 1930, aged 67 years.'

Methodist Section A
HAYWOOD William 19 Dec 1907
William Haywood
Age 6 months Anglican Section A
HAZELL William 21 Aug 1899
William Hazell
Age 65 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
HEAD Geoffrey 29 Sep 1939
Geoffrey Head
In loving memory of Jean Hyde, 1-3-1933 age 11 years. Sister of Arthur (Mick), Alice, John (Tom), Dulcie. Geoffrey Head 29-9-1939, still born, brother of Robert (Bob) and Ray. Anglican Section B





24 Dec 1912

4 Apr 1908

James & Jack Heal

In loving memory of James, the beloved husband of Mary M V Heal, who died April 4th 1908 aged 62 years. 'Jesu, lover of my soul, Let me be to thy bosom fly.'

Also his son Jack B Heal, accidentally killed 24th Dec 1912, aged 21 years. 'Thy will be done.'

Additional photo

Anglican Section A
HEAL William Joseph 25 Dec 1919
William Joseph Heal
Age 2 days Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
HEALY Kathleen 14 Jul 1907
Kathleen Healy
Age 3 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
HEALY Thomas 31 Oct 1927
Thomas Healy
--- Roman Catholic Section A
HEALY William 14 Sep 1862
William Healy
Age 61 years Anglican Section A
HEARNE William Richard 1 Jan 1906
William R Hearne
Age 15 months Anglican Section A
HEARNE Theodore 20 Feb 1914
Theodore Hearne
Age 45 years Anglican Section D
HEATH Gladstone 8 Dec 1909
Gladstone Heath
In loving memory of Gladstone Heath, beloved husband of Beatrice Heath, died 8th Dec 1909 aged 33 years. "Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die." John XI v26 Anglican Section A
HEBERLE Andre 26 Nov 1952
Andre Heberle
Age 2 days Presbyterian Section B
HECKLESS Seth 26 Nov 1893
Seth Heckless
Age 79 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
HELLWIG Mary abt 1 Dec 1932
Mary Hellwig
Midwife, age 66 years Presbyterian Section A
HEMINGWAY Thomas 27 Jan 1910
Thomas Hemingway
Age 87 years Anglican Section A




Bertha May

Edgar Lewis

Lawrence George

3 May 1926

13 Nov 1948

30 Jun 1988

Edgar L, Bertha M & Lawrence G Henley
In loving memory of Berth May Henley died 3rd May 1926 aged 48 years and Edgar Lewis Henley died 13th Nov 1948 aged 75 years. 'Peace, perfect peace.' Also Lawrence George, died 30th June 1988 aged 74 years. Methodist Section B





John William

Norman Edwin

22 Jun 1961

3 Aug 1910

18 Jul 1920

Doris, John W, Norman E Henley
In ever loving memory of John William, died 3rd August 1910 and Norman Edwin, died 18th July 1920 and Doris, died 22nd June 1961, children of Edgar Lewis and Bertha May Henley. Methodist Section B
HENLEY Edwin Thomas 15 Mar 1918
Edwin Thomas Henley
In loving memory of our dear husband and father Edwin Thomas Henley, who passed away 15th March 1918. "Servant of God, well done." Methodist Section
HERBIG Herbert 3 Feb 1909
Herbert Herbig
Age 4 days Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A



Arthur Robert

Catherine May

24 Sep 1952

16 Jun 1948

Arthur R and Catherine M Herridge
In loving memory of Catherine May Herridge who died 16th June 1948 aged 59 years. Also Arthur Robert Herridge died 24th Sept 1952 aged 68 years. Presbyterian Section B
HEWITT Robert John 10 Apr 1903
Robert J Hewitt

In loving memory of my dear husband Robert John Hewitt, Solicitor, Northam who died 10th April 1903, aged 42 years. "Thy will be done."

Father Henry Wilson Hewitt, mother Mary Ann Jackson. Ref: WA BMD

Methodist Section A




Julia Elizabeth

12 Jun 1944

6 Jul 1952

Charles and Julia E Hicks
In loving memory of Charles Hicks who died 12th June 1944 aged 76 years. 'Noble was he, condemning all things mean; His truth unquestioned, and his soul serene; Shame knew him not; he dreaded no disgrace; Truth, simple truth was written in his face.'
In loving memory of Julia Elizabeth Hicks, died 6th July 1952 aged 75 years. 'A wonderful mother; A true christian; She loved us all.'
Salvation Army Section A
HICKS John Edward 10 Feb 1885
John Edward Hicks
Age 6 years 8 months Methodist Section A





29 Nov 1897

29 Oct 1897

Susan & Roy Higgins

Age 9 months

Age 23 years

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
HILL Charles 6 May 1903
Charles Hill
Age 56 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
HILL Laura May 12 Jan 1919
Laura May Hill
Age 33 years Methodist Section A



Charles F


10 Jun 1920

10 Apr 1901

Chas F & J Hillman
In loving memory of Jennie Hillman, mother of Ruth and Stella, departed this life 10th April 1901 aged 35 years. Also our father Chas F Hillman, both pioneers of Cunderdin, interred Te Puke NZ 10th Jun 1920 aged 53 years. 'Peace, perfect peace.' Methodist Section
HINDS Douglas Bruce 4 Sep 1935
Douglas Bruce Hinds
Age 3 years Presbyterian Section A
HINSON John Thomas 24 Jul 1894
John T Hinson
Age 53 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
HIRD Terrence William 4 April 1921
Terrence W Hird
Age 7 days Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A









9 Apr 1913

27 Jun 1882

19 Dec 1894

5 Mar 1882

Hitchcock: John, Elenor, Marregat, John

In loving memory of John Hitchcock, beloved husband of Elenor Hitchcock, who died at Malabine 19th Dec 1894, aged 50 years. Also Marregat Hitchcock, who died 5th Mar 1882, aged 6 days. Also John Hitchcock, who died 27th June 1882, aged 8 years, children of the above. "Gone but not forgotten." Also Elenor Hitchcock, wife and mother of the above, who departed this life 9th April 1913, aged 69 years. "Released from sorrow, sin and pain, And free from every care; By angels hands to heaven conveyed, To rest for ever there."

(Click on each name for larger photo)

Anglican Section A





Clarice May

EDN John

Frederick William

Julia Louisa

29 Jul 1919

1 Jul 1976

15 May 1932

15 Nov 1959

Hitchcock: Frederick, Julia, Clarice, EDN John

In loving memory of Frederick William, dearly loved husband of Julia Hitchcock, who died 15th May 1932, aged 62 years. 'Till the day breaks and the shadows flee away.'

Also Clarice May, beloved daughter of the above, who died 29th July 1919, aged 16 years.

Also Julia Louisa Hitchcock, died 15th Nov 1959, aged 80 years. 'Reunited'

Also their loved son EDN John Hitchcock, died 1st July 1976 aged 71 years.

(Click on each name for larger photo)

Anglican Section G
HITCHCOCK Infant 9 Jan 1918
Hitchcock (Infant)
Stillborn Anglican Section C
HODDY Annie 4 Nov 1907
Annie Hoddy
In loving memory of Annie Hoddy who departed this life 4th November 1907 aged 37 years. "A precious one from us is gone, A voice we loved is stilled; a place is vacant in our home, which never can be filled. God in his wisdom has recalled, The boon his love had given; And though the body slumbers here, The soul is safe in heaven." Deeply mourned. Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
HODDY Elizabeth 12 Mar 1999
Elizabeth Hoddy
Elizabeth passed away 12.3.99 aged 93 yrs. Loved wife of Lewis, loving mother of Shirley, Douglas and Dulcie. R I P. Salvation Army Section A
HODDY Lucy Eleanor 12 Aug 1925
Lucy E Hoddy
Age 28 years Anglican Section E
HODDY Mary 19 May 1910
Mary Hoddy
Age 84 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
HODGE John Mar 1863
John Hodge
Age 39 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
HOGAN John 3 Oct 1900
John Hogan

Age 48 years

See below

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
HOGAN John 3 Oct 1900
John Hogan

Age 48 years

Note: These are clearly different plaques, but the information for both is the same. The plaques are in different rows. See also: WA Pioneers Index; Death Reg No 1454

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A







'Servants of God. Well done'. Methodist Section A




Kathleen Rose


Alfred I

24 Apr 1908

22 Sep 1902

9 Aug 1918

Holland Kathleen R & Pearl, Alfred I Marshall
In loving memory of Pearl, youngest daughter of John & Johanna Holland who died 22nd September 1902 aged 1 year 8 months. 'This lovely bud so young and fair, Called hence by early doom, Came but to show how sweet a flower, In paradise can bloom.' In loving memory of Kathleen Rose, beloved daughter of J and J Holland and niece of the above who died 24th April 1908 aged 9 years and 10 months. 'Safe in the arms of Jesus.' In fond memory of Lance Corporal Alfred I Marshall 27th Battalion AIF, killed in action somewhere in France 9th August 1918 aged 30 years. 'Far away from we who loved him, Comrades laid him down to rest, In a hero's grave he is sleeping, Our loved one, the dearest and best.' 'His duty nobly done.' Methodist Section A
HOLMS Peter Marengo 16 Apr 1918
Peter M Holms
Age 36 years Anglican Section C
HOLT Joan 3 Feb 1929
Joan Holt
In loving memory of Joan, born 9-3-1927, died 3-2-1929. Anglican Section E
HOOPER Beatrice Violet 27 May 1913
Beatrice V Hooper
Age 19 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
HOOPER William Frederick 19 Jul 1944
William F Hooper
In loving memory of William Frederick Hooper who died 19th July 1944 aged 84 years. 'At rest.' Presbyterian Section B
HOPWOOD John Henry 16 Aug 2001
John Henry Hopwood
In loving memory of John Henry Hopwood, loved father of Christine, Colin, Stephen, Heather, Wendy and Debra. Passed away 16th Aug 2001 aged 83. RIP. Salvation Army Section A
HORAN Edward 7 Apr 1928
Edward Horan
Age 44 years Anglican Section B
HORAN John 25 May 1898
John Horan

Age 11 years

Ref: WA BMD. Father Henry, mother Ann[e] Warner. Born York 1887.

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
HORLEY Ernest Henry 3 May 1896
Ernest Henry Horley
Age 6 weeks Anglican Section A
HORNBLOW Ellen 13 Apr 1870
Ellen Hornblow
Age 40 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
HORNBLOW John 25 May 1870
John Hornblow
Age 6 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
HORNBLOW John 17 Aug 1876
John Hornblow
Age 54 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
HOSIE Stewart Bromham 25 Apr 1909
Stewart B Hosie
In loving memory of Stewart Bromham Hosie, eldest beloved son of Stewart L and Martha Hosie, died April 25th 1909 aged 9 years. Anglican Section A
HOSTLER Mary 3 Sep 1900
Mary Hostler
--- Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
HOWARD Julia Maude 12 Jun 1923
Julia M Howard
In loving memory of Julia Maude Howard (Grannie) who entered into rest 12th June 1923 aged 73 years. "Peace, perfect peace." Anglican Section A
HOWE Alton Olive 2 Dec 1899
Alton O Howe
Age 4 months Methodist Section A
HOWE Emma 7 Jan 1899
Emma Howe
Age 24 years Methodist Section A
HOWE Samuel 6 Sep 1922
Samuel Howe
Age 44 years Anglican Section B
HOWELL Mortlock 4 Jan 1899
Mortlock Howell
Age 4 months Anglican Section A



Clarice Blanche

George Ernest

23 Sep 1916

6 Oct 1924

George & Clarice Hubbard

In loving memory of Clarice Blanche Hubbard who departed this life 23rd Sept 1916 aged 2 years and 4 months. "Suffer little children to come unto me."

Also George Ernest Hubbard who died 6th Oct 1924 aged 42 years. "Rock of ages cleft for me."

Methodist Section A
HUBBLE Alfred 23 Apr 1897
Alfred Hubble
Age 12 years Anglican Section A
HUBBLE Royle Alexandra 22 Oct 1995
Royle A Hubble

In loving memory of Royle Alexandra "Poppy" Hubble died 22-10-1995 aged 77. Dear mum of Judy, Peta & Max, loved nana of 10, great nana of 2. Great memories forever. Together again with her dear mum.

See also Mary Ann Wallace & Maxwell Kenneth Wallace

Anglican Section G



Cameron Thomas

Shayne Desmond

2 Oct 2004

2 Oct 2004

HUGHES. In loving memory of Shayne Desmond and Cameron Thomas. Born 2nd Oct, died 2nd Oct 2004. Loved and much wanted twin sons of Des and Debbie. 'Our two litte angels, now in God's care.'
Photo and extra info courtesy Debbie Hughes. Born/died at King Edward Memorial Hospital, Perth. Wedge is on the grave of Norman Hughes, the twins' grandfather.
Anglican Section R
HUGHES Dixie 1937
Dixie Hughes

In loving memory of Rose Annie Western, died 31st Oct 1928 aged 45 years. Also Reuben Western, died 22nd Sept 1950 aged 74 years.

In loving memory of Dixie Hughes, daughter of Charles & Amy, 1934-1937. (Note: Amy Hughes, nee Amy Western)

See also Annie Western & Reuben Western

Anglican Section D
HUGHES Margaret Gwendolyne 4 May 1922
Margaret Gwendolyne Hughes
In loving memory of Margaret Gwendolyn, eldest daughter of Hugh and Lucy Hughes, died 4th May 1922 aged 12 years. Presbtyerian Section A
HUGHES Norman 25 Jul 1999
In loving memory of Norman Hughes died 25th July 1999 aged 80 years. Loved husband of Muriel, dear father of Victor, Robert, Desmond, Raymond & Joyce. Grandfather of 13, Greatgrandfather of 13. Treasured memories.
Photo and extra info courtesy Debbie Hughes. Born 9th Mar 1919 in Northam. Husband of Muriel Josephine (Gill). Died aged 80 years.
Anglican Section R
HUGHES Sophia Maria 4 Mar 2002
In loving memory of Sophia Maria Hughes, 10.5.1947 - 4.3.2002. Loved and loving wife of Des, loved mother of Richard, Wendy and Jennifer and a loved Grandma.
Born Germany 10th May 1947. Died aged 54 years.
Photo and additional info courtesy Debbie Hughes
General Section
HUGHES Victor Norman 29 Oct 1974
In loving memory of Victor Norman Hughes, died 29th October 1974 aged 32 years. Always remembered, Mum & Dad, Bob, Des, Ray, Joyce & Families.
Son of Norman & Muriel Hughes. Born Bunbury 5th Oct 1942. Photo and extra info courtesy Debbie Hughes.
Anglican Section P





26 May 1965

24 May 1965

Brett & Jamie Hunter

Our dear little Clifton Hartley, loving son of SI and PK Leeder, aged 3 years 8 months. 'Safe in the arms of Jesus.'

Also Jamie Hunter (and) Brett Hunter, 24-5-1965 (and) 26-5-1965, twin sons of Vivian and Lexley. 'In God's care.'

See also Clifton Hartley

Anglican Section D
HUNTER Jean 4 Aug 1919
Jean Hunter
In loving remembrance of Jean, elder daughter of Ruby and Ashton Hunter, 24th-2nd-1912, 4th-8th-1919. Methodist Section A
HUNTER John 15 Jan 1934
John Hunter
In loving memory of our dear brother John Hunter died 15th Jan 1934 aged 61 years. 'Ever remembered.' Presbyterian Section B
HUTCHINSON Frank 10 Nov 1913
Frank Hutchinson
Age 46 years Anglican Section D
HUTCHINSON Henry 19 May 1897
Henry Hutchinson
Age 30 years Methodist Section A



Ada Mary

Arthur William

13 Jan 1926

12 Dec 1940

Arthur & Ada Hyde
In loving memory of Ada Mary Hyde, who died 13th January 1926 aged 56 years. Also Arthur William Hyde, who died 12th December 1940 aged 76 years. Anglican Section B





1 Sep 1933

29 Sep 1939

Jean Hyde
In loving memory of Jean Hyde, 1-3-1933 age 11 years. Sister of Arthur (Mick), Alice, John (Tom), Dulcie; Geoffrey Head 29-9-1939, still born, brother of Robert (Bob) and Ray. Anglican Section B