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First Name/s
Memorial Inscription
FAGAN James Augustine 21 Mar 1905 James A Fagan Age 48 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section





12 Apr 1907

16 Apr 1906

Charles & Linda Farmilo In loving memory of Linda, daughter of J.T. & M.A. Farmilo, born at Launceston, Tasmania, June 30 1886, died at Northam April 16 1906. Also Charles, born at Launceston, Tas. July 26 1902, died at Northam April 12 1907. Methodist Section A
FARQUHAR Robert 4 Nov 1923 Robert Farquhar In loving memory of Robert, dearly loved son of J. and I. Farquhar, who died 4th Nov 1923, aged 23 years. 'A loved one sleeping.' Anglican Section E





Doris May


Emma Leah

Violet Dot

7 Jul 1902

20 Jan 1916

30 May 1899

28 Feb 2008

Fazey and Dobrigh In loving memory of Eileen who departed this life 20th January 1916 aged 20 years. 'Simply to thy cross *eling.' Also Emma Leah died 30th May 1899 aged 1 year and 9 months. Also Doris May died 7th July 1902 aged 6 months. Daughters of Henry and Leah Fazey. Violet Dot Dobrigh born 2-3-1907 died 28-2-2008 aged 100 years. Daughter of Henry and Leah Fazey. Loved mother of Joyce, Max, Bruce, Margaret & Kerry.
Presbyterian Section A



Harriet Leah

Henry Robert

19 Sep 1957

16 Jan 1953

Henry R and Harriet L Fazey In memory of our dear husband and father Henry Robert Fazey died 16th Jan 1953. Aged 86 years. Also Harriet Leah Fazey died 19th Sept 1957. Aged 92 years. Presbyterian Section A
FERGUSON Eva 11 Jun 1907 Eva Ferguson Age 30 years Anglican Section A
FERGUSON Kathleen 29 Dec 1917 Kathleen Ferguson Age 10 hours Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A



Cyril Charles

George Phillip

28 Sep 1970

26 Jul 1973

Cyril C and George P Fernihough Fernihough Cyril Charles, died 28-9-70 aged 48 years. Also George Phillip died 26-7-73 aged 84 years. Salvation Army Section A



Ernest Isaac


16 Jun 1932

17 Sep 1960

Ernest I & Isobel Fernihough

In loving memory of Ernest Isaac, beloved husband of Isobel Fernihough, died 16th June 1932, aged 38 years. "So dearly loved, so deeply mourned."

Also Isobel Fernihough, died 17th September 1960, aged 62 years.

Methodist Section A




George Arthur

Ann Elizabeth


19 Apr 1996

12 Jul 2000

31 Jul 1945

George A, Ann E & Robert Fernihough

In loving memory of George Arthur Fernihough, beloved husband of Ann, loved father of Dennis & John, passed away 19-4-1996. Also, in loving memory of Ann Elizabeth 28-2-1920 (to) 12-7-2000. RIP

Robert George Fernihough d 31.7.1945, age 30 mins.

Methodist Section D
FERNIHOUGH Isaac 31 Jul 1917 Isaac Fernihough

In loving memory of Isaac Fernihough, who fell asleep 31st July 1917, aged 76 years. "The Lord is my shepherd, in him is all fullness."

Erected by his wife and family.

Methodist Section A
FERNIHOUGH Sarah 9 Aug 1946 Sarah Fernihough In loving memory of our dear mother Sarah Fernihough, who died 9th August 1946, aged 87 years. "Peacefully sleeping." Methodist Section A
FINCH Samuel Wesley 3 Nov 1896 Samuel W Finch Age 4 weeks Methodist Section A
FINLAYSON Thomas 13 Feb 1948 Thomas Finalyson Age 48 years Presbyterian Section B
FISHWICK Edward Dudley 7 Apr 1927 Edward Dudley Fishwick Age 44 years Anglican Section B
FITZGERALD Francis Charles Joseph 29 Dec 1916 Francis C Fitzgerald Age 14 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
FITZPATRICK William 8 Feb 1923 William Fitzpatrick Age 44 years Roman Catholic Section A





7 Apr 1948

25 Nov 1937

John and Ellen Flaherty In loving memory of John Flaherty died 25-11-37. Also Ellen Flaherty died 7-4-48. R I P. Roman Catholic Section F
FLAHERTY Female 2 Jun 1901 Flaherty (Female)


Possibly the daughter of John Flaherty and Emma Mullins; Ref: WA Pioneers Index

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
FLAHERTY Male 10 Jul 1907 Flaherty (Male) Stillborn Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
FLANNAGAN Male 26 Jun 1921 Flannagan (Male) Stillborn Roman Catholic Section A
FLETCHER Allan Nelson 3 Jan 1900 Allan N Fletcher Age 3 months Methodist Section



Joseph George

Lucy Mary

18 Aug 1948

6 Mar 1969

Joseph G & Lucy M Flint In loving memory of Joseph George Flint, who died 18th August 1948 aged 69 years. Also his beloved wife Lucy Mary who died 6th March 1969 aged 81 years. Methodist Section D
FOLEY Patrick 28 Oct 1900 Patrick Foley Age 54 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
FORDYCE Hugh Fraser Dingwall 4 Oct 1931 Hugh FD Fordyce In loving memory of Hugh Fraser Dingwall Fordyce, died 4th Oct 1931, aged 40 years. Served with the Anzacs at Gallipoli and in Egypt, 1914-1918. Anglican Section G
FOREMAN Jean A H C 11 Jun 1928 (bur) Jean A H C Foreman Buried 11th Jun 1928 age 50 years Presbyterian Section A






William H

Charles Avon




29 Mar 1924

14 Apr 1918

11 Jun 1928

1 Oct 1914

15 May 1917

Foreman x 3 and Diamond x 2

Diamond and Foreman Headstone

In loving memory of William H Foreman who entered into rest 29th March 1924. 'His cheerful face, his loving smile; Are pleasant to recall; He had a kindly word for each; And died beloved by all.'
In sad and loving memory of Charles Diamond who fell asleep on October 1st 1914 aged 62 years. 'Rock of ages cleft for me; Let me hide myself in thee'. Erected by his loving wife and daughters.
Also Ann Diamond wife of the above who died May 15th 1917 aged 79 years. 'Go home my children, and shed no tears; For you I have laboured many years; I always tried to do my best; And now I have gone to take my rest.'
Also in loving memory of Charles Avon Foreman grandson of of the above who was killed in action in France on April 14th 1918 aged 20 years. 'He died for freedom's sake.'

In loving memory of Jean Foreman who passed away 11th June 1928 aged 50 years. 'Oh for the tower of a vanished hand; And the sound of a voice that is still.'

Presbyterian Section A
FORWARD Emily 4 Sep 1903 Emily Forward

In loving memory of Ellen, wife of Henry Forward who died May 18th 1903 aged 53 years. Also Emily, wife of Fred Forward who died Sept 4th 1903 aged 38 years.

See also Henry & Ellen Forward

Anglican Section A





2 Dec 1928

13 Nov 1926

William & Emily Forward In loving memory of William Forward, died 13th Nov 1926, aged 82 years. Also Emily Forward, wife of the above, died 2nd Dec 1928, aged 80 years. "Life's race well run, Life's work well done, Life's crown well won, Now comes rest." Anglican Section F
FORWARD Female (un-named) 21 Apr 1898 Unnamed Female Forward Age 17 hours Anglican Section A
FORWARD George 1900 George Forward d1900 ---- Methodist Section
FORWARD George Edward

22 Feb 1928

George E Forward Age 58 years Anglican Section B




Herbert Roy

27 Mar 1969

27 Apr 1958

Hannah Forward
Herbert R Forward

In loving memory of Hannah, beloved wife of Roy Forward, loved mother of Edna, Norman, Emily and Audrey. Died 27th March 1969, aged 88 years. R I P.

In loving memory of Herbert Roy Forward, beloved husband of Hannah and loved father of Edna, Norman, Emily & Audrey. Died 27th April 1958 aged 78 years. R I P.

Roman Catholic Section M





28 Feb 1916

18 May 1903

Henry and Ellen Forward In loving memory of Ellen, wife of Henry Forward who died May 18th 1903 aged 53 years. Also Emily, wife of Fred Forward who died Sept 4th 1903 aged 38 years.
Sacred to the memory of Henry Forward died 28th February 1916 aged 65 years.
Anglican Section A
FORWARD Kenneth James 1 Nov 1883 Kenneth J Forward Age 15 days Anglican Section A



Mary Ann

Mary Ann

5 Feb 1866

29 Apr 1866

Mary Ann Forward & Mary Ann Forward

Age 26 years

Age 3 months

Anglican Section A
FORWARD Matilda 26 Apr 1873 Matilda Forward Age 5 days Anglican Section A
FORWARD Roy 20 Oct 1904 Roy Forward In loving memory of our dear baby Roy Forward, born and died October 20th 1904. "Thy will be done." Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
FORWARD Sydney 8 Jul 1888 Sydney Forward Age 3 weeks Anglican Section A





28 May 1893

11 Sep 1899

William & Caroline Forward In loving memory of William Forward who passed away 28th May 1893 aged 92 years. Also Caroline Forward beloved wife of the above who died 11th Sept 1899 aged 79 years. Anglican Section A
FOSTER Edward John 4 Oct 1917 Edward J Foster Erected by his wife and family, in memory of Edward John Foster, who died 4th October 1917, aged 69 years. "At rest." Methodist Section A
FOWLER Ellen Elizabeth 13 Apr 1899 Ellen E Fowler Age 35 years Anglican Section A
FOX James 4 May 1894 James Fox

Age 65 years

See also: Extra Information - James Fox

Methodist Section
31 Jan 1957
Franke Marian
In loving memory of Marian Franke, born 12-5-1909. Died 31-1-1957. Ever remembered by his wife Antonia and Lana, Lucy and Jerry and grandchildren. 'Rest in peace.'
Roman Catholic Section K, No 42
FRASER Gilbert A 24 Oct 1903 Gilbert A Fraser In loving memory of Gilbert A Fraser, dearly loved husband of Alice Fraser and beloved third son of David and Mary Fraser of Morwell, Victoria who died at Northam 24th October 1903 aged 30 years. 'Not dead to those who loved him, Not lost but gone before.' Methodist Section





23 Nov 1993

22 Jul 2003

Ada and Fred Freind In loving memory of Ada Freind, beloved wife of Fred. Loved mother of four. Passed away 23 Nov 1993. Aged 76 years. Fred Freind O A M Freeman of the Town of Northam. Passed away 22 July 2003. Aged 94 years. Parents of Mabel, Thelma, Glenys & John. Salvation Army Section A




Fanny Georgina

Arthur Ongley


5 Dec 1935

16 May 1938


Fanny G and Arthur O Freind

Freind Baby

In loving remembrance of our dear wife and mother Fanny Georgina Freind who was called home on Dec 5th 1935 aged 66 years. 'At rest.' Also Arthur Ongley Freind who died 16th May 1938 aged 70 years.

The graves above are plot numbers 37 and 38. Plot No 39 is a child size brick surround, possibly a FREIND child.

Salvation Army Section A





15 Dec 1908

14 Mar 1947

James and Ellen Freind In loving memory of - our death father James Freind who departed this life 15th Dec 1908 aged 49 years (and) our dear mother Ellen Freind who departed this life 14th Mar 1947 aged 84 years. Loving memories. Anglican Section A
FREIND Male 30 Apr 1887 Freind (Male) Stillborn Anglican Section A
FREIND Reginald Frederick 21 Jun 1898 Reginald F Freind Age 20 days Anglican Section A



Ada Agnes


3 Mar 1925

31 Jan 1964

Ernest & Ada Agnes French

In loving memory of Ada Agnes, beloved wife of Ernest French, died 3rd March 1925, aged 44 years. "A light is from our household gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our heart, That never can be stilled."

Also Ernest David French, died 31st January 1964, aged 83 years.

Anglican Section F



Alick Pagan

Mary Elizabeth

Nov 29 1930

22 Jun 1932

Alic P & Mary E French

In loving memory of Alick Pagan French who died Novr 29th 1930, aged 27 years. Also Mary Elizabeth French who died 22nd June 1932, aged 59 years.

See also John Charles French

Anglican Section A
FRENCH Fanny 1 Mar 1885
Fanny French
Sacred to the memory of Fanny, the beloved wife of John French who died 1st March 1885, aged 32 years. "Deeply regretted by her sorrowing family." Anglican Section A
FRENCH Fanny Martha Jane 4 May 1885 Fanny Martha J French Age 2 months 3 days Anglican Section A





25 Nov 1891

10 Mar 1907

James & Janet French

Sacred to the memory of James French, who died 25th November 1891, aged 68 years. "Deeply missed by his sorrowing family." Also Janet, wife of the above, who departed this life 10th March 1907, aged 79 years and 10 months. "Though we are gone and you are left, To tread this vale alone, We hope to meet again in heaven, With Christ, before God's throne."

Newspaper Death Notice James

Anglican Section A



Janet Elizabeth


16 Nov 1928

22 Nov 1929

John & Janet E French

In loving memory of Janet Elizabeth French who died Novr 16th 1928, aged 52 years.

Also John French who died Novr 22nd 1929, aged 81 years.

Anglican Section G
FRENCH John Charles 13 Oct 1943 John C French

In loving memory of John Charles French, who died 13th Oct 1943 aged 68 years.

See also Alick Pagan French and Mary Elizabeth French. Husband of Florence Eliza French, nee Watson. See Watson Family History Website

Anglican Section G
FRENCH Leslie ---- Leslie French ---- Anglican Section A
FRENCH Lily 3 Jan 1893 Lily French Age 3 months Methodist Section
FRENCH Mary Ann 22 Sep 1902 Mary Ann French In loving memory of Mary Ann French who died at Irishtown 22nd September 1902 aged 30 years & 6 months. 'Rest in peace.' Methodist Section







Arthur & Elizabeth Frith In loving memory of Arthur Frith 1870-1910 and Elizabeth Frith 1870-1962. Methodist Section A
FRITH Cyril John C 2 May 1918 Cyril J C Frith Age 20 years Anglican Section C
FRY Graham Alexander 2 Jul 1915 Graham A Fry

Age 30 hours

Additional Photo

Anglican Section D
FRY Letitia May 6 Jan 1914 Letitia M Fry

Age 13 months

Additional Photo

Anglican Section A
28 Oct 1911
K Fukami Age 35 years
Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section B