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First Name/s
Memorial Inscription
A?BR[ED] Norma  
Norma A..

In loving memory of Norma A?br[ed] ...

(This headstone is very difficult to read. Suggestions welcome)

Methodist Section A
Lindley Rosemae
24 Jul 1950
Abbott Lindley Rosemae
Daughter of Pastor and Mrs R H Abbott. Aged 9 months. 'Our darling is asleep till Jesus comes'.
Death date from B Chambers database.
Seventh Day Adventist Section A, No 4





10 Jul 1935

10 Jul 1935

Anne & Dorothy Aberdeen
Dorothy Aberdeen and her infant daughter Anne. "In strength gentle, in love, selfless." 10th July 1935. Anglican Section F
ADAM John 30 May 1901
John Adam
In loving memory of John, beloved husband of Charlotte Adam, died May 30th 1901, aged 58 years. "The memory of the just is blessed." Methodist A
ADAM Susanah Mary 8 Mar 1878
Susanah Mary Adam

Sacred to the memory of Susanah Mary Adam, who died 8th March 1878, aged 25 years and 6 months.

See also Abraham William Morgan, Ann (Morrell) Morgan

Anglican Section A
ADAMSON David 23 Dec 1947
David Adamson
David Adamson died Dec 23rd 1947 age 61. Beloved husband of Kate Chrystal Adamson, father of David Jnr, James & George. Plaque: David Adamson d. 23.12.1947, aged 61 years. Presbyterian Section B
ADDERLEY Sarah 8 Feb 1920
Sarah Adderley
In loving memory of Sarah Adderley. Died 8th February 1920. Aged 61 years. "Peace, perfect peace." Anglican Section E






Thomas William

7 Aug 1950

30 Dec 1907

30 May 1916

Thomas, Eliza & Thomas W Ainsworth
'We part to meet again.' In loving memory of Thomas, beloved husband of Eliza Ainsworth, died 20th Dec 1907, aged 48 years. Also their son Thomas William, killed in action, France, 30th May 1916, aged 30 years. Also Eliza Ainsworth, died 7th August 1950, aged 89 years. Methodist Section A
Merwyn Ainsworth
 In loving memory of dear Merwyn.
Methodist Section A
ALDERTON George 28 Jan 1901
George Alderton
Sacred to the memory of George Alderton, locomotive-engine driver, died 28th January 1901, aged 29 years. Erected as a token of respect, by his friends, brethern, fellow workmen and townspeople of Northam. "Be ye also ready." Anglican Section A
ALLEN Clifford 26 Mar 1921
Clifford Allen

In memory of Clifford, beloved son of Frederick & Catherine Allen, dear brother of Deni & Eily. Died 26th March 1921.

Clifford Allen born 1904 in Perth, son of Frederick Benjamin C Allen and Catherine Ellen Terry. Ref: WA Pioneers Index

Roman Catholic Section A
ALLEN Thirza 4 Dec 1918
Thirza Allen
In loving memory of Thirza Allen, beloved wife of William Allen, who died 4th Dec 1918, aged 71 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." Anglican Section C





3 Sep 1914

28 Sep 1918

George & Johannah Allington

In loving memory of George Allington, died 3rd Sept 1914 aged 79 years. Erected by his loving wife. R.I. P. Also Johannah, wife of above, died Sept 28th 1918 aged 76 years.

See Watson Family History Website

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Roman Catholic Section D




Margaret Alice

4 Mar 1929

19 Mar 1948

Adam & Margaret Alice Anderson
In loving memory of Adam Anderson, died 4th March 1929 aged 57 years. Also Margaret Alice Anderson, died 19th March 1948 aged 78 years. "He spoke no words of last farewell, He said goodbye to none, His spirit flew before we knew, That he from us had gone." Anglican Section E
ANDERSON Charlotte 27 Mar 1908
Charlotte Anderson
'At rest.' In loving memory of Charlotte, the beloved wife of C S Anderson, who died 27th Mar 1908, aged 42 years. Methodist Section A
ANDERSON William 16 Sep 1941
William Anderson
In memory of William Anderson born Scotland 10-12-1867, died Mt Hope 16-9-1941. 'The Lord is my shepherd.' Presbyterian Section B
ANDREW Alexander 11 Apr 1920
Alexander Andrew
Age 62 years Presbyterian Section A




Margaret Ella

27 Jul 1897

6 Sep 1897

Margaret Ella & Male Andrews

Unnamed Male

Age 23 years

Methodist Section A
ALTHAM Kenneth Hubert 7 May 1920
Kenneth Hubert Altham
Sacred to the memory of our darling infant Kenneth Hubert Altham, died 7th May 1920, aged 19 days. Methodist Section A



Charles (snr) Charles


23 Jan 1937

13 Dec 2002

C Angus snr and Eddie Angus

C Angus snr 1861-1927.

Eddie Angus, 2-10-1919 (to) 13-12-2002. 'Hasta la vista.'

Presbyterian Section A
ANSTEY Harry Francis 21 Jun 1908
Harry Francis Anstey
Age 45 years Anglican Section A
ANSTEY Winifred May 7 Jun 1911
Winifred May Anstey
In loving memory of Winifred May Anstey who died 7th June 1911 aged 8 years 8 months. "A light is from our household gone, A voice we loved is stilled; A place is vacant in our hearts, Which never can be filled." Anglican Section A
Catherine (Kitt)
20 Jul 1977
Appleton Catherine
Catherine (Kitt) Appleton.
16-9-1918 - 20-7-1977
Wife of Bill. Loved mother of Roy, Bev and Brian. Grandma of 16.
Seventh Day Adventist Section A, No 19
APSCOTT Vera Mildred 29 Nov 1911
Vera Mildred Apscott

In loving memory of Vera Mildred, beloved infant daughter of J and P Apscott, passed away November 29th 1911, aged 5 months. Note: Difficult to read surname; could be ARSCOTT.

Methodist Section A
ARCHIBALD William Thomas Powell 7 Feb 1908
William TP Archibald
In loving memory of William Thomas Powell Archibald who died on the 7th day of February 1908 aged 58 years. 'Affectionately remembered by one he never met, because of the passage of time, but says goodnight. Your great grandaughter Kathleen.' Plaque Presbyterian Section A
ARLIDGE C C 1 Nov 1936
Clarrie C Arlidge
In loving memory of C C Arlidge died 1st Nov 1936. (Clarrie Chegivedden) Presbyterian Section B
ARMSTRONG Margaret Jane 26 Sep 1869
Margaret Jane Armstrong
Age 3 days Methodist Section A
ARMSTRONG Robert V O 4 Feb 1899
Robert V O Armstrong
In loving memory of Robert V.O. Armstrong, eldest son of the Rev. Robert Armstrong, DD and Charlotte Armstrong, of the Rectory, Stradbally, Queens Co. Ireland. Died Feb 4th 1899, aged 22 years. Erected by his brother William Armstrong of Northam, WA. Anglican Section A
ASHMAN Eliza 11 Apr 1915
Eliza Ashman
In loving memory of Eliza Ashman, who passed away on April 11th 1915, aged 54 years. "Resting in peace." Methodist Section A
ATKINSON Bridget 28 Sep 1931
Bridget Atkinson
In loving memory of our dear mother Bridget Atkinson died 28th Sept 1931 aged 99 years 9 months. "Ever remembered." Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
ATKINSON Frances Margaret 29 Feb 1896
Frances Margaret Atkinson
Age 17 years Methodist Section A
ATKINSON John William 9 Nov 1897
John William Atkinson
Age 4 months Methodist Section A
ATKINSON William 5 Aug 1884
William Atkinson died 1884

Age 54 years

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
ATKINSON William 5 Sep 1885
William Atkinson died 1885

In loving memory of William Atkinson who died 5th September 1885, aged 63 years. RIP

Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section
ARMSTRONG Female 3 Mar 1908
Armstrong (Female)
Stillborn Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
AUBREY Ernest William 20 Nov 1919
Ernest William Aubrey
Age 5 months Roman Catholic (Pioneers) Section A
AVERY William 2 Nov 1907
William Avery
In memory of William Avery, died Nov 2 1907 aged 42 years. "At rest." Anglican Section A