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First Name
Memorial Inscription
DAFF Arthur Leslie 4 Mar 1921
Arthur Leslie Daff
Age 1 year Roman Catholic Section A
DAILY Augustine 2 Dec 1904
Augustine Daily
Age 5 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
DALE Lloyd 23 Jul 1921
Lloyd Dale

In loving memory of little Lloyd, the loved son of Wm and Lurline Dale, 20th May 1919-23rd July 1921. "And with the morn, those angel faces smile."

See also William Stroud Dale, Lurline Katie Dale, Joan Beatrice Miller (nee Dale)

Additional Photo

Anglican Section B




Lurline Katie

William Stroud

Joan Beatrice

26 Oct 1982

3 Nov 1937

2 Apr 2005

"Per ardua." In memory of my dearly loved husband and our dear daddy William Stroud Dale March 29 1874 - Nov 3 1937. "Saviour in thy gracious keeping, Leave we now our loved one sleeping." Also his beloved wife Lurline Katie Dale 26th Oct 1887 - 26th Oct 1982.

In loving memory of Joan Beatrice Miller (nee Dale) 30-3-1923 - 2-4-2005. Wife of Peter, precious mother to Dale and Kingsley. "The Lord is my shepherd."

Anglican Section B







These two plots are side by side in Section C; plot numbers 83 and 84. No other information available.

No 1  No 2

Anglican Section C
DANIELS Allan Augustus 10 Feb 1892
Allan Augustus Daniels
Age 1 year 7 months Anglican Section A
DANN Elizabeth Grace 25 May 1926
Elizabeth Grace Dann
In loving memory of our darling mother Elizabeth Grace Dann, died 25th May 1926, aged 60 years. "Whosoever liveth and believeth in me, shall never die." Anglican Section B





29 Jan 1923

3 Jul 1903

George & Annie Davies

In loving memory of George Davies, died 3rd July 1903, aged 49 years. Also Annie Davies, beloved wife of above, died 29th Jan 1923, aged 58 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

Davies Family Plot

Anglican Section A
DAVIES Matilda 27 Mar 1887
Matilda Davies

In sad but loving remembrance of Matilda, dearly beloved wife of Thomas Davies, who departed this life 27th March 1887, in her 56th year. "Though my darling's form lies sleeping, In the cold and silent tomb, Though afflicted not alone, Blessed Lord thy will be done. Short was her stay, long is her rest, God called her when he thought best, She in a moment fell, And had not time to say farewell."

See also Thomas Davies; Davies Family Plot

Anglican Section A




William Thomas

6 Nov 1960

16 Dec 1932

William Thomas & Sarah Davies

In loving memory of William Thomas Davies died 16th December 1932, aged 74 years. Also his loving wife Sarah, died 6th November 1960, aged 93 years. Erected by their loving family, Eva, Leta and Laurie.

Anglican Section A
DAVIES Thomas 24 Jun 1902
Thomas Davies

Sacred to the memory of Thomas Davies, late of York, who died 24th June 1902, aged 77 years. Erected by his loving sons and daughters. "Dearest father, thou has left us, We thy loss most deeply feel, But 'tis God who has bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal."

See also Matilda Davies; Davies Family Plot

Anglican Section A
DAVIS Ada Elsie 19 Oct 1897
Ada Elsie Davis
Age 2 years 4 months Methodist Section
DAVIS Ann Jane 27 Feb 1899
Ann Jane Davis
---- Anglican Section A
DAVIS Henrietta 11 Jan 1913
Henrietta Davis
Age 52 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A



Mary Ann (Polly)


13 Mar 1958

31 Aug 1933

Richard & Mary Ann Davis
In loving memory of our dear husband and father Richard Davis who fell asleep at Northam 31st August 1933 aged 75 years. Fond memories. Erected by his loving wife and family. Also his wife Mary Ann (Polly) nee Barnes 21-9-1862 (to) 13-3-1958 aged 95 years. Midwife to many pioneering families at Kulyaling, Pingelly & Brookton areas. Methodist Section B



Ada Gertrude

Keith Henry

18 Aug 1938

29 Aug 1937

Keith H & Ada G Dawson
In loving memory of Keith Henry Dawson who died 29th August 1937 aged 22 years. Also Ada Gertrude Dawson who died 18th August 1938 aged 52 years. A devoted wife and mother. Methodist Section C



Alan Alexander


18 Aug 1982

28 Nov 1988

Alan A & Reginald Dawson
Dawson; Alan Alexander, died 18 Aug 1982, age 72 years. In loving memory of Reginald Dawson, died 28 Nov 1988 age 77 years. Methodist Section C
DAWSON William John 9 Oct 1960
William JHA Dawson
In loving memory of William John Dawson died Oct 9th 1960 aged 77 years. 'At rest.' Methodist Section C
DELANEY Kenneth Peter 24 Dec 1929
Kenneth Peter Delaney
Age 1 year Roman Catholic Section A
DELMAGE Catherine 23 Sep 1898
Catherine Delmage

Age 28 years

Note: Nee Catherine GALE, twin sister of Lucy, born 31st dec 1869, parents George & Mary. Married Frederick Henry DELMAGE 22nd Apr 1890.

Anglican Section A





21 May 1910

8 Dec 1904

Jacob & Lucy Delmage
'Rest in peace'. In loving memory of Lucy Delmage, died at Northam 8th December 1904 aged 82 years. Also Jacob Delmage, dearly beloved husband of the above, who departed this life 21st May 1910 aged 90 years and 3 months. 'Peace, perfect peace.' Anglican Section A
DEMASSON Sarah 14 Dec 1874
Sarah Demasson
---- Anglican Section A
DEMPSTER Andrew 6 Mar 1909
Andrew Dempster

Here lie the remains of Andrew Dempster who died at 'Muresk' on the 6th of March 1909 aged 66 years. One of the early explorers of the Esperance and Fraser Range District. 'At rest.' In fond memory.

Dempster plot; see also Captain James Maclean Dempster; Mary Emily Dempster

Anglican Section A
DEMPSTER Andrew Harold 4 Jan 1886
Andrew Harold Dempster
Age 21 months Anglican Section A
DEMPSTER Anna 26 Jul 1890
Anna Dempster
--- Anglican Section A
DEMPSTER Charles Edward 21 Jul 1907
Charles Edward Dempster

In affectionate remembrance of Charles Edward Dempster M.L.C. the beloved husband of Mary Margaret Dempster who died 21st July 1907, aged 68 years. "What doth the Lord require of thee but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God." Micah V1:8

Additional Photo

See also Mary Margaret Dempster

Anglican Section A
DEMPSTER Douglas 17 May 1906
Douglas Dempster

In affectionate remembrance of William Skinner who died 25th February 1877 aged 62 years. Also Douglas Dempster born 22nd Nov 1905, died 17 May 1906. "Safe from the world's temptations."

See also William Skinner

Anglican Section A



29 Apr 1890
Captain James M Dempster

Sacred to the memory of Captain James Maclean Dempster who died at Buckland on the 29th day of April 1890 aged 79 years. Known for his noble and generous actions on the occasion of the wreck of the barque 'Lancier' on the 28th Sep 1839 at Swan River; such was his character through life.

Dempster plot; see also Mary Emily Dempster; Andrew Dempster

Anglican Section A



James McLean

Mary Ellen

8 Jun 1934

12 Oct 1888

Mary Ellen & James McLean Dempster

Sacred to the memory of Mary Ellen Dempster, formerly Marsden, born in Sheffield Jany 11th 1840, died in Northam Octr 12th 1888. Also her son James McLean Dempster who died at Bondi, N.S.W. June 8th 1934.

Dempster plot; see also Captain James Maclean Dempster; Andrew Dempster

Anglican Section A



Mabel Patty

William Patrick

18 Nov 1924

28 Jan 1942

William P & Mabel P Dempster
In loving memory of Mabel Patty Dempster who died 18th November 1924 aged 47 years. Also William Patrick Dempster who died 28th January 1942 aged 71 years. Anglican Section F
DEMPSTER Margaret Christine 15 Jan 1951
Margaret Christine Dempster
In loving memory of our dear aunt Margaret Christine Dempster who died 15th Jany 1951, aged 72 years. Anglican Section A
DEMPSTER Mary Margaret 2 Aug 1917
Mary Margaret Dempster

In loving memory of Mary Margaret, beloved wife of Charles Edward Dempster, born at Albany 1838, died 2nd August 1917, aged 79 years. "For so he giveth his beloved sleep."

Additional Photo

See also Charles Edward Dempster

Anglican Section A




William Simon

1 Dec 1954


William S & Maud Dempster

In loving memory of William Simon Dempster who died at Buckland in 1892. Aged 47 years. Also his wife Maud Dempster who died in Perth on Decr 1st 1954. Aged 93 years. 'Wonderful parents and wonderful friends. In God's keeping.'

Newspaper Death Notice William

Anglican Section F
DEMPSTER Sam 18 May 1897
Sam Dempster

In loving memory of my husband Sam Dempster who died 18th May 1897, aged 29 years.

Samuel Adams Barker Dempster, born Melbourne, Vic married Cecilia Gloag Patton in Beverley in 1893. Ref: WA BMD

Newspaper Death Notice

Anglican Section A
DEMPSTER Sarah 27 Jul 1912
Sarah Dempster
In loving memory of Sarah Dempster (the beloved mother of Cus and Willie Roe) who died at Northam 27th July 1912 aged 64 years. 'We shall meet on that beautiful shore.' Anglican Section A



Simon Reginald


18 Apr 1930

14 Dec 1968

Simon Reginald and Aline Dempster
Simon Reginald Dempster, 18th April 1930 aged 55 years. 'Made beautiful by love divine.' Together with his wife Aline 14th December 1968. Presbyterian Section A
DENNIS Thomas 26 Mar 1919
Thomas Dennis
Sacred to the memory of Thomas, the beloved husband of Lucy Ann Dennis who passed away 26th March 1919, aged 56 years. "Respected in life. In death, he is not forgotten." Anglican Section C
DENNIS Violet Hannah
8 Apr 1916
Violet Hannah Dennis
In loving memory of Violet Hannah Dennis, died 8th April 1916, aged 1 day. 'Thy will be done.' Anglican Section C
DHU Eva 13 Nov 1898
Eva Dhu

Age 11 weeks

Daughter of Henry Dhu and Mary Lyons. Ref: WA Pioneers Index

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section





1 Oct 1914

15 May 1917

Foreman x 3 and Diamond x 2

Diamond and Foreman Headstone

In sad and loving memory of Charles Diamond who fell asleep on October 1st 1914 aged 62 years. 'Rock of ages cleft for me; Let me hide myself in thee'. Erected by his loving wife and daughters.
Also Ann Diamond wife of the above who died May 15th 1917 aged 79 years. 'Go home my children, and shed no tears; For you I have laboured many years; I always tried to do my best; And now I have gone to take my rest.'

See also Foreman

Presbyterian Section A
DIAMOND Charlotte 5 Jan 1912
Charlotte Diamond

Sacred to the memory of Charlotte Diamond who departed this life 5th January 1912 aged 98 years. At rest.

Note: Have also seen the surname transcribed as 'Hammond' but believe it to be 'Diamond'. Suggestions welcomed.

Anglican Section D
DICKERSON Lewis 26 Mar 1913
Lewis Dickerson
Age 45 years Anglican Section D
DIGNAM Fred 28 Sep 1896
Fred Dignam
Age 42 years (From WA BMD, Reg No 1156) Methodist Section A
DINSDALE Edith 18 May 1932
Edith Dinsdale
Age 35 years Methodist Section B





14 Jan 1908

14 Jan 1908

Rita & Stella Dixon
In loving memory of Stella, aged 4 days, also of Rita, aged 2 years 9 months, died Jan 14 1908, beloved children of R and E Dixon. 'To be with God is far better.' Methodist Section A
DOBRIDGE Thomas 26 Apr 1918
Thomas Dobridge
Age 42 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
DOBRIGH Violet Dot 28 Feb 2008
Fazey and Dobrigh

Violet Dot Dobrigh born 2-3-1907 died 28-2-2008 aged 100 years. Daughter of Henry and Leah Fazey. Loved mother of Joyce, Max, Bruce, Margaret & Kerry.

See also Fazey

Presbyterian Section A
DOHERTY Edward Thomas 13 Dec 1904
Edward T Doherty
Age 10 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
DOHERTY Mary Jane 17 Apr 1904
Mary Jane Doherty
Age 36 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A





15 Jun 1936

20 Jan 1934

George & Rose Donald
In loving memory of our dear mother Rose Donald who died 20th January 1934 aged 62 years. Also our dear father George Donald who died 15th June 1936 aged 67 years. Methodist Section B
DONEGAN Allan Cuthbert John 17 Nov 1898
Allan C J Donegan
Age 1 year Anglican Section A
B A Donohue
(From other records: Bertrond Albert Donohue died 9 Jul 1946 aged 59 years). Methodist Section D
DOOHAN William Robert George 12 Aug 1937
William RG Duchan
Age 35 years

Methodist Section C

WA BMD Death Reg No 142

DORMER Male 12 Feb 1900
Unnamed Male Stillborn Dormer
Un-named male, stillborn Methodist Section
DOYLE Kathleen Mollie 8 Sep 1918
Kathleen M Doyle
---- Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
DRAFFIN Annie Christina 18 Jul 1909
Annie C Draffin

In affectionate remembrance of our beloved mother Annie Christina Draffin, died 18th July 1909 aged 56 years. "Always patient, loving and kind, What beautiful memories to leave behind."

Erected by her loving children

Methodist Section A
Allen Stephen
Simon Louis Stephen
2 Feb 2001
27 Aug 2011
Drayson Allen S and Simon LS
Ageless and evergreen is love for these two resting here. No grief, no pain, no anxious fear can reach them here.
Allen Stephen Drayson born London 11.11.1949 -  2.2.2001. Age 51. Adored husband of Christine. Loving father of Susan and our darling son Simon Louis Stephen Drayson. Born 29.4.1976 who fell asleep 27.8.2011 aged 35 years. Adoring father of Lucas, loved brother of Antony, Sacha-Marie and Susan.
'All the umbrellas of London cannot hide our love for you. All the rain on Thames sides cannot stop the sun shining through.'
With God's grace we will all be together again on that beautiful shore.
'Sleep well my darlings.'
Seventh Day Adventist Section A, No 21
DREYER Mary 4 Oct 1892
Mary Dreyer d1892
Age 57 years Methodist Section
DREYER Mary 3 Jul 1906

In loving memory of Mary, wife of Joseph Dreyer and daughter of George & Annie Throssell. Taken home 3rd July 1906, aged 41 years. "She hath done what she could."

Newspaper Death Notice

See also George & Annie Throssell and Cora Withers

Anglican Section A
DRISCOLL Henrietta Catherine 6 Jan 1908
Henrietta Catherine Driscoll
Age 3 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
DRISCOLL Mary 1 Oct 1884
Mary Driscoll
Age 11 years 2 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
DRUMMOND Richard 7 Nov 1944
Richard Drummond
Age 79 years Presbyterian Section B
DUDLEY Ann 13 Jul 1880
Ann Dudley
---- Anglican Section A



Frances Amelia


25 Oct 1900

26 Mar 1903

Richard & Frances A Dudley
Sacred to the memory of Frances Amelia Dudley who died at Northam October 25 1900 aged 54 years. Also Richard Dudley who died March 26 1903 aged 67 years. 'Here awhile we must be parted, And the soul its sabbath keep, Waiting in a holy stillness, Wrapt in sleep.' Anglican Section A
DUDLEY John 8 Oct 1884
John Dudley
Age 28 years Anglican Section A
DUDLEY John Richard 14 Apr 1879
John Richard Dudley
Age 1 year Anglican Section A
DUDLEY Male 24 Oct 1895
Dudley (Male)

Stillborn male

Son of Arthur Edward Dudley and Emily Wilson. Ref: WA Pioneers Index

Anglican Section A
DUGDALE Clara 11 Dec 1906
Clara Dugdale
Age 19 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
DUGGAN Ernest Edward 22 May 1920
Ernest E Duggan
Age 1 day Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
DUGGAN Susan 27 Apr 1922
Susan Duggan
In fond memory of our dear mother Susan Duggan who died 27th April 1922, age 72 years. RIP Erected by her loving son and daughter PJ Duggan and M Enright. Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section


13 Feb 1938
Alwyn Duke
Alwyn, the dearly loved son of A & I Duke, aged 5 yrs 10 months. 'For of such is the kingdom of heaven.' Methodist Section C
DUMBRILL John Havel 3 Feb 1902
John H Dumbrill
Age 8 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A



Leslie Maud

Thomas Sugden

22 Dec 1923

24 Nov 1923

Thoms S & Leslie M Dunkley

In loving memory of Thomas Sugden Dunkley, aged 56 years. 24-11-1929.

Leslie Maud Dunkley, aged 58 years. 22-12.1923.

Anglican Section F
DUNN John 28 Dec 1926
John Dunn
Age 86 years Roman Catholic Section A
DUNN Male 17 Oct 1902
Dunn (Male)
Stillborn Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
DUNN Phyllis Louisa 2 Jul 1914
Phyllis L Dunn
--- Anglican Section D
DUNNING Peter 12 Aug 1953
Wilfred L Beard and Peter Dunning
Peter Dunning, aged 1 day.
See also Wilfred Leslie Beard.
Presbyterian Section B
DUVAL Amelia 12 May 1892
Amelia Duval
Sacred to the memory of Amelia Duval, relict of the late Lewis P. Duval, died 12th May 1892 aged 56 years. 'Rest in peace.' Anglican Section A
DYER Alfred Enos 12 Sep 1929
Alfred E Dyer
Age 67 years Methodist Section B
DYER Arthur Selby 16 Dec 1915
Arthur S Dyer
Age 23 years Anglican Section D
DYER Hedley 16 Jun 1931
Hedley Dyer
In loving memory of Hedley, loved husband of Alice, father of Thelma and Joyce, died 16th June 1931 aged 50 years. Methodist Section B