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First Name
Memorial Inscription




Ada Henrietta

Alfred Lionel

Joyce Ada May

27 Jul 1989

26 Jan 1998

16 Dec 1929

Ada H, Alfred L & Joyce AM Gale

In loving memory of Alfred Lionel Gale 25-10-1904 - 26-1-1998. Also his dearly loved wife Ada Henrietta Jane Gale 5-1-1906 - 27-7-1989. Beloved parents of Arthur, Joyce and Edith.

Our darling Joyce Ada May, loved daughter of Alf and Ada Gale, 16-11-28 - 16-12-29.

Anglican Section F
GALE Isabel 6 Jul 1946
Isabel Gale
In loving memory of our dear mother Isabel Gale who died 6th July 1946. 'Abide with me.' Methodist Section C
GALE Mary 15 May 1892
Mary Gale
Age 59 years Methodist Section A
GALE Mary Ann 6 May 1868
Mary Ann Gale
Age 2 years 6 months Methodist Section A
GALE Minnie 11 Oct 1893
Minnie Gale
Age 63 years Methodist Section A
GALE William 3 Dec 1882
William Gale
Age 26 years Methodist Section A
GALE W G 31 Dec 1895
W G Gale

In loving memory of W G Gale, who died 31st December 1895, aged 32 years. "Asleep in Jesus, oh how sweet, To be for such a slumber meet, With holy confidence to sing, That death hath lost its venomed sting." Erected by his loving father


Methodist Section A
GALE William Henry 11 Jul 1940
William Henry Gale
In loving memory of our dear husband and father William Henry Gale, passed away 11 July 1940, 76 years. 'Peace, perfect peace.' Methodist Section C
GALLAGHER Patrick 18 Mar 1912
Patrick Gallagher
Age 27 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A



Beatrice Maud

Reuben James

29 Jun 1918

27 Oct 1957

Reuben & Beatrice Gangell

In loving memory of Beatrice Maud, beloved wife of S Gangell who died 29th June 1918 aged 41 years. "A loved one sleeping." Erected in affectionate remembrance by the residents of Old Dowerin.

Also Reuben James Gangell, died 27th Oct 1957 aged 44 years.

Anglican Section C
GANGELL Samuel Godliff 15 Mar 1943
Samuel Gangell

In loving memory of Samuel Godliff Gangell who died 11th June 1943 aged 83 years. Also Lucy Mina Catchpole died 15th March 1943 aged 42 years.

See also Lucy Mina Catchpole

Anglican Section C



Jessie Irene

Wilma Joan

1 Sep 2000

1 Sep 2000

Marshall and Garwood

See also Marshall and Lawrence

In loving memory of Jessie Irene Garwood, beloved wife of Stan, loved mother of Richard, Lynette, Helen, Kathleen, Jimmy & Phyllis. Born 18 Aug 1918 - Died 5 April 1993.
In loving memory of Wilma Joan Garwood, loved mother of Kenneth, Robert, Margaret, Ruth, Jennifer, Derek & Wendy. Born 22.1.1924 - Died 1.9.2000.
Salvation Army Section A
GARWOOD Kenneth Charles 24 Nov 2006
Kenneth C Garwood
In memory of Kenneth Charles Garwood 15.6.1950 - 24.11.2006. Aged 56. Son of Wilma & Alex. Brother to Robert, Margaret, Ruth, Jennifer, Derek & Wendy. RIP. Salvation Army Section A





6 Jan 1867

9 Apr 1867

Caroline & Susan Gaylor

Age 5 weeks

Age 4 months

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section





15 Dec 1936

18 Apr 1908

John & Elizabeth Genefini

In loving memory of John Genefini, died 18th April 1908, aged 55 years. RIP

Also Elizabeth Genefini, loved wife of the above, died 15th Dec 1936, aged 79 years. RIP

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
GEORGE Charles 30 Nov 1893
Charles George
Age 73 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
GIBBINGS William 24 Dec 1892
William Gibbings

Age 63 years

Newspaper Death Notice

Anglican Section A
GIBBS Ernest Alfred 27 Aug 1918
Ernest A Gibbs
In loving memory of Ernest Alfred, beloved husband of Alice May Gibbs and loving father of Alice, Wallace, Agnes & Edith, 27-8-1918, aged 51 years. R.I.P. Presbyterian Section A
26 Dec 1991
10 Jul 2005
Giblett Harold and Betty
Giblett Betty. 1.2.1928 - 26.12.1991.
Harold 5.7.1923 - 10.7.2005.
Loved mum and dad of Velma, Ken and Graeme.
Seventh Day Adventist Section A, No 25
GIBLETT Bridget 14 Apr 1885
Bridget Giblett
In loving memory of Bridget Giblett who died 14th April 1885 aged 67 years. RIP Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
Louisa C J
Laurel J
11 Jul 1970
14 -2-1957
Giblett Louisa and Henry
In memory of Louisa C J Giblett, loved wife and mother of Harry and family. Passsed away 14-2-57. Aged 73 years. Peacefully.
Also our loving father Henry. Died 11th Jul 1970. Aged 89 years. Sleeping.

In loving memory Laurel J Linaker. Born 1925. Died 1989. RIP.
Laurel was the daughter of Henry and Louisa Giblett. Married Albert E Linaker.
Laurel Linaker

Seventh Day Adventist Section A, No 5





13 Jul 1920

16 Jan 1931

James & Lucy Giblett

In loving memory of James, dearly beloved husband of Lucy Giblett, who died 13th July 1920 aged 70 years. "One of the best that God could send, A faithful husband, father, friend, God took him home - it was his will, But in our hearts he liveth still." Deeply mourned by his loving wife and family.

Also, our dear mother, Lucy who died 16th January 1931 aged 80 years. "Peace, perfect peace."

Anglican Section E
GIBLETT John 14 Jan 1866
John Giblett
Age 48 years Anglican Section A
John Albert
10 Jan 1965
Giblett John Albert
In loving memory of John Albert Giblett, loved husband of Tillie. Died 10th January 1965. Aged 81 years. 'Loving memories.'
Seventh Day Adventist Section A, No 16
GIBLETT Lewis John 14 Jan 1929
Lewis John Giblett
Age 47 years Roman Catholic Section A
GIBLETT Lila Hester 9 May 1913
Lila Hester Giblett
Age 11 months Anglican Section D
GIBLETT Margaret Ann 5 Aug 1901
Margaret A Giblett
In loving memory of Margaret Ann Giblett who died Aug 5 1901 aged 49 years. The months have passed dear mother, No more thy lovely face we'll see, As long as life and memory last, We'll still remember thee. We saw you suffering day by day, It caused us bitter grief, To see you slowly pine away, And we could not find relief." Erected by Selby Giblett, son of above, RIP. Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
Matilda Jane (Tilly)
Mervyn John
23 Feb 1972
19 Jun 1985
Giblett Matilda J Tilly
In loving memory of Tilly. Loved wife of John Albert Giblett. Died 23.2.1972. Aged 85 years. Loving memories.
WX40468 Private. Mervyn John Giblett. 19 June 1985. Loved husband of Lexia. Father of Eric, Philip, Kevin, Garry and Cherie. RIP.
Mervyn John Giblett
Seventh Day Adventist Section A, No 15
GIBLETT Maude Ethel 15 Apr 1891
Maude Ethel Giblett
Age 3 years 6 months Anglican Section A
GIBLETT Owen David 8 Apr 1919
Owen D Giblett
Age 25 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
GIBLETT Richard 1877
Richard Giblett
---- Anglican Section A
GIBLETT Susannah 1 May 1877
Susannah Giblett
Age 9 months Anglican Section A





16 Dec 1908

15 May 1910

William & Willam Giblett

Age 65 years

Age 37 years

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A





12 Jan 1915

15 Jul 1915

Charles & Margaret Gibson

In loving memory of Charles Gibson who died 12th January 1915, aged 83 years. Also Margaret, beloved wife of the above, died 15th July 1915, aged 75 years. "Oh how sad when death comes near, And takes the ones we loved so dear, But when God calls we must obey, For what he gives, he takes away." RIP

Charles Gibson married Margaret Minton in 1860, registered at Toodyay; Ref: BMD

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
GIBSON James Hillary 9 Dec 1910
James H Gibson
Age 15 hours Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A




Edmund Vincent

18 Dec 1911

Infant, date not stated

John & Edmund V Gibson
Sacred to the memory of John Gibson who died 18th December 1911, Aged 50 years. Also Edmund Vincent, infant son of the above. RIP. "Immaculate heart of Mary, Your prayers for him extol, On sacred heart of Jesus, Have mercy on his soul." Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
GIBSON Margaret 2 May 1870
Margaret Gibson
---- Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
GILES E M 1927
E M Giles
E M Giles, passed away Jan 1927. 'At rest.' Anglican Section B
GILES James Alfred 13 Oct 1919
James A Giles
Age 6 years Anglican Section C
GILL George Ryland 12 Jun 1974
In loving memory of George Ryland Gill who passed away 12th Jun 1974 aged 79 years. Formerly of Donnybrook.
Born 9th Feb 1895 Port Germein South Australia. Extra info and photo courtesy Debbie Hughes.
Anglican Section Q
GILLETT Adrian Brown 26 Sep 1916
Adrian Brown Gillett
In memory of Adrian Brown, dearly beloved husband of Maisie Gillett of Quairading who died 26th Sept 1916 aged 38 years. "Sadly missed." Anglican Section C
GLADSTONE Thomas Allanshaw 31 Aug 1897
Thomas A Gladstone
In loving memory of Thomas Allanshaw, the beloved son of W E & J E Gladstone who died 31st August 1897 aged 4 months. Methodist Section A
GLASS Alexander D 1929
Alexander D Glass

Alexander D Glass, loved brother of Charles, died 1929, aged 77 years.

See also Charles Glass

Anglican Section A
GLASS Charles 1929
Charles Glass

In loving memory of Charles Glass, loved husband of Margaret, died 1929, aged 75 years.

See also Alexander D Glass

Anglican Section A



Herbert Henry


7 Aug 1952

29 May 1971

Herbert & Ida Glass

In loving memory of Herbert Henry Glass, died 7th Aug 1952. Beloved husband of Ida, dear Dad of Ena, Sheila, Noel & Lindsay. "Rest in peace."

In loving memory of Ida Glass, died 29th May 1971. Beloved wife of Herbert, dear mum of Ena, Sheila, Noel & Lindsay. RIP

Anglican Section A






25 Oct 1908

Maud & Margaret Glass

In loving memory of Margaret, loved wife of Charles Glass, devoted mother of nine, died 1929, aged 75 years.

In loving memory of Maud, loving daughter of C and M Glass, accidentally killed 25th October 1908, aged 20 years. "She left her home in health and strength, No thought of death was near; She had not time to say farewell, To those she loved so dear." Requiescat in pace.

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
GODFREY Roma Elsie 22 Jan 1913
Roma E Godfrey
Age 6 months Anglican Section D
GOLLAN John 15 Mar 1913
John Gollan
Age 45 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
GOOCH Bessie 7 Jan 1914
Bessie Gooch
In loving memory of Bessie, wife of John Alfred Gooch, daughter of E.W. and M.C. Cotton of Muresk, born 13th June 1895, died 7th Jan 1914. "Gone to him who gave." Anglican Section F







3 Jul 1861

7 Nov 1896

18 Jan 1906

George & John Gooch & Eleanor Waldeck

"At rest." Sacred to the memory of John Gooch who died 7th November 1896. Aged 77 years. Also of his brother George Gooch who died 3rd July 1861. Aged 42 years. Sons of the late John Gooch, formerly of Bacton, Suffolk, England. Arrived in the colony December 1831. Also Eleanor Waldeck, dearly beloved wife of the above, who died 18th January 1906, aged 68 years. "Thy will be done."

Newspaper Death Notices John George

Anglican Section A
GOODMAN Clara 15 Nov 1888
Clara Goodman
Age 1 year 8 months Methodist Section A



Charles W

Walter More

9 Jun 1935

23 Jan 1928

Charles Goodwill & Walter Macallum

In loving memory of my dear husband Charles W Goodwill who died 9th June 1935 aged 60 years. 'At rest.'

In loving memory of our dear father Walter More Macallum who passed away 23rd Jan 1928 aged 86 years. 'Peacefully sleeping.'

Methodist Section B
GOODWIN Eliza Dora 24 Feb 1893
Eliza D Goodwin
Age 11 months Methodist Section A
GORDON Ada 24 Mar 1908
Ada Gordon
In loving memory of Ada, dearly beloved wife of Alexander J. Gordon, died March 24 1908 aged 37 years. "A patient sufferer at rest." Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
GORDON Alexander 10 Feb 1911
Alexander Gordon
Age 43 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
GORDON John 26 Dec 1934
John Gordon
Age 63 years Presbyterian Section A
GORMAN Francis 4 May 1911
Francis Gorman
Age 13 hours Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
GOUGH James 22 Jan 1899
James Gough
Age 80 years Anglican Section A
GOUCH James 12 Jan 1927
James Gough
In loving memory of James Gough who died 12th Jan 1927 aged 60 years. 'Ever remembered.' Presbyterian Section A
GOULDSON William 19 Sep 1902
William Gouldson
Age 41 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
GOWER Walter Albert 30 Jun 1897
Walter A Gower
Age 18 days Anglican Section A



Walter Marshall

Walter Raymond

17 Oct 1929


Walter M & Walter R Grafton

GRAFTON: Walter Marshall 1875-1929. Walter Raymond 1900-2000. 'Everlasting Memories.'

Separate plaque for Walter Marshall GRAFTON: Age 54 years.

Anglican Section F
GRAHAM Clara 1870
Clara Graham
Age 2 years 2 months Anglican Section A
GRANT John 10 Jan 1934
John Grant
Age 13 years Presbyterian Section A
GRAY Ivy Irma 18 Jul 1989
Ivy Irma Gray

In loving memory of Frederick Robert Minson, died 21st Aug 1955 aged 59 years and his loved sister Ivy Irma Gray, died 18th July 1989 aged 97 years. 'At rest.'

Minson Family Plot

Anglican Section E
GRAY Martha Hannah 3 Nov 1929
Martha H Gray
---- Anglican Section B





Alfred (M.D.)

Alfred John

Lesley Florence Eleanor

Mary Jane

7 Sep 1895

7 Jul 1923

22 Jan 1961

29 Jul 1933

Alfred, Alfred, Mary J & Lesley Green
In memory of Alfred Green M.D. died Sept 7th 1895 aged 91 years. Also of Alfred John Green died July 7th 1923 aged 70 years. Also Mary Jane Green died July 29th 1933 aged 74 years. Also Lesley Florence Eleanor Green died January 22nd 1961 aged 74 years. Anglican Section A
GREEN Frederick Archibald 20 Aug 1942
Frederick Archibald Green
Age 20 years (WX2114) Methodist Section D
GREEN Frederick Augustus 9 Dec 1898
Frederick Augustus Green
Age 14 days Anglican Section A
GREEN Gascoyne Yilgarn 5 May 1888
Gascoyne Y Green
Age 10 weeks Anglican Section A



Private A. Lewin


5 May 1917

19 Mar 1916

Private A L Green & Marjorie Green

In memory of Pte A Lewin, 16th/28th Batt, beloved husband of Mary, and son of A.J. and M.J. Green. Died of wounds 5th May 1917. Interred at Grenvilliers, France. 'His duty nobly done.'

In loving memory of Marjorie Green, resigned 19th March 1916, aged 7 months. 'Little treasure in heaven.'

Anglican Section C
GREEN Percy 21 Jun 1887
Percy Green
Age 5 years Anglican Section A
GREENWOOD Elizabeth Martha 23 Dec 1940
Elizabeth M Greenwood

In loving memory of Elizabeth Martha Greenwood who died 23rd Dec 1940 aged 87 years. 'At rest.'

Greenwood Plot

Anglican Section B




Sydney G

8 Jun 1923

5 Jul 1931

Evelyn & Sydney G Greenwood

In loving memory of our dear son and brother Evelyn Greenwood, who passed away 8th June 1923, aged 32 years. 'God saw his footsteps falter, The path had grown too steep, And he bid him rest for a season, In a calm and peaceful sleep.'

Sydney G Greenwood, died 5th Jul 1931, aged 44 years.

Greenwood Plot

Anglican Section B
GREGORY Albert William 27 Oct 1982
Albert W Gregory
In memory of Albert William Gregory, loving son of Charles and Emma. Passed away 27th Oct 1982, aged 69 years. Methodist Section A



Charles James

Emma Elizabeth

24 Mar 1928

15 Aug 1969

Charles J & Emma E Gregory
In loving memory of Charles James Gregory died 24th March 1928, aged 65 years. Also Emma Elizabeth Gregory died 15th August 1969, aged 90 years. "Re-united." Methodist Section A



Clara Caroline

Eliza Harriet

5 Oct 1939

13 Jul 1947

Clara C & Eliza H Gregory
In loving memory of Clara Caroline Gregory died 5th Oct 1939, aged 70 years. Eliza Harriet Gregory died 13th July 1947, aged 88 years. Methodist Section A



Frederick Albert


7 May 1955

11 Feb 1950

Frederick A & Rosetta Gregory
In loving memory of Rosetta Gregory passed away 11 Feb 1950 and her beloved husband Frederick Albert Gregory passed away 7 May 1955. Methodist Section D
GREGORY John Henry 12 May 1886
John H Gregory
---- Methodist Section A



John Henry


16 May 1914

28 Jun 1914

John H & Emma Gregory

In loving memory of John Henry Gregory who departed this life 16th May 1914. Also his beloved wife Emma who departed this life 28th June 1914. "God giveth his beloved rest."

See also Emma Mary Mitchell

Methodist Section A
GREY James Donald 10 Aug 1893
James D Grey
Age 32 years Methodist Section A




Unnamed Male

9 Feb 1922

7 Feb 1922

Kathleen & Male Grocock

Aged 30 years


Anglican Section B
GROVES Mary Catherine 29 Nov 1915
Mary C Groves
Age 2 hours Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
GULLEY Harold 10 Oct 1923
Harold Gulley
Age 3 weeks Roman Catholic Section A






7 Nov 1911

George & William Gurr
In loving memory of William Gurr who departed this life on November 7th 1911 aged 43 years. Also George, infant son of the above. "Rock of ages cleft for me, Let me hide myself in Thee." Anglican Section A