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First Name/s
Memorial Inscription



Ernest George


11 May 1942

3 Jul 1944

Ernest G & Louisa Back
In loving memory of Ernest George Back, died 11th May 1942 aged 74 years. Also Louisa Back, died 3rd July 1944 aged 81 years. Methodist Section D
BADHAM Lindsay Nairn 26 Apr 1898
Lindsay Nairn Badham
Stillborn Anglican Section A
BAILEY Frances Kathleen 18 Oct 1900
Frances Kathleen Bailey
Age 44 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
BAILEY Male 16 May 1923
Bailey (Male)
Stillborn male Anglican Section B
BAILIE John William 16 Sep 1933
John William Bailie
Age 2 months Methodist Section B
9 Feb 1950
8 Aug 1959
Ball Arthur and Emily
In loving memory of our dear father and mother Arthur and Emily Ball. Died 9th Feb 1950 and 8th August 1959. At rest. Erected by their sons and daughters
Seventh Day Adventist Section A, No 3
BALL Kathleen Elizabeth 8 Mar 1897
Kathleen Elizabeth Ball
Age 10 months Methodist Section A



Jessie Victoria

Nancy Elizabeth

20 Oct 1933

10 Feb 1935

Jessie C & Nancy E Banham
In loving memory of Jessie Victoria Banham who died 20th October 1933 aged 32 years. 'Oh for the touch of the vanished hand, And the sound of the voice that is still.' Also Nancy Elizabeth Banham who died 10th February 1935 aged 1 year 8 months. Mother and daughter united. Methodist Section B





Mary Ann


10 Mar 1901

23 Jun 1927

28 Apr 1966

Richard, Mary Ann & Alex Barndon

In memory of our dear mother Mary Ann, died June 23rd 1927, aged 65 years. Also Alex, son of above, died 10th March 1901. Erected by husband and daughters.

Additional photo - newer headstone - the wording is slightly different and there is an addition for Richard.

Also Richard, loved husband of May, died 28th April 1966, aged 78 years.

Methodist Section A
BARNDON Algernon Reuben 26 Feb 1898
Algernon Reuben Barndon
Age 1 year 3 months Methodist Section A
BARNDON Eliza 1874
Eliza Barndon
---- Anglican Section A
BARNDON Frances 27 Jun 1870
Frances Barndon
Age 8 years Anglican Section A
BARNDON George Frederick 18 Jan 1922
George Frederick Barndon
Age 47 years Anglican Section B
BARNDON James Henry 24 Sep 1897
James H Barndon
Age 56 years Methodist Section
BARNDON Richard ----
Richard Barndon

... Also Richard Barndon, one of the early settlers of this district.

See also Smith family

Anglican Section A
BARNDON Richard Louis 1871
Richard Louis Barndon
Age 4 months Anglican Section A
BARNDON Vanilla Merle 12 Feb 1923
Vanilla Merle Barndon
Age 31 years Anglican Section B
BARNES John 3 Jul 1919
John Barnes
Age 80 years Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
BARR Ellen Mabel 22 Apr 1918
Ellen Mabel Barr
In loving memory of Ellen Mabel, loving daughter of D.A. and E.L. Barr, accidentally killed 22nd April 1918, aged 3 years. "A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be stilled." Anglican Section C
BARRETT Walter Bernard 11 Jun 1891
Walter Bernard Barrett

Age 3 years

Newspaper Death Notice

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
BARRY Mary Bridget 17 Aug 1895
Mary Bridget Barry

Age 3 days

This could be Mary Bridgid Barry, daughter of William Barry and Margaret Maguish. Ref: WA Pioneers Index

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
BARTLETT Alexander John 31 Mar 1902
Alexander John Bartlett
Age 19 years Anglican Section A
BARTLETT William Godfrey 1 Jul 1887
William G Bartlett
Age 10 years Methodist Section






Harold Reginald



30 Jul 1941

25 Jun 1897

19 May 1938

5 Dec 1887

Bartlett-Day x 4

In loving memory of Evelyn who passed away on 30th July 1941, aged 74 years. 'Blessed are the pure in heart.'

Harold Reginald Bartlett-Day, aged 12 months.

In loving memory of Hubert Bartlett-Day, loving husband of Evelyn, born 1st March 1869 at Maidstone, Kent. Passed away 19th May 1938.

In loving memory of little Pansy, 5th Dec 1887. 'Gone but not forgotten.'

Methodist Section



Elizabeth Ann


17 Jul 1946

22 Nov 1923

Frederick & Elizabeth Ann Baseden
In loving memory of Frederick Baseden, died 22nd November 1923, aged 75 years. Also Elizabeth Ann Baseden, died 17th July 1946 aged 86 years. Anglican Section B
BASEDEN Marie 18 Nov 1931
Marie Baseden
In loving memory of Marie, dearly loved wife of Frank Baseden and loving mother of Lorraine, Kenneth and Marie who departed this life November 18th 1931 aged 35 years. RIP. Methodist Section B
BASS William 27 May 1895
William Bass
Age 22 years Anglican Section A





14 Apr 1921

5 Nov 1933

Reuben and Eliza Bassett
In loving memory of Eliza Bassett died 14th Apr 1921 aged 70 years. 'A loving wife and mother'. Also Reuben Bassett died 5th Nov 1933 aged 78 years. 'A loving husband and father.' Presbyterian Section A
BASTOCK Lawrence Cyril 30 Aug 1932
Lawrence Cyril Bastock
In loving memory of Lawrence Cyril Bastock, died 30th August 1932 aged 42 years. "Some day we hope to meet him, Some day we know not when, We'll clasp his hand in a better land, And never part again." Ever remembered by his wife Laura and his family Stella, Ethel, Phyllis, Dulcie, Sadie, Robert and Teddy. Additional photo Anglican Section F
BATTY Robert 3 Oct 1932
Robert Batty
In memory of Robert Batty, beloved father of Rosea ANorthey died 3rd Oct 1932, aged 79 years. 'At rest.' Methodist Section B
BAXTER Robert 13 Oct 1949
Robert Baxter
Age 59 years Presbyterian Section B
BAYLISS Jane 30 Jan 1928
Jane Bayliss
Age 67 years Anglican Section F
BAYLISS William George 12 Jun 1898
William G Bayliss
Age 42 years Methodist Section
BEARD Annie Ada 28 Sep 1897
Annie A Beard
Age 15 months Methodist Section





28 May 1900

21 Mar 1884

Cornelius & Sarah Beard

Sacred to the memory of Sarah Beard, the beloved wife of Cornelis Beard who died on the 21st March 1884, aged 55 years. Deeply regretted by her sorrowing husband, family and friends.

In loving memory of Cornelieus Beard, born in Gloucestershire, England 1830 and departed this life on May 28th 1900, aged 70 years. 'Cornelius Beard it was my name, And Northam was my station, Heaven is my dwelling place, And Christ is my Salvtion. Now I am dead and in my grave, And all my bones are rotten, This little verse will tell my name, When I am quite forgotten.' Erected by his loving wife Mary Beard and children.

Anglican Section A
BEARD Frederick 17 Jun 1926
Frederick Beard
'At rest. We part to meet again' In loving memory of Frederick, dearly beloved husband of Ruth Beard, who died 17th June 1926, aged 72 years. "A precious one from us is gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our midst, Which never can be filled." Erected by his sorrowing wife and family. Anglican Section F










Walter, Johannah & James Beard

In loving memory

James Beard 1886-1966

Johannah Beard 1889-1959

Walter Beard 1918-1919


Anglican Section C
BEARD Job 1 Aug 1931
Job Beard
In loving memory of Job Beard, died 1st August 1931 aged 69 years. Anglican Section C



Linda Maude

Phyllis Emma

5 Mar 1968

10 Aug 1918

Linda Maude Beard & Phyllis Emma Beard

In loving memory of our darling little Phyllis Emma, only dearly beloved child of G.A.G. and L.M. Beard born 14th Oct 1909, died 10th Aug 1918. "In the kingdom of thy grace, Give a little child a place." Erected by her sorrowing father and mother.

Also her dear mother Linda Maude Beard, died 5th March 1968 aged 78 years. Respected and loved by all.

Anglican Section F
BEARD Mary 6 Feb 1896
Mary Beard d1896
Age 81 years Anglican Section A
BEARD Mary 7 Jan 1921
Mary Beard
In loving memory of our dear mother, Mary Beard who died 7th January 1921, aged 83 years. Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
BEARD Michael Gordon 1 Aug 1897
Michael Gordon Beard
Age 13 months Anglican Section A
BEARD Moses 4 Apr 1891
Moses Beard
---- Anglican Section A
BEARD Ruth 3 Oct 1936
Ruth Beard

In loving memory of Ruth Beard, who died October 3rd 1936, aged 81 years.

Other photo with dedication from Henry and Rhoda

Anglican Section A
BEARD Wilfred Leslie 13 Jan 1935
Wilfred L Beard and Peter Dunning

Wilfred Leslie Beard, 1931-1935.
See also Peter Dunning.

Presbyterian Section B



Ellen Elizabeth


26 Jul 1948

1 Oct 1956

William & Ellen E Beavis

In loving memory of Ellen Elizabeth Beavis who died 26th July 1948 aged 68 years. A devoted wife and mother.

Also our dear father William Beavis died 1st Oct 1956 aged 84 years.

Methodist Section D





24 Aug 1926

17 Feb 1925

Frank & Doreen Beazley

Age 7 weeks

Age 7 hours

Roman Catholic Section A
BEAZLEY Frederick 26 Oct 1897
Frederick Beazley
Age 55 years Methodist Section



Ivan Lange

Ivy Mary Ann

10 Feb 1944

20 Dec 1929

Ivan Lange & Ivy Mary Ann Beazley
In loving memory of Ivy Mary Ann Beazley who died 20th Dec 1929 aged 34 years. Also Ivan Lange Beazley who died 10th Feb 1944 aged 48 years. Anglican Section B





11 Sep 1912

23 Jul 1924

John & Maria Beazley

In loving memory of John Beazley who passed away 11th September 1912 aged 73 years. "Thy will be done." Also Maria Beazley died 23rd July 1924 aged 81 years.

Additonal photo

Anglican Section D
BEAZLEY Walter 10 Jan 1877
Walter Beazley
Age 7 months Anglican Section A
BECKETT Ellen 29 Mar 1910
Ellen Beckett
Sacred to the memory of Ellen Beckett, died March 29th 1910, aged 78 years. "Nothing in my hands I bring, Simply to thy cross I cling." Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
BENNETT Angus William 13 Oct 1915
Angus William Bennett
Age 6 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
BENNETT Eric Gilbert 7 Nov 1899
Eric Gilbert Bennett
Age 1 year 1 month Methodist Section A
BENSLEY C H 31 Oct 1903
C H Bensley

'Blood and fire. The Salvation Army.'

In loving memory of Adjutant C H Bensley, died October 31st 1903 aged 34 years. Erected by the soldiers and friends of the Northam Corps. 'Summoned home. He died at his post.'

Methodist Section A
BENSTEAD Herbert 5 Jan 1914
Herbert Benstead
In loving memory of Herbert Benstead who passed away 5th Jan 1914, aged 31 years. 'At rest.' Anglican Section D
BENTICK George Thomas 18 Sep 1920
George T Bentick
In loving memory of my dear father George Thomas Bentick who died 18th Sept 1920, aged 74 years. "A patient sufferer at rest." Erected by his loving daughter Rachel Andrews. Methodist Section A



Clara Mary


1 Jul 1923

26 Oct 1949

James & Clara Mary Benzie
In loving memory of our dear wife and mother Clara Mary Benzie who died 1st July 1923, aged 38 years. 'At rest.' In loving memory of James Benzie, loved father of Peggy, Margaret, James, Betty, Mollie and Florence. Died 26-10-1949, aged 64 years. 'At rest.' Anglican Section E
Malcolm Wayland
22 May 1968
Bergin Malcolm Wayland
Malcolm Wayland Bergin. Born 27th May 1896. Died 22nd May 1968
Anglican Section, No 29
BEST Robert Valentine Brown 2 Apr 1928
Robert Valentine Brown Best
---- Anglican Section B
BEVERIDGE Myrtle Jane 13 Jan 1912
Myrtle Jane Beveridge
'Of such is the kingdom of heaven.' 'A lily gathered.' Myrtle Jane given to us 27 Nov 1910 resigned 13 Jan 1912. Daughter of David S and Ann Beveridge. Presbyterian Section A




William Percy

23 Feb 1892

22 Nov 1888

William Percy & Emma Biddle

In loving memory of Emma Biddle, died Feb 23rd 1892, aged 27 years. Also William Percy, son of above, died Nov 22nd 1888, aged 8 months. "The Lord gave and the Lord taketh away; Blessed is the name of the Lord." Erected by her eldest son.

Newspaper Death Notice Emma

Anglican Section A
BIDDLE Florence 17 Jul 1895
Florence Biddle
Age 40 hours Anglican Section A
BIDDLE Frederick Robert 11 Jul 1886
Frederick Robert Biddle
Age 7 hours Anglican Section A
BIDDLE George James 1 Feb 1886
George James Biddle
Age 5 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section







10 Nov 1907

20 Mar 1876

4 Oct 1901

George Biddle

James Biddle

William Biddle

In loving memory of James Biddle who died March 20 1876 aged 14 years. Also William Biddle who died October 4 1901 aged 36 years. "May they possess the golden crown, God's chosen people wear, In Heaven above where all is love, We hope to meet them there." RIP Erected by their loving mother Mary Beard. Also George Biddle died 10th Nov 1907, aged 49 years. "Immaculate heart of Mary, Your prayers for him extol, O' sacred heart of Jesus, Have mercy on his soul."

Additional photo

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
BIDWELL Edward John 25 Nov 1909
Edward John Bidwell
In loving memory of Edward John, beloved husband of Jane Bidwell, who was accidentally killed on the railway between Spencer's Brook and Northam, Nov 25th 1909, aged 43 years. "O for the touch of a vanish'd hand, And the sound of a voice that is still." Anglican Section A
BIDWELL Reginald Arthur 21 Mar 1921
Reginald Arthur Bidwell
Age 10 months Anglican Section B
BILLINGS James 15 May 1894
James Billings
Age 1 year 9 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
BINGHAM Joyce 14 Mar 1913
Joyce Bingham
Age 13 hours Anglican Section D
BIRCH Clement Willie 27 Jan 1920
Clement Willie Birch
Age 44 years Anglican Section C





23 Mar 1869

29 Dec 1908

George & George Bird

Age 1 year 6 months

Age 70 years

Anglican Section A
BIRD Matilda 14 Apr 1869
Matilda Bird
Age 5 years 6 months Anglican Section A
BLACKALL Julia Mary Imelda 18 Dec 1902
Julia Mary Imelda Blackall

In fond memory of Julia Mary Imelda, dearly beloved wife of Alfred Charles Blackall who died Dec 18 1902, aged 34 years. RIP

Ref: WA BMD - Julia Mary Imilda, father Lancelot, mother unknown. Born Hamilton, CAN.

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
BLAKE Arthur Melvin 12 Jan 1899
Arthur Melvin Blake
---- Methodist Section A
Harry Thomas
1 Nov 1944
Blake Harry Thomas
Age 53 yrs
Anglican Section I, No 62
BLAKE Kate 26 Sep 1927
Kate Blake formerly Catherine/Kate O'Grady/Grady

In memory of Arthur Melbin died 12-1-1899 and Kate O'Grady Blake died 26-9-1927.

See Arthur Melbin and also see Watson Family History Website

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section











18 Jan 1885

12 Apr 1894

William & Susan Blake & 2 infants

Sacred to the memory of Susan Blake, died 18th Jan 1885, aged 69 years. Also William, husband of the above, died 12th April 1894, aged 81 years. Also infant twins of William and Kate Martha Blake. "At rest." Erected by their loving children.

Note from M Corica 29 Aug 2010: Infants are twins (1) Arthur BLAKE and (2) Wesley Trace BLAKE who died in 1902, aged 7 weeks. buried with grandparents William and Susan BLAKE.

Anglican Section A
BLAKE Un-named 8 Sep 1890
Unnamed Blake
Age 30 minutes Methodist Section A
BLAKE William 23 Nov 1915
William Blake died 1915
Age 74 years Anglican Section D
BLAMPEY George John 20 Jun 1919
George John Blampey
Sacred to the memory of George John Blampey, died 20-6-1919 age 34 years. Beloved husband of Margaret, father of John, Marie and George John (dec). Anglican Section D









Charles Edward


John Thomas

Joseph Peter


George Frederick

19 Feb 1927

19 Sep 1918

28 Jun 1961

11 Apr 1917

16 Dec 1917

23 May 1914

3 Jun 1918

Bleakley Family Plot

In loving memory of our dear uncle, James Bleakley, passed away 28th June 1961, aged 68 years.

In loving memory of: George Frederick Thomas, 11th Batt. AIF, killed in action in France, 3rd June 1918, aged 37 years; John Thomas Bleakley, 16th Batt. AIF, killed in action in France, 11th April 1917, aged 20 years.

We part - to meet again. In loving memory of William, beloved husband of Amy Bleakley, died 23rd May 1914, aged 73 years. Also Charles Edward, son of above, died 19th September 1918, aged 33 years. And Richard Augustus, died 18th August 1898, aged 7 days. Amy, beloved wife and mother of above, died 19th Feb 1927, aged 60 years. Joseph Peter, son of above, died 16th Dec 1917, aged 37 years.

(click on names for larger photo)

Methodist Section A
BLIGHT John 26 Mar 1927
John Blight
Age 62 years Anglican Section B



George David

Margaret Maria

21 Dec 1941

21 Jan 1961

George D & Margaret M Bloomfield

In loving memory of George David Bloomfield who died 21st December 1941, aged 71 years. 'Abide with me.'

Also Margaret Maria Bloomfield, died 21st January 1961 aged 87 years.

Methodist Section D
BLOOMFIELD Olive Eva 9 Oct 1900
Olive Eva Bloomfield
Age 10 days Anglican Section A
BLOOMFIELD William James 6 Feb 1896
William James Bloomfield
Age 29 years Anglican Section A



Nathan Morton

Stanley Edward

20 Apr 1942

3 Sep 1986

Nathan M & Stanley E Bodger

In loving memory of Nathan Morton Bodger who died 20th Apr 1942 aged 46 years. 'Peace, perfect peace.'

Also his beloved son Stanley Edward Bodger, 10-5-1933 to 3-9-1986.

Methodist Section D
2 Dec 1997
17 Apr 1988
Bodor Martin and Anna
In loving memory of Martin Bodor 20.4.1912 - 17.4.1988. Beloved husband of Anna. Loved father of Steve, Emma (dec'd), Magna, Anna, Martin, Terry (dec'd) and Elizabeth. A loved grandfather and great-grandfather.
Also Anna Bodor 29.8.1914 - 2.12.1997. A loved wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. 'Sleeping peacefully till we meet Jesus in coming again.'
Seventh Day Adventist Section A, No 10
BONSER Alice Vera 1987
Alice Vera Bonser

Bonser, Alice Vera, 1890-1987. Loved daughter of W & E Mues, wonderful mother Shirley, Fred. Nanna Sherryle & Elaine. Great Nan Troy & Natalie.

See also W & E Mues

Methodist Section BB




Male (un-named)

5 May 1896

4 May 1896

Annie Bonser & (Male) un-named Bonser

Age 27 years

Age 5 hours

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A


Margaret Ellen 15 Dec 1908
Margaret Ellen Bonser

Note: Information supplied by Bonser family member.

Margaret Ellen Bonser, nee Giblett. Born 10th Oct 1879, died 15th Dec 1908. See also Eva Carter, (nee Bonser).

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
BONSER Raymond W 1982
Raymond W Bonser

Raymond W Bonser, 1932-1982. 'Such is life.' Ned Kelly, 1880.

See also Elizabeth Mues

Methodist Section BB
BONSER William James 25 Feb 1928 (date of burial)
William James Bonser
buried 25.2.1928, Age 74 years Roman Catholic Section A
BONSFIELD Doris Irene 21 Jan 1900
Doris Irene Bonsfield
Age 3 days Methodist Section A
BORTHWICK Mary 27 Dec 1899
Mary Borthwick
Age 30 years Methodist Section A
BOWEN James 27 Jan 1943
James Bowen
Age 66 years Methodist Section D
BRABAZON Reggie 9 Jun 1906
Reggie Brabazon
In loving memory of Reggie Brabazon, died 9th June 1906 aged 8 1/2 years. Methodist Section A
BRADLEY Amy Edith 15 Apr 1920
Amy Edith Bradley

Sacred to the memory of Amy Edith, beloved wife of George Stewart Bradley, dearest loved and only daughter of S. and A. Carra who died 15th April 1920, aged 23 years. "Her life was all unselfishness. Peace, perfect peace."

See also David Carra

Methodist Section A
Arthur Edward
Bridget Ellen
24 Dec 1960
11 Jan 1957
Brady Arthur E and Bridget E
In loving memory of Bridget Ellen Bray died 11th Jany 1957 aged 45 years. 'Rest in peace'.
Also Arthur Edward Brady died 24th December 1960 aged 50  years.

Bridget Ellen Brady Headstone
Roman Catholic Section K, No 47
BRANCH Leo George 6 May 1895
Leo George Branch
Age 8 weeks Anglican Section A



Ada Marian

Richard Thomas

12 Aug 1918

31 Jan 1940

Richard Thomas & Ada Marian Bray

Ada Marian Bray died 12th August 1918. Aged 50 years.

In loving memory of Richard Thomas Bray who died 31st Jan 1940 aged 71 years.

Anglican Section C
BRAY Emanuel 31 Aug 1918
Emanuel Bray
Age 80 years Presbyterian Section A
BREARLEY Faith 19 Oct 1949
Faith Brearley
In fondest memories of our dear wife and mother Faith Brearley accidentally killed 19th Oct 1949 aged 33 years. At rest. Methodist Section D
BREEN James 14 May 1908
James Breen
In memory of James Breen who passed away on May 14th 1908 aged 25 years. "Thy will be done." Anglican Section A
BREEZE Ethel Maree 13 Jan 1900
Ethel Maree Breeze
Age 5 months, 21 days Methodist Section A
BREEZE Kathleen Doris 22 Apr 1908
Kathleen Doris Breeze
In loving memory of Kathleen Doris Breeze, died April 22nd 1908 aged 2 years 10 months. "At rest." Anglican Section A
BRENNAN Patrick 24 Feb 1890
Patrick Brennan
Age 59 years
Further information from Walters family Jun 2022.

Patrick born Ireland, Husband of Ann. Father of John, Julia, Johanna, William, Elizabeth, Patrick and Mary Ann.

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
BRESNAHAN Emily 28 Jul 1873
Emily Bresnahan
Age 5 days Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
BRINDAL Albert Edmund 23 Feb 1925
Albert Edmund Brindal
Age 35 years Anglican Section E
BRINKWATER Colin Lawrence

29 Jun 1933

Colin L Brinkwater
Age 8 years Methodist Section B



Alan Nourse

Lynette Mary

25 Apr 1951

20 Oct 1947

Alan N & Lynnete M Brinkworth

Age 38 years

Age 3 years

Methodist Section D
BROADHURST Edward 28 Nov 1898
Edward Broadhurst
Age 22 years Anglican Section A
BROOKES Mary 4 Jan 1896
Mary Brookes

Age 8 months

This is probably Mary Celestine Brooks, born 1895, daughter of Thomas Brooks and Mary Ann Bresnahan. Ref: WA BMD

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
BROOKES Selina 5 Jun 1897
Selina Brookes

Age 4 years

Selina Brooks, born Toodyay (Elizabeth Celena Brooks), Father Thomas Brooks, mother Mary Ann Bresnahan. Ref: WA BMD

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section



Frederick Charles

Mary Jane

8 Aug 1941

21 Aug 1945

Frederick C & Mary J Broomhall In loving memory of Frederick Charles Broomhall, beloved husband of Mary Jane, died 8th August 1941 aged 74 years. 'Abide with me.'
Also Mary Jane Broomhall who died 21st Aug 1945 aged 72 years.
Methodist Section D



Charles Henry Farber

Eunice Kathleen Farber

30 Sep 1921

1 Jul 1946

Charles Henry Farber Brown & Eunice Kathleen Farber Brown

In loving memory of Charles Henry Farber Brown, died 30th September 1921, aged 49 years. "Peace, perfect peace."

In loving memory of Eunice Kathleen Farber Brown who died 1st July 1946, aged 74 years. 'At rest.'

Anglican Section E
BROWN Edward Aubrey 15 Jan 1919
Edward Aubrey Brown
In loving memory of Edward Aubrey Brown, died 15th January 1919 aged 32 years 6 months. Anglican Section C
BROWN Frances 18 Nov 1896
Frances Brown
Age 24 years Anglican Section A





7 Sep 1912

7 Sep 1913

Jack Brown & Jack Brown

Age 2 weeks

Age 2 weeks

Anglican Section D
BRYAN Edward 9 Dec 1895
Edward Bryan

Age 26 years

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
BUCKLEY Lillian Annie 10 Jan 1917
Lillian Annie Buckley
Age 37 years Anglican Section C
BUNNAGE Raymond 11 Aug 1919
Raymond Bunnage
Age 25 years Presbyterian Section A





15 Jan 1903

14 Jan 1914

Michael and Bridget Burns
In loving memory of Bridget Burns died 15th January 1903, aged 58 years. Also Michael Burns died 14th Jan 1914 aged 86 years. R I P. Roman Catholic Section B
BURNS Mary 18 Apr 1874
Mary Burns

Age 6 years 6 months

This is probably the daughter of Thomas Burns and Ellen Clarke, born Greenhills, 1867. Ref: WA BMD

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
BURNS Thomas 26 Feb 1866
Thomas Burns
Age 19 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
BURTON Isabella 29 Jan 1909
Isabella Burton
Sacred to the memory of Isabella dearly beloved wife of S S Burton died January 29th 1909 aged 29 years. Erected to her memory by her brother. Presbyterian Section A
BUTLER Alice Mary 10 Jul 1920
Alice Mary Butler
Age 24 years Presbyterian Section A
BUTT Elizabeth Glover 27 Oct 1917
Elizabeth Glover Butt
In memory of Elizabeth Glover, dearly beloved wife of H.N. Butt, died 27th October 1917 aged 33 years. "At rest." Anglican Section A
BUZZA Ivy 17 May 1947
Ivy Buzza
Age 3 days Methodist Section B





Alfred William


14 May 1958

17 Oct 1956

16 May 1899

Ada, Alfred & Alice Byfield

In loving memory of Alice May, beloved daughter of AW and AE Byfield, died May 16 1899 aged 16 days.

Alfred William Byfield died 17th Oct 1956 aged 83 years.

Ada Elizabeth Byfield died 14th May 1958 aged 81 years.

Methodist Section
BYFIELD Elizabeth 27 Jul 1935
Elizabeth Byfield
In loving memory of Elizabeth Byfield who died 27th July 1935. Methodist Section




Unnamed Male

12 Jun 1897

10 Jan 1894

Ella Byfield & (Male) Byfield

Age 2 years


Anglican Section A
BYFIELD Frank Henry 16 Dec 1910
Frank H Byfield

In loving memory of Frank Henry, beloved husband of Emily Byfield who died 16th December 1910 aged 36 years. 'And with the morn those angel faces smile, Which I have loved long since, and lost while.

Frank H Byfield, husband of Emily Byfield, nee Emily Hartree. Further info: Watson Family History Website

Methodist Section
BYFIELD F J H 25 Feb 1892
FJH Byfield
Sacred to the memory of F J H Byfield, the only beloved son of John & Mary Byfield died 25th Feby 1892 aged 9 years. 'Though gone from us how hard to bear, No more on earth to roam, 'Midst all our grief, 'tis joy to know, He has found a better home.' Methodist Section
BYFIELD James 13 Nov 1914
James Byfield
In loving memory of James, dearly beloved husband of Elziabeth Byfield who died 13th November 1914, aged 65 years. Erected by his loving wife and family. 'Noble he was, condemning all things mean, His truth unquestioned, and his soul serene, Shame knew him not, he dreaded no disgrace, Truth, simple truth, was written on his face.' Methodist Section
BYFIELD --- ---
Byfield Grave
Byfield name (only) on grave plot. No other details available. This grave is next to Byfield Infant died 1927 (see below). Anglican Section F
BYFIELD Infant 20 Aug 1927
Byfield Infant 1927


Another photo

Anglican Section F
BYFIELD William 5 Oct 1888
William Byfield
In memory of William Byfield died Oct 5th 1888, aged 42 years. 'God is love.' Methodist Section





Maud Frances


15 Dec 1936

16 Oct 1986

Feb 1928

Henry, Norma & Maud Frances Bygrave
In loving memory of Henry Bygrave, beloved husband of Maud, died Dec 15th 1936. Also his wife Maud Frances, died 16th Oct 1986, aged 106 years and their loved daughter Norma, died Feb 1928, aged 6 yrs. Anglican Section F
BYRNE Evelyn Marion 6 Jan 1910
Evelyn Marion Byrne

In loving memory of Evelyn Marion Byrne, whose body was found 6th January 1910 after 13 days organised search, within the Benjaberring District, aged 5 years months. "Sweet blessed virgin O most holy one, Whose loving arms did hold thy holy son, Call thou our little one to perfect rest, Shield her for ever on thy gentle breast." This stone is erected by the search party and sympathizers.

An Evelyn Mirian Byrne, father Stephen, mother Julia Lyons was born in 1904 in Fremantle. Ref: WA BMD

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A




Clara Florence

Mary Monica

William Henry

9 Jun 1909

2 Apr 1926

4 May 1916

Bywaters; Clara Florence, Mary Monica & William Henry

Further info:

Bywaters Family Tree

"At rest." In loving memory of my dear husband William Henry Bywaters died 4th May 1916 aged 48 years. "Farewell my wife and children dear, Farewell! Adieu to you, Adieu! And you, my dearly loved ones all, Farewell, farewell to you, Though I am gone and you are left, To tread this vale alone, We hope to meet again in heaven, With Christ before God's throne."

Also Clara Florence, daughter of the above, died 9th June 1909 aged 2 years. "Safe in the arms of Jesus."

Erected by his loving wife.

Also Mary Monica, beloved wife of the above, died 2nd April 1926 aged 43 years. "Peace, perfect peace."

Anglican Section A
BYWATERS Colin John 10 Feb 2006
Colin John Bywaters

In loving memory of Colin John Bywaters ...

Bywaters Family Tree

General Section



Elizabeth Ann

William Edward

18 Sep 1996

17 Nov 1967

William Edward & Elizabeth Ann Bywaters

Elizabeth Ann Bywaters, 28-11-1910 to 18-9-1996, loved mother of Mervyn, Colin, Terry, Barry and Barbara. At rest together.

In loving memory of William Edward Bywaters, loved husband of Elizabeth, father of Merv, Colin, Terry, Barry and Barbara. Died 17th November 1967, aged 56 years.

Bywaters Family Tree

Anglican Section N
BYWATERS Murray John 18 May 1967
Murray John Bywaters

Precious memories of Murray John Bywaters, 16-3-1967 [to] 18-5-1967. Dearly loved baby son of Ross & Bonnie. Loved brother of Julie, Wendy, David & Belinda & Jason.

Bywaters Family Tree

General Section