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First Name
Memorial Inscription
EAST Clarence Garfield 3 Oct 1936
Clarence G East
In loving memory of Clarence Garfield East who died 3rd Oct 1936 aged 39 years. Loving husband of Lydia East. Methodist Section C
EASTHOPE Winifred 27 Oct 1899
Winifred Easthope
Age 6 months Methodist Section
EATON Annie 12 Apr 1895

Annie Eaton

Additional photo

"At rest." In loving memory of Annie, beloved wife of W. C. Eaton, who died 12th April 1895, aged 40 years & 8 months. "Sleep dearest wife, thy task is oer, Those loving hands shall toil no more, No more those gentle eyes shall weep, In perfect slumber dearest sleep."

Newspaper Death Notice

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A



Dorothy Ruth

Richard Charles

31 May 1918

15 Apr 1922

Richard C & Dorothy R Eaton
In loving memory of Dorothy Ruth Eaton, died 31st May 1918, aged 5 months. Also Richard Charles Eton died 15th April 1922, aged 12 years. Anglican Section C




Mary Martha

Rebecca Maria


25 Jan 1870

18 Mar 1864

2 Jul 1904

Richard, Mary M & Rebecca M Eaton
"At rest." Sacred to the memory of Richard Eaton born 15th November 1815 at "Maidstone" Kent England, Died at Mount Happy 2nd July 1904. Also Mary Martha, wife of the above, born 13th January 1818. Died Quelquelling 25th January 1870. Also Rebecca Maria daughter of the above. Died 18th March 1864 aged 7 months. "Sleep parents dear thy task is o'er, Those loving hands shall toil no more, No more those gentle eyes shall weep, Sleep fondly loved ones, sleep." Erected by their loving children. Anglican Section A
EATON Patrick 27 Apr 1880
Patrick Eaton
Age 6 weeks Anglican Section A
EATON Sydney Phillip ---
Sydney Phillip Eaton
No further information available. Anglican Section D
EDDY Margaret 19 Nov 1900
Margaret Eddy
Age 64 years Presbyterian Section A
EDGAR Elizabeth Ethel 21 Feb 1933
Elizabeth E Edgar
In loving memory of Elizabeth Ethel Edgar, dearly loved sister of the Rev. and Mrs Alwyn Schroeder who passed away on Feb 21st 1933. 'Sweet rest at last.' Methodist Section B
EDMONDSON Edward 21 Nov 1898
Edward Edmondson
Age 43 years Methodist Section A
EDMONDSON Edward Roy 27 Nov 1893
Edward R Edmonson
Age 3 years 8 months Methodist Section A





17 Jun 2001

22 Nov 2001

Frank & Jean Edmondson
In loving memory of Frank 20-12-1915 to 17-6-2001 and Jean 15-6-1913 to 22-11-2001, loving and devoted parents of Marshall, Darryl, Vanessa, Paul, Lloyd & Janet. 'At peace together.' Methodist Section C
EDMONDSON John Angel 12 Jun 1897
John Angel Edmonson
Age 12 days Methodist Section A



Marshall Frank

Daisy Edith

11 May 1940

17 Mar 1960

Marshall F & Daisy E Edmondson
In loving memory of Marshall Frank Edmondson, died 11th May 1940 aged 56 years. Daisy Edith Edmondson died 17th March 1960 aged 69 years. Methodist Section C
EDMONDSON Ronald Charles 4 Jan 1937
Ronald C Edmondson
In loving memory of Ronald Charles, beloved son of C. & E. Edmondson who died as the result of an accident 4th Jany 1937 aged 20 years. Methodist Section C



Arthur Leonard

Muriel Gladys

10 May 1964

14 Dec 1913

Muriel G & Arthur L Edwards
In loving memory of Muriel Gladys Edwards, died 14th December 1913. Also Arthur Leonard Edwards died 10th May 1964. Methodist Section A





Cecil Bertram

James Douglas Hargreaves


Mary Hargreaves

1 Jan 1924

20 Jan 1979

28 Jun 1971

25 Sep 2002

Edwards: Cecil B, James DH, Marion, Mary H

In loving memory of Cecil Bertram, beloved husband of Marion Edwards, died 1st January 1924, aged 46 years. 'At rest.' In memory of Rodney Edwards, 21-6-1940 - 27-1-1944. Marion Edwards 28-8-1880 - 28-6-1971. James Douglas Hargreaves, beloved husband of Mary, 1-1-1901 - 20-1-1979. Mary Hargreaves, loved wife of James (Jim), 25-2-1912 - 25-9-2002.

Anglican Section F
EDWARDS Ivy Marian 2 Dec 1896
Ivy Marian Edwards
Age 16 months Methodist Section A



Lillie Elizabeth


18 Apr 1949

23 Jun 1954

William & Lillie E Edwards
In loving memory of Lillie Elizabeth Edwards who died 18th April 1949 - aged 61 years. Also William Edwards died 23rd June 1954 - aged 70 years. Ever remembered. Methodist Section D
EGERTON Henry 28 Jan 1898
Henry Egerton
Age 33 years Methodist Section A
EKERT Mildred Edith 1906
Mildred E Eckert

In memory of Mildred Edith, infant child of Bertha & Henry Ekert born Northam 19-11-04 aged 16 months.

See also Andrew Martin died 5th Nov 1904.

Methodist Section
ELMER Thomas William 14 Jun 1924
Thomas W Elmer

Age 32 years

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Anglican Section B





23 Feb 1909

23 Aug 1921

Edward & Maria Enright
In loving memory of Edward Enright died 23rd Feb'y 1909 aged 79 years. Also Maria, wife of the above, died 23rd August 1921, aged 88 years. RIP Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
ENRIGHT Edward 3 Dec 1926
Edward Enright d1926
Age 39 years Roman Catholic Section A



Jeremiah Joseph

Mary Margaret

25 Dec 1939

9 Sep 1953

Jeremiah J & Mary M Enright
In loving memory of Jeremiah Joseph Enright, died 25th Dec 1939, aged 68 years. Mary Margaret Enright, died 9th Sept 1953, aged 77 years. "Immaculate heart of Mary, Your prayers for them extol. Sacred heart of Jesus, Have mercy on their souls." RIP Erected by their sons and daughters. Roman Catholic Section





26 Jan 1897

13 Oct 1887

Thomas & Johanna Enright
Sacred to the memory of Thomas Enright who departed this life 13th October 1887, aged 88 years. "Grace be to you and peace from God the father, and from Our Lord, Jesus Christ." Johanna Enright, died 26th Jan 1897, aged 97 years. Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section







Thomas Edward


12 Jan 1887

29 Jun 1897

2 May 1881

24 Sep 1927

Mary Enright


Patrick Enright

Asleep in Jesus. Sacred to the memory of Mary, the beloved wife of Patrick Enright, who departed this life 12th Jan 1887 aged 31 years. Into thy hand I commend my spirit, Lord Jesus receive my soul. Also Thomas Edward Enright who died 2nd May 1881, aged 2 months 14 days. Also Mary Enright who died 29th June 1897 aged 4 years 10 months. "Suffer little children to come unto me, for of such is the kindgom of heaven."

Additional photo

In loving memory of Patrick Enright who died 24th Sep 1927, aged 79 years. RIP.

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
ENRIGHT Mary 2 Jan 1887
Mary Enright d1887
Age 31 years 7 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
ENRIGHT Mary 29 Jun 1887
Mary Enright d age 4 yrs
Age 4 years 10 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
ENRIGHT Mary 13 May 1900
Mary Enright d1900
Age 13 days Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
ENRIGHT Mary Anne 1885
Mary Anne Enright
Age 24 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
ENRIGHT Patrick 24 Sep 1927
Patrick Enright d1927
Age 79 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
ENRIGHT Timothy 23 Feb 1909
Timothy Enright
----- Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
ENRIGHT Thomas 4 Mar 1921
Thomas Enright
---- Roman Catholic Section A
ENRIGHT William Edward 26 Mar 1910
William Edward Enright
Age 7 days Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
ETTERIDGE Evelyn Elizabeth 26 Mar 1898
Evelyn Elizabeth Etteridge
Age 28 years Methodist Section A
ETTERIDGE Evelyn Violet 30 Aug 1896
Evelyn Violet Etteridge
Age 7 weeks Methodist Section A



Ellen Teresa


18 May 1918

20 Feb 1913

Ellen T & Joseph Evans

Age 29 years

Age 2 days

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A